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EU to exempt private jets and ‘pleasure flights’ from climate tax on jet fuel

The European Commission has proposed exempting private jets and cargo flights from the planned EU jet fuel tax. A draft indicates that the tax would be phased-in for passenger flights, including ones that carry cargo. ( More...

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Roy Hunte 24
So all the politicians and richie-riches can continue normally while trying to force us peasants into electric $0.02.
Do as I say but not as I do...
paul gilpin 22
rules for thee.
not for me.
RainbowRiver 5
patrick baker 33
your turn to be surprised. Commercial jets number in the several of thousands, private jets less. Utilization of business jets does not match the 8 to 10 hours daily usage of commercial airline jets. Still, this is favoritism for the ultra rich jet jockeys. No other way to describe it.
Andy Cruickshank 13
Agree 100%. See no reason why they should be exempt.
MrTommy 13
I see no reason for "climate taxes" at all. Just one more way for governments to skim money from everyone, commercial OR private.
Mark Paladino 10
I'm shocked <sarcasm>
Huck Finn 14
But of course, the Toffs and Elites are exempt as usual from all the bullshit rules they impose on all of us peasants. The nerve of these low dogs to complain about the climate tax! Make them eat cake!!
Robert Preston 10
Gee, its not general avaiation but just private, uber rich people, celebrity sh*tH**ds in JETS. did I mention the word PRIVATE JET? now you know why we get the crap we get from installed leaders...
Byron Russell 16
To paraphrase the Professor: "I'll believe there is a climate emergency when the people who tell me there is a climate emergency start acting like there is a climate emergency."
srobak 8
These are the exact flights that SHOULD be taxed. As they do not generally do high-capacity they are having more impact per passenger than commercial jets. Bass ackwards once again.
RainbowRiver 10
Sounds like John Kerry, who thinks that,"A private jet is really the only option for a person like me."
s s 7
What happens when you surrender control to an elected and unelected ruling class in the hopes of keeping you "safe". They will live increasingly like pashas while you lose more and more of what you once had and enjoyed.
William Ableman 3
It's just another excuse for another TAX.
Ken Lane 3
Proved to me some palms did not get greased to make this happen.
skylab72 1
Nah, it is usually threats to cut off the grease if it does happen.
Robert Cowling 10
So, why have a 'climate tax' when private jets are zipping all over the place. There are so many flying around. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more private jets flying than typical passenger planes...
Bill Overdue -3
Ill take a wild guess and say there's more private than passenger planes in service.
Aaron Hall 8
Considering that at 9:30AM EDT out of the top 20 aircraft types in the air, 5,199 are commercial jets, I'm going to say there are more passenger planes in the air than private jets. Also note, 17 out of the top 20 aircraft types are passenger jets. The other 3 that aren't commercial jets are 172, 182, and Piper Cherokee, not even jets.

This is still just pandering the ultra rich who have private jets.
B Johnson 2
of course the did :( $$$$$
Jim DeTour 2
Guess that includes the jets used by the EU organization. Could play a game of contracted flights where passengers buy into a corporation for during the flight to get cheaper fuel. Ah yes and to claim a wrote of since the buy in was a loss. Probably get a bigger wrote off than for a business expense.
Scumhook 0
Of course there should be no taxes on private jets - Saint Greta of the Divine Thumberg needs to be able to get around quickly to spread the gospel...
Bandrunner 0
Phew, that's a relief.
James, start up the Learjet.


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