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Activist kicked off American Airlines plane after flight attendant deems her face mask ‘offensive’

A woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight and forced to drive thousands of miles to get where she was going. ( More...

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Who writes these articles, middle school kids?
"...the plane she was on that was about to take off busted a U-turn..." Really? The aircraft "busted" a U-turn? Sorry, that is poor journalism and a sad commentary on the condition of our society.

I understand any airline's policy regarding obscene language. Sadly, as a society, we have accepted the use of obscenity and some have elevated it to almost an art form. The "F" word is still considered obscene and if it is visible, then the airline has every right to remove the person who refuses to cover the obscene word.
ReverendLee 44
That was the first thing I noticed. I was a copy editor for a local paper, and if one of the reporters had handed in a piece like that, I would have smacked them upside their head. Unless it was a direct quote, of course. The saving grace was that the phraseology was not "busted a U-ee."

As for the actions of American? They reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at their sole discretion. Flying is not a right. If you're going to act stupid, don't be surprised when you are treated stupidly.
Bruce Atkinson 19
AA treated no one "stupidly". Actions have consequences, with no apology for hurting her feelings.
I have read NOTHING in the last 6 months that is good journalism. It's all poor journalism, because they are pushing their agenda's, emotions, personal view points, and in most cases, not doing any research at all before they write or say something. I long for unbiased, well-researched reporting of facts. I'm not sure we'll ever see it again the way it is going. We all should be concerned with the freedoms they are trying to take away... that should be the focus.
Gary Bain 8
Six months! How about the last 10 years?
Articles aren't even edited anymore. Or, if they are, it's by someone who never passed an English class.
Steve Cutchen 1
As a retired federal investigator, I still approach things from the perspective of primary source data. I have 7.5 GB on the pandemic. I have 9.5 GB on the 737 Max. The information is out there. You don't have to be a sheeple.
Steve Cutchen 2
just looked more closely... all but 1 GB of the 737 Max files are videos of the Congressional hearings. heh.
Gary Bain 3
Yeah, like congress people know anything about aviation. What a waste of time as usual.
Yeah, I'm doubting that that was a full-throttle u-turn, too!
ddesfosse 23
I wonder if it burned some rubber and popped a wheelie too?
I believe the proper aeronautical term is "whip a bitch"
If enough people said "enough" with the F word, ads on and radio, it might be stopped. I don't think there are enough parents, enough who care or are scared of their kids.
Good luck with that. Some of the foulest people are the had wringing asses decrying swearing in public.
Modern Journalism at its finest. If anyone here follows sports, ESPN and Bleacher Report are prime examples of this.
I wish I had a better source at the time but everyone kept linking to this URL. Seems like a small town newsroom trying to be cute.
Tommy Boy 1
I don't feel that ‘[F***] 12’ is obscene and according to the article as written, that's a direct quote.

Our assumption is that the word was spelled out, which is obscene, but the author pretty much said it was not by indicating it as a direct quote. No, I have never been an editor or a journalist and I have no idea how difficult it is to write American English. /s
Michael Lynch 1
Yeah, but it made me think of a song I like.
kirk parent 1
Wa wa wa waa

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Todd Peters -1
Lighten up Francis....this isn’t a newspaper... not everyone is as educated as you must be!
Phil Howry 66
Is it too much to ask any citizen to merely be civil in a public environment? Don't others deserve that common courtesy?
Civility seems to be missing in today's every day life. How do we bring it back?
Bernie20910 21
As always, you start with teaching it to children and having actual consequences for failure, then leading by example.
Indeed ... teaching this attribute should begin early in life
You no more participation trophies?
Bernie20910 1
Say what? Care to try that again?
When leadership models civility, it will come back. Leadership in the US models the complete opposite. It's no wonder we are where we are.
Civility teaching begins at home when a child is young and the parents set the example.
Civic responsibility is a long lost virtue. Free speech, you say? Well, how about taking responsibility for what you say? Or don't you really mean it? If you do, then be ready to give a reason why you feel you should have the right to offend someone. If you don't feel you have that right.....well, shut up!
MrTommy 8
Free speech means you are allowed to speak your mind. But along with it comes taking responsibility for whatever results from your actions.
Paul Anderson -1
I would urge those with the gut reaction to agree with this line of thinking to consider/read up on how civility has been used as a tool of oppression.

