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Delta Air Lines Has A Problem: The Boeing 767

Delta Air Lines has a problem, and it is called the Boeing 767. ( More...

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It's very frustrating how Boeing has failed our domestic airliners by ending production of lines like the 767, and then being unable to replace them with another plane. It is deeply puzzling how the company can operate in such a way that cedes a large chunk of the market to Airbus with 0 resistance. Airbus makes amazing aircraft, but this is simply bad for the consumer over the long haul.
linbb -2
Well since yoy seem to know so much go to work for Boeing and set them straight.
patrick baker 1
i award you a d-minus in applied sarchasm, as the operations of boeing management and board of directors has been mysterious for years. The 797, now overdue for more than a decade, would have been the ideal replacement for 757 and all models of 767, and would have forstalled the 321xlr avalanche now happening. Set them straight? they need to be fired without pensions years ago.


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