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Southwest CEO apologizes

Southwest CEO apologizes as airline begins return to normal after days of cancellations, delays. ( More...

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s s 16
Actually, it was the weather and... LET'S GO BRANDON!
Brian Myers 7
I miss Herb Kelleher! He ran a good show and would have never allowed this to happen!
Mark Kortum 20
When he apologizes for being a cowardly bold-faced liar he might have some credibility.
Thank you of the apology, but I do not buy consumers where given the full story. Putting all the usual conspiracy theories aside, the explanation still did not ring true. Just more corporate PR speak.
srobak 15
You don't _actually_ think people are buying this malarkey, do you SWA? Blaming the weather? Blaming ATC? Meanwhile - other airlines that are not being protested against by their own staff for imposing illegal, unethical and immoral mandates have no problem keeping most of their planes in the air.

SWA CEO and senior management is just as bad at lying as the socio-political hacks who are "sophisticated" enough to not follow their own rules, laws and policies - while blaming everyone else around them for doing precisely the illicit things they themselves are doing.
I really find it amazing how America's working class is largely happy to be stuck face down in the mud, held there by the 'rich', and their simpletons. 'Entitled unions'? Did your valet type that, or your cook?

The American Working Class changed this country for the better. The American Working Class set the bar for other nations to support their working classes. And now, people who sound like toadies to those rich people, are getting the employees to feel like they don't deserve better! That they don't deserve a living wage, a home they own, 2 cars, the yards big enough to play on.

Sad... Stand up! Demand better!!!
RECOR10 19
The world needs ditch diggers...(pesky facts). The CEO should cop to LYING (I flew United on 10/10 from ORD to MCO). There was NO issues with the weather (in FL in general). No issues with the worthless idiots at TSA. The issue is folks at SW taking their vacation time BEFRE the dogmatic idiot at the helm destroys his airline by playing human centipede with shitbagBiden.
bentwing60 2
Well put!
NO it was not weather. Any weather events that cause delays and cancellations the airline is not required to refund money. If it’s on the airline they have to refund if requested. That’s why they push the false weather narrative
Ken Lane 1
Kudos to those employees fighting back against a mandate against their will. Screw the management and F Joe Biden and his anti-liberty bullshit.

I'm glad to be self-employed or I'd likely be telling an employer to go perform a physical impossibility upon themselves.
Ken Lane 4
Someone, come on... why vote this down? I simple do not get the logic in disagreeing with basic liberty.
Michael Cole 3
Brainwashed lemmings.
sailingeric 1
Saying sorry is not going to unshit the bed. I nearly got burned in June with them and will fly again when the risk of being stranded across the country is so high since they don't share with other airlines when a flight get cancelled.
sailingeric 2
Not fly again, I mean
dnorthern -7
Poor baby
You knew they don’t code share when you booked, so stop crying like a two year old
darjr26 1
Didn’t Spirit have an operational meltdown not too long ago?
Steve Lyautey 1
Herb Kelleher must be spinning in his grave. Unbelievable.
ADXbear 1
The other airlines were NOT complaining about weather or ATC.. the other airlines including United have not had issues.. As most know united has a Vax mandate, they are better than 98% Vaxed..
In other Aviation publications it's obvious that there is a hugh flight crew problem at SWA over their mandatory Vax..

Ken Lane -1
Yes, being forced against their will with a vaccine that was created and released in less than six months, entirely skipping the testing and trial process that generally takes three to five years and sometimes much longer.

Never mind all the side-effects found after the fact, including death.

And, you think that's a good thing to require?
Fred Sheris 1
The vaccine mandate is, if nothing else, unethical. What pisses me off is that the natural immunity of those that have had it and recovered is not recognized as being sufficient. I guess only man is capable of providing you with the correct level of immunity now, God's creation, the human immune system is not good enough! That is complete BS!
If you did the research…this type of mRNA research had been in the work for decades. The woman scientist was essentially ignored in the ‘70’s. So thankful she persevered.
Phil Howry 1
It's a universal consensus that flight delays are no fun; however, I don't understand how name calling and unfounded finger-pointing assumptions resolves the issue. In turn, emotion-driven breakdowns over a flight delay(s) says more about (i.e. it's all about me) the complainer than the airline.
Anthony Acri -3
CEO who are you to mandate people get injected with poison. Are you GOD? Tp bad we dont have the people from WWII who had balls. Everybody should have called in sick and closed your airline down. If it fails, the people should buy it
Ceo's the physcopaths of society want to rule and dictaed to you.
patrick baker -7
management defficiencies popping out all over the place, and we, the traveling public are to be satisfied with some mea culpa . Nope...... I am seeing now at southwest the same mindset from pilots and mechanics that i saw years ago at Eastern and National Airlines. The history of the results from these entitled labor groups is not good for company longevity. Maybe they should make the size of the airline up to the quality of the management team: nearly 600 aircraft, not running so well these days. Too many moving parts here???
bentwing60 2
Sadly for this site, and the world, too many misanthropic moving mouths!
linbb 1
So you are going to manage that airline then? Or are just griping about what is not?

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dnorthern 10
One thinks the world is getting a tad bit smarter. Then you come along taking it back down a notch or three
Robert Cowling -3
So, while you are busy kissing the hairy butts of the ruling class, when do you come up for a breath, and to look around and see where things are at the moment.

The corporate management class is why we are in the mess we are in. But keep kissing...
Brad Webster -3
You really don't have much to say do you?
RECOR10 -2
It IS an Anti-VAX protest. Fortunately, even though I was NOT a dogmatic fool and did not (will not) ever take it...I had 100% authentic papers (in case I was asked). It is almost as exciting as providing a fake ID for beer as a teen!

As for the Unions? Only the pilots deserve a union, period.
DNev 3
Not gotten vax'd yet had 100% authentic papers...Care to flesh that out. How to play on both sides of the fence and apparently legally too.
Um, you think it is hard to get a fake RX? What is better, when I got my shot we sprayed it right into the sink, along with most of the other ones for our clinical staff. Only an idiot would take it at this point - the fear by now should be offset by the facts. The shot is worthless.
tell the truth and the truth shall let you free
avionik99 -9
Southwest Airlines were the ones that cattle the "People of Wal-Mart"
dnorthern 4
In other words, you and your family are the Walmart people of swa.
linbb 2
Thats the best I could get out of it some dont read what they are going to post just feel the need.


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