One important consideration is that minority activists have had mixed success historically when trying to bring about change in a "civil" manner.

Another is that the rules of civility were devised by those in power. It is much easier to be civil when you are coming from a position of privilege in that you need not expend any effort tempering your emotional response to hardship/oppression/etc. Also, if civility is a requirement in existing community spaces, then the voices of those who are unable or unwilling to conform are muffled.

There is a lot of literature out there on this topic—here's one quote I like to whet your appetite:

"In his “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King Jr. famously lamented the “white moderate” who “prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice.” He also acknowledged the importance of tension to achieving justice. “I have earnestly opposed violent tension,” King wrote, “but there is a type of constructive, nonviolent tension which is necessary for growth.” Americans should not fear that form of tension. They should fear its absence."

I think it's worth reconsidering the civility of words on an article of clothing. Thanks for reading.
Mike Murphy 2
Oh it came from Atlantic monthly
Who could doubt them
Dwight Hartje 42
Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes.
In other words, activist got exactly what she wanted (attention).
AW924 35
The other issue at stake here is her recording. AA policy is pretty clear "Use of still and video cameras, film or digital, is permitted only for recording personal events. Photography or video recording of airline personnel, equipment, or procedures is strictly prohibited." Violation of an airline policy can very easily run you afoul of 49USC 46504 (I think that's the one) of interfering with an aircrew member. Also the notion that she was "forced to drive" is ridiculous. There are plenty of carriers that run from MIA/FLL/PBI to ORD/MDW or any number of IL area airports. She just wanted attention and she's paying the price. Poor piece of race-baiting journalism and nothing more.

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AW924 13
Absolutely. It's against AA policy which puts the passenger in breach of the contract of carriage. Having to pay undue attention to an unruly and uncooperative passenger interferes with the crew performing its usual duties.
NX211 -7
The act of holding a phone does not make one unruly.

If this woman had attacked the cabin crew would you want other passengers to document the event to aid in her prosecution? Or, should they also be kicked off, banned and prosecuted under 49USC 46504?
Did ur parents ever teach you what NO means?
Michael Lynch 2
Not unruly. In breach of contract.
jmoyikjr 5
You might also think of it as a security issue. I can see, after 9/11, the recording of the movement and procedures of a flight crew going about their jobs could be suspect even if they are not "interfering" so I have no doubt there would be rules against it.
NX211 -2
It is very difficult to argue that a procedure that is performed in plain sight of 100-500 people ( per flight X 100's of flights per day ) is secret and deserving of a recording prohibition.

It's usually the person in the wrong who doesn't want their actions recorded. And, it's often the person being wronged that is in the most need of the protection afforded by that recording.

I've never seen a YouTube video shot on a commercial airplane that didn't violate the standard said above "recording of airline personnel, equipment, or procedures is strictly prohibited" Even a video of a normal landing shot through the window of an aircraft violates that rule ( shows parts of the airplane )

You cannot pick and choose when to enforce policy. A policy that is unevenly enforced is automatically considered null & void by the equal protection clause of the constitution.
Dude, the law says no recording. U can keep wasting ur energy, but it's not going to change.
NX211 -5
Bruce, are we acquainted? Do you know my gender? Didn't your parents teach you to address a stranger properly?

Besides that, I am astounded by your ignorance. A company rule is NOT a law. AA already invalidated their right to enforce that law by not enforcing it on numerous other occasions.

A company may make its own rules but they must enforce them consistently for them to retain validity.
There's a rule against recording. You know, like stopping for stop signs. U do that, right?
NX211 -3
Bruce, may I kindly suggest that you audit some law courses at your local community college? If you do, you will learn that a company rule is just that, a company rule. Where failure to stop at a stop sign is often referred to as failure to obey a traffic control device. The device, the law, the fines, and the points on your license are managed by governmental authority.

