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Amazon Air flight activity soared for Cyber Monday

The in-house airline of Amazon is growing by leaps and bounds, making it possible to pump out more packages to customers for the holidays. ( More...

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Pecos Llama 6
In other news: Fresh Paint is Wet.
shadow404 1
In other news -
Mark Kortum 0
Timely advice. I painted my basement floor last night.
Eric Kulisch -3
Cody Mathis 0
Mr. Kulisch,

I, for one, appreciate your article. Do you think ATSG's stock will ever come close to the growth that Atlas is experiencing? Also, why is it that Atlas is valued so much higher? Is it only because they're literally a bigger company, or is it more so because they're more diversified in their holdings?
SkyAware123 1
e need researchers at the depaul to see the flight increases ? Expensive education which is useless. A shipping container can hold 'hundreds of packages' ?? wtf, this is the most useless article I've seen in a while.
srobak 1
Society and governments desperately need to pull the reins on azn. And hard. 20 years ago no company on the planet would have been allowed to become such a monstrous monopoly... literally having their hands in EVERYTHING.
paul gilpin 1
peeing in a bottle is now part of the pilot certification process.
the instructional video for that process will be a cringeworthy watch.
mdburd 1
At least give them a Mason jar to have a fighting chance to keep it off the cockpit floor....
Mike Williams 0
From a TV's Amazon ad I found Amazon did lease THAT plane. I'm sure Amazon knows more than me about leasing VS buying them.
I do not use Amazon because the delivery people treat my purchased items like a daily $1 newspaper. My purchase is worth more.
I will never tape a $20 bill on my front door. They do.


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