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United Airlines orders 200 vertical-takeoff electric airplanes

The success of uncrewed electric drones in the last couple of decades has caused some people to wonder if similar construction techniques to those used in drones could be employed to create small electric aircraft to carry people. Not only are electric motors more reliable than conventional engines, but they're also light enough that you can put several of them on a single aircraft, offering an extra margin of safety. The ability to use several motors—together with sophisticated… ( और अधिक...

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linbb 1
Oh here we go again, electric motors are better than conventional ones? Really? They can fail, the electronics can do the same. That kind of makes you SOL and then these things plugging up the airways right and here come the flying cars. Where will all of this fit into the airspace as it will get real full real quick.
linbb 3
Oh and they have not ordered any yet its dependent on many other factors they just hedged on them working out. Its more of a ploy by the manufacture to get investor money.
Bob Curry 3
Conventional fuel engines become more efficient when they are built at large scale. As a result we're seen a steady trend toward aircraft designs with fewer engines (twinjets replacing quads and trijets).
Electric motors can be efficient at almost any scale and so they make it possible to consider designs with numerous motors (distributed power). Therefore electric power can offer greater redundancy without losing efficiency. I believe this was the point that the author intended when referring to an extra margin of safety.
jeff slack 1
You can go back inside your cave now; the big shiny thing outside is only the sun.
william baker 2
I wouldn’t say cave but a nice big rock LOL


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