Rules are not laws ( especially 'rules' invalidated by unequal enforcement )
Gary Bain 5
I disagree. American is a private enterprise and has the right to establish "rules". Doesn't need to be another damned law. If you don't to comply with the company's rules they can refuse service. Quit trying to be an apologist for this woman.
Tommy Boy -1
How do you know it's a female? Besides that, the LAW states a company may not have a RULE unless it enforces said rule fairly and consistently.

I've been flying an average of 3 times a year since the 1980's and would guess that I've taken photographs and videos on 75% of those flights. I entertain myself by taking photos of cities and towns then later trying to identify them, since their on-board entertainment is non-existent while being constrained in my seat with the belt on, which is much like a coffin without all the roominess of a coffin. Never once been informed of this RULE even when the FAs want to look at my pictures.

So, I would agree with the person that says this isn't really a rule.
I remember back when I was taking my first flight down south for a vacation. Bought a new suit! Everyone used to dress nicely, minimum shirt and tie,and all behaved decently. Look around an airport now, and see how far down the slide our society has gone.
Sad but true. I also remember how classy and professional the stewardesses we’re back then, before they became genderless “flight attendants”. The good old Wardair days are long gone I’m afraid.
Sam Phillips 40
Airline did what was right and proper.
This person has no right to walk around or sit in a plane offending everyone around them with foul language on their face mask. Well done AA.
Ken Hardy 25
Just another " Peaceful Protester " being an ass and expecting the rest of us to except it, not only throw her off the plane but into the nearest pond with some alligators
KitBagJack 5
Ken: I believe you meant “accept it”?
Jeff Booze 22
American Airlines acted properly, unlike this offensive person
Patdehn 15
Stupid is as stupid does.
Pecos Llama 1
I must have drank me about 15 Dr. Peppers.
Torsten Hoff 21
"thousands" is plural, so at least 2000 miles. I can't find a route from Florida to Illinois that's anywhere near that distance.
Reminds me of the old Andy Griffith show where Barney is trying to get Otis to tell him where the still is.....Otis gives him directions to 6 states and ends up at Barney's house.
djames225 4
Someone better hand the copy editor a hearing aid and/or glasses. They put in 1 too many zero's..the reporter said hundreds of miles.
dee9bee 10
Media loves to exaggerate, as I'm sure you know. Good for ratings. Even someone at the Weather Channel seems to pull out the thesaurus every morning these days.
Not just the media. People social networking are just as bad. Everybody is an expert even though they don't know what they're talking about. Facts aren't important - it's the feelings that count.
bentwing60 -4
And "every' day is a 'bad' air day so wear your mask and don't go out doors! Even on Sunday with a NW wind in the rain. Accuweather does the same!
ffrcobra1 6
Florida to Illinois via Fresno..... ~4900 miles. Not very direct, but definitely “thousands” of miles.
And she could have used the “unused portion” of her ticket that AA refunded. Might very well have made the drive shorter.
This is a totally made up report by this "activist". She was LOOKING to start something. I flew for 40 years and never once did a plane I was on "BUST A U-TURN. I hope this "activist" gets a total BAN from flying.
Damn thugs are trying to ruin everything. Looking for fights and anarchy.
ADXbear 25
This crap heeds to just stop. Follow instructions where ever you are and life is much easier..

