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LAX cargo handlers arrested for stealing gold from shipment: prosecutors

Marlon Moody and Brian Benson, both of Los Angeles, were arrested by FBI agents Tuesday after a federal grand jury indictment charged them with conspiracy and theft of interstate and foreign shipment. ( और अधिक...

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ADXbear 9
Always amazes me why people think they can get away with.. wonder what other things they have stolen over the past?
emkostiuk 3
Now boys was that worth wasting your lives over?
sparkie624 3
Almost... they got caught!
paul gilpin 2
bogus story.
no mention of kelly, big joe, oddball, or crapgame.
Norman Sinegal 1
Grease and oil is the only thing I know is very slick, now stupid that was stupid
George Pepe 1
That’s funny. Sadly, they didn’t get away. Almost though.


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