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Delta launching facial recognition tech trial at Atlanta airport

For the first time, your next flight could be unlocked by facial recognition technology, starting at bag check, going through security and all the way to the gate. The partnership between Delta and the Transportation Security Administration aims to save passengers time as people are flooding back to airports. ( More...

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DNev 9
Delta's international flights have used this for boarding at the gate for years our of JFK. While it was only at the gate, at boarding time, one was given an option of being scanned or scanning your ticket. I opted to scan my ticket and it wasn't any slower than a face scan and possibly faster. Like Cleffer said, it's just another piece of your privacy being stripped away.
If the tech is available (and clearly it is) they already have all the pieces in place. Whether you choose to use it or not is immaterial - your privacy is already gone. I went through Customs upon arriving back in the US last week, and they used facial scanning at passport control. Didn't even have to get my passport out. I could have opted for individual processing but it wouldn't have changed the fact my information was already there, ready to be used.

IMO there's a difference between governmental use of this tech and corporate use of the same tech, but I don't think much of anyone else cares.
Alan Perry 3
Yeah, well, the facial recognition at passport control re-entering the US has never worked fir me and I always have to get in the other line. Once I get to an agent, he always looks at me, looks at my passport, scans it and lets me through.

I don’t see the point doing it at the gate. It takes about the same time to scan a boarding pass bar code and could take longer when it doesn’t work and one needs to fall back to the electronic boarding pass.
DNev 2
No disagreements there Georgene. Mine info is two. I travel enough that Global entry was worth the price of giving some of that privacy up.

I was talking with someone else about this a couple of years ago, and the airline terminals have had things in place for a while now. Cameras and such, that allow them to track someone from the moment they arrive at the curb. There is enough information about the terminal (distance to gates, density of people, lines, etc.) that they know how long it is going to take someone from when they step out of the vehicle to arrive at the gate.

We will never see the days of pre-TSA ease and speed to a gate but speeding things up would be nice.
glwood2 1
More big data sales coming soon.
this does not seem to be that much faster than the"old way"of passing through the tsa checkpoint..the article states the facial recognition is compared to a passport photo or visa on file..what if you do not have that? there are many who travel that have never applied for either a passport or visa as they only travel occasionally and dont go on international any case,how does this avoid having a bag checked through an xray machine, or walking through one yourself? call me "old fashioned" but if this is "speeding things up" because of a lack of tsa employees,does that make the process any safer for travellers???
I think it may be a little late to be asking for "safety" from the government or any corporation, but if you haven't gone through the process, you are just imagining how it works, anyway. In my experience there is a path for people who have passports or who have submitted their photos (quick facial recognition) and a different path for people who haven't (slow, cumbersome, and probably that way on purpose to convince you to go the "fast" way). Indeed the facial recognition route IS definitely faster, but speed is a value to some, not so much to others.

Honestly, nobody but you cares whether you are "old fashioned" or not.
Big brother IS watching you :-( :-(
Dave Mathes 1
...I'm impressed!...I would have thought the 'big brother' fanatics would be jumping all over this thread...
Cleffer 1
Gift-wrapped all in the name of "convenience" the low, low price of yet another piece of your personal privacy.
godutch 1
LOL @ expecting the government to make things easier. There will be long lines of people the 'facial recognition' don't recognize and it will DEFINITELY be: " are a suspected terrorist and we want your papers" (WTF...Like terrorist don't illegally obtain U.S. Passports or driver's licenses?!??!?!)
JJ Johnson -3
ACHTUNG! Your Papers Please!
Time to invest in the Plastic Surgery stocks.
Greg S -3
Ok, trial it, then shitcan it. It won't save any time because it won't work well enough. It simply adds to the complexity of the airport process and will make an already unpleasant experience that much worse. And that doesn't even touch on the privacy invasive aspects which are significant.

bartmiller 4
at DNev noted, this has been in place at KATL for quite a few years on international flights. Not sure why it's news now.

That being said, it works fine. It's an easier technical problem than general facial recognition because it's working from a fixed set of people, those that are booked on the flight.

As for privacy, they already have your picture from your passport. And that's what they're matching against. So it doesn't create any new sources of PII in their database.

Whether it's faster or more efficient, I don't know. It does avoid any contact, which might help with Covid concerns.
Thank goodness a little sense being exhibited. In my experience, it IS faster and more efficient based on using it now as opposed to the old fashioned passport control where you speak to an officer, and have to juggle your passport along with any carry-ons. Since the information is already there - MY information - it makes no sense not to use it for my own benefit. Until now, the information was already there, but it was only used to THEIR benefit.


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