Good for AA..
Except the left sees things totally opposite. Do whatever you want until they try to stop you. Then attack with the F word.
Greg S 24
Is "activist" now a synonym for idiot?
Tim Payne 6
Only if you are on the 'left' side of an issue. They have no problem calling conservatives idiots in the media.
Gary Bain 1
It certainly seems to be these days.
Rex Bentley 11
Don't want to get treated like an anal orifice don't act like one.
CaptnJak 9
Just booked a flight with AA. Thumbs up for AA doing the right thing.
ed lang 12
way to go AA!!! She didn't get taken off the plane because she's black, she got kicked off because she didn't follow the directives of the flight crew. These so-called protesters think they're above the law, I'm glad she had to drive to Ill. MAybe give her time to think about how stupid she is.
djames225 5
I agree 100% with your comment...right up to the "give her time to think about how stupid she is". I believe you have to have functional brain matter for that, which she seems to lack.
I totally agree with AA, but .... she WON getting to drive. Such a better and fun way to travel!

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[This comment was deleted.]

jaymeinen 21
Why was ‘Offensive’ in quotes? The F-Word is offensive... PERIOD. I hope this person is banned.

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Tim Payne -3
Sad, but true IF he wins.
Time and place . You lost lady. Wasn’t about race it was about what appropriate you were not. Have fun walking. No sympathy whatsoever
Frank Harvey 8
This is an interesting article as it did not seem to contain the actual word which was on the face mask. The organ in which this article was located must also consider the word offensive, therefore American Airlines was justified in removing the offender.

I also learnt a new word. Apparently there is a verb to do with aircraft movements; "bust", as in "the aircraft busted". I assume to "bust" means to reverse course.

On another note I wonder if anyone objects to (K)BLM, a field in New Jersey.
“I think I got taken off the plane because I’m black,” said Johns. “My mask said ‘[F***] 12’ and my shirt said, ‘Black Lives Matter.’”

F*** 12 -
Larry Toler 9
Specifically she doesn't much care for police drug units. According to the Urban Dictionary F*** 12 are the drug squad. I'm guessing sh probably smoked a little preflight weed making her think this was a good idea. LMAO.
Bernie20910 3
Urban dictionary could be wrong then as it's my understanding that "12" is a reference to the old "Adam-12" TV show and is a generic reference to police, much like "Five-O" is a reference to the old TV show and used as a generic term for police, particularly detectives.
Frank Harvey 3
Thanks Larry (and Roger but I try not to type that word). I really did not know what this meant, just as recently I learnt what "420" means.

I have a difficult time keeping up with what is acceptable language in what used to be considered polite company.
It's cool. I didn't know this particular term either. I saw "offensive" and then had to look up to find out what it really meant.
dtiller 2
You’ve never heard the phrase “bust a move”? Look bust up a urban for laughs.
John D 8
Chris Chura 8
I’m wondering if she was paid to pull this stunt? Seems like lately everyone is wanting to be the victim, pull the race card and try and file some BS law suit.
She got what she deserved.
When you choose to be an activist and deliberately wear clothing that you know is deemed offensive by the airline and your put off the flight ... the only people that should be complaining are the fellow passengers who have their journey delayed due entirely to your poor judgment
Poor journalism? Beyond that. The media has turned into a political propaganda machine that would make Joseph Goebbels proud.
she should have been refused boarding, saving all the time and money, (fuel and security) to return a flight to a gate.
I agree. Why want she stopped by the agent at boarding?
I'm in the old school group. If you do not want to follow rules, off you go .
I am old school too, screw the mask hoax.
Steve Cutchen 2
Which of these would you like a link to?

• 2017-09 Effectiveness of personal protective measures in reducing pandemic influenza transmission/ A systematic review and meta-analysis.pdf
• 2020-04-03 Respiratory virus shedding in exhaled breath and efficacy of face masks.pdf
• 2020-04-12 Face Masks Against COVID-19- An Evidence Review.pdf
• 2020-04-16 Wearing face masks in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic- altruism and solidarity.pdf
• 2020-05-11 Reduction of secondary transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in households by face mask use, disinfection and social distancing.pdf
• 2020-05-15 Distribution of asymptomatic and symptomatic infectiousness of COVID-19-infected individuals and Effect of masks.pdf
• 2020-05-16 Identifying airborne transmission as the dominant route for the spread of COVID-19.pdf
• 2020-05-18 Medical mask versus cotton mask for preventing respiratory droplet transmission in micro environments.pdf
• 2020-06 Face Masks Considerably Reduce COVID-19 Cases in Germany.pdf
• 2020-06-01 Physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent person-to-person transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 | Lancet.pdf
• 2020-06-12 Texas A&M Study - Face Masks Critical In Preventing Spread Of COVID-19 - Texas A&M Today.pdf
• 2020-06-15 Association of country-wide coronavirus mortality with demographics, testing, lockdowns, and public wearing of masks.pdf
• 2020-06-26 Face masks and coverings for the general public- Behavioural knowledge, effectiveness of cloth coverings and public messaging.pdf
• 2020-07-14 Absence of Apparent Transmission of COVID-19 from Two Stylists with a Universal Face Covering Policy pdf
• 2020-07-14 Association Between Universal Masking in a Health Care System and SARS-CoV-2 Positivity Among Health Care Workers.pdf
• 2020-07-15 The growing scientific evidence for masks to fight Covid-19, explained - Vox.pdf
• 2020-07-18 A North Carolina store clerk on urging customers to wear masks amid pandemic - The Washington Post.pdf
• 2020-08 A rapid systematic review of the efficacy of face masks and respirators against coronaviruses and other respiratory transmissible viruses for the community, healthcare workers and sick patients | Elsevier Enhanced Reader.pdf
• 2020-08 Community Use Of Face Masks And COVID-19 - Evidence From A Natural Experiment Of State Mandates In The US.pdf
Ken Lane 1
Additionally, please show a test done in REAL WORLD conditions. I've seen no such tests.

When you're sitting on an airliner in the middle seat and you suddenly sneeze, you'll block SOME particulate in the mask. Some will make it through until such time when the mask that has been repeatedly worn beyond any possible benefit and nothing is blocked.

What happens to that particulate that is blocked from going forward? Pressure has to escape somewhere. It goes to either side of you and right into the area of adjacent passengers.

Every test I've seen is ideal conditions. They are not realistic.

I won't even get into the BS with bandanas being allowed.
Ken Lane 0
If a fifty cent surgical mask blocks a biohazard, why were we wearing a $200 biohazard mask during general quarters on a Navy aircraft carrier?
Bernie20910 1
For the same reason we had $600 toilet seats?
WhiteKnight77 1
Not a seat, but a specific cover that was for an aircraft that needed specific materials for corrosian resistance and more. This part was no longer in production and that the Navy was buying a small quantity of them compared to a large one. Smaller runs means higher prices per unit.
Bernie20910 1
Exactly the point I'm trying to make. The more stringent the specs, the higher the cost is going to be, and anything purchased for the military has specs that have to be passed which the regular civvy gear doesn't. Mr. Lane's $200 mask up there has to meet some requirements and standards that common civilian masks do not. Comparing a mil-spec NBC mask to a common paper or fabric mask is like comparing a Cessna 182 to a C-130 and questioning the price difference if your only criteria is to get up in the air. Compare the FULL criteria for both and the reason one costs more than the other soon becomes apparent. The same thing applies to the masks. If your only mask criteria is to prevent spittle when people talk, yeah, a full-dress NBC rig is going to cost more, and also be overkill for meeting the criteria.
WhiteKnight77 2
Many bring up the price of those P-3 Orion parts as an example of government waste, including those in Congress, without understanding those very points. That is what it looked like when you posted.
Ken Lane 1
No, not the same thing. Go look up masks using NBC rated filters. Today they're around $300.
Tell me, why would anyone, government or private, want to put all the time, effort, and money into coordinating the entire planet to pull off the ruse of the century... just to make you wear what basically amounts to a kleenex over your mouth?

Who profits? Not healthcare, transportation, entertainment, tech, finance, manufacturing, and defense... NOBODY. Everyone, everywhere is losing money on an epic scale.

Some conspiracy theories are dumber than others, but this one takes the cake. If you covid conspiracy guys were any dumber, somebody would need to water you twice a week. No profit, no conspiracy. DUH
NX211 3
Jmartinson, If you disagree with C.D. please, state your opinion, show your evidence.. etc.. I'll be happy to read it and make my own judgments accordingly.

But is there any reason to be rude and stoop to personal insults? Isn't this along the lines of what this whole thread is about.. Being civil to each other?
Masks work, it has been thoroughly studied and documented! There were millions of "mask-deniers" during the Spanish Flue Pandemic a 100 years ago, and millions died because of it. Your ignorance has no place here.
Jeff Booze 2
My wife is a retired senior flight attendant. She had 12 passengers removed from one flight. They were obscene and disrespectful. Authorities came immediately and removed all 12.
a1brainiac 2
Long drive
splautz 2
I agree with what AA did but they should have just confiscated the mask before even allowing her on the flight. And this has absolutely nothing to do with the message being about the police. I bet most of the people on the plane, including perhaps some the airline crew, had no clue what the message even met. They were upset about the f word being displayed on clothing, nothing more, nothing less. A person of any race walking onto a plane with the f word on their clothing would be treated the same if they refused to remove it.
But SHE DID REMOVE IT! The rest of this was done by AA.
Archie Duiker 6
She got what she deserved. Some people think they are above the law and don’t have to respect common decency when in public places.
Yehuda Mond 3
Oh well. Follow the rules next time. Glad we still have people in this country who have guts.
Paul Wstson 3
STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD !! You didn’t follow the rules your gone dummy
Sometimes you can be offended without wanting to be offended and sometimes It's easy to be offended if you're looking to be offended. I think both occurrences are evident in this situation.

The airline and other passengers were not looking to be offended until this passenger wore the offensive face mask. This passenger was looking to offend others and found herself offended when she was called out for offending others, which was the reaction she was seeking when she donned the face mask.

You reap what you sow - if you sow hate, you get hate, if you sow love, you get love.
Don Whyte 3
Abolish the police?? I'm sure criminals and other fools would love that.
Yehuda Mond 4
That's exactly who she's advocating for and representing. Glad that POS was stood up to.
jena weber 4
Dumbass. Deliberate display of stupidity, “everyone look at me.”
Do Not Fly.
I support BLM. I do not support stupid behavior. Stupid behavior degrades the valid message of reduction of police overreach. I fear for our nation. I fear we have become too stupid for democracy. I fear we have become ripe for dictatorship by indulging idiocracy.
I fear you are correct.
Alan Glover 3
If the dictatorship you fear is from leftists, I
I agree.

blm are avowed marxists who care nothing for black lives. Show me the blm protests against black-on-black murder in inner cities.

If you think we'll be better off in the brave new world envisioned by the radical left, just speak with a black conservative.
Robert Cowling -2
Go away. Fascism is the fear, and authoritarianism. THAT is what you should fear. That is why you will get in spades if trump is reelected.

'Markism' is the new straw man buzzword from people that WANT fascism, and authoritarians to take over. THEY will tell you what to do, and the country will suffer greatly. Think it's bad now? Just wait. America is on life support, and trump is doing everything he can to kill it.
Bernie20910 2
I would respectfully suggest that before you presume to lecture people about Marxism you first learn to actually spell it so you don't look utterly foolish.
larair001 3
Sad commentary how people in this country are raised. Clear example of ones product of a thug society.
4 legs on United May and June....They ran a great ship. Sanitizing procedures were done well, FA's were great, people wore masks when appropriate.Not wanting to get into the political arena, however, as I turn 67 in a couple of weeks, just finished 51 years in aviation, all corporate, all these problems started after the '08 elections, and now because half the country didn't get their way in 2016 they feel empowered by the radical lefties. Pt.91.1 empowers all of us to boot their asses off the flight, and it could be that that will be the first time they ever had tough love administered to them in their young lives. Enough said...
Brian Newman 2
The United States Supreme Court ruled in a case almost 50 years ago that “Fuck You” displayed on an article of closing is protected speech under the First Amendment. The airline objected to he message on the mask because of its content - constitutional speaking, a big no no. The issue is whether the airline is bound by the Amendment. Generally, a private business is not. I do not recall whether the airline accept COVID bail out money. If it did, that may have the unintended consequence of changing its status. There may be other theories for holding the airline as bound by the First Amendment such as its status as a common carrier.
I have not researched this, but the legal issues may not be as simple as other commenters have suggested.
Steve Reid 1
Businesses are not required to allow items their policy deems offensive to be displayed or worn in their respective places of business. Also, the Supreme Court ruling you reference in 1971 concerned the phrase “F the Draft“, not F You.
Bernie20910 1
Please reread the 1st Amendment and pay particular attention to the first five words.
David Stark 0
Only a government is bound by its constitution. Private entities come under its jurisdiction only when acting as government agents at the request of said government.
What? Really? Wow. That's some crazy right there...
NX211 1
Really? Care to explain why the FBI investigates and the federal judiciary prosecutes individuals for civil rights crimes?
Beth Cox 2
I agree with you 100%
Chuck Lavazzi 2
Just a reminder: an airline is a private corporation. When you buy a ticket, you agree to a list of "conditions of carriage." Yes, it's in small print and you probably ignored it, but that doesn't make it any less enforceable by the airline. And I agree that this particular incident looks like a case of somebody trying to attract attention to make a political point, which is probably not very considerate of the other passengers.
The problem is it's not uniformly enforced. I've been on flights where women have shown 'the girls', and they were fine, but the issues we hear about are the minority incidents.

I'm sure that someone who is white, wearing a 'F*** BLM' shirt would get better treatment.

Someone said that I should be 'glad I'm white'. I said I was disgusted to be white because throughout history, so many white people have slaughtered to many other human beings because of the color of their skin.

Skin color shouldn't matter any more than eye color. Neither one anyone can control. But you CAN control the hatred in your heart, and the intolerance to people 'not like you'.

I have met so many white people that should be locked the hell up because all they are is hate. I can't believe how much hatred people can carry in their brains. Hatred for something so meaningless. Skin color. If people have to hate something, they should hate intolerance. Look through human history at the inventions from minorities. If we could lose ALL that, we would be destitute.

Racism is stupid. Racists hate themselves along with minorities. We CAN be better than this.
Bernie20910 1
Rules, regs, and laws are usually not uniformly enforced. They can't be, not without a lot more people to enforce them (from the person who observes the initial infraction to the final authority that imposes the penalty) and not without bringing the modern world to an absolute standstill. Take that state trooper sitting by the highway waiting for speeders. Are they going to pull over every vehicle when there's several hundred per minute going past ~5 mph over the limit but moving smoothly, or are they going to concentrate their efforts on the ones doing 15+ over and weaving through traffic like a video game?
darjr26 2
She couldn’t find another airline that fly’s Florida to Illinois?
Ken Lane 2
Another anarchist idiot who hates anyone who doesn't look like her. Fortunately, not everyone who looks even remotely like her are not as stupid as she is.

And, all lives matter. Color is irrelevant. Clearly, this idiot lacks the one thing Dr. King believed should be the measure of an individual.
If you ever wondered where little arsonists, looters, mugger, drug dealers and home invaders come from ......

THIS is where they come from.
Great news !
Show them the exit door instantly.
Miguel Otero 1
I hope this person or "PUSH BUTTON AGENDA" is banned forever. F-Word is offensive plus PRIVATE SECTOR don't need to tolerate ideological agendas as "BLM". All LIVE us AIRLINES not only one group.
NX211 0
I'm curious Miguel, has that word ever passed your lips? In anger, frustration, or even just as a joke? Have you ever said it at work? If so, should you have lost your job for it? Have you ever said it in a business? Should you have been kicked out & banned forever?

He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. John 8.7

All in all at the end of the day. It is just a word... Let the punishment fit the 'crime'
David Stark 1
Well, if you want to support your argument by quoting from the Bible....

"Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them." Ephesians 4:29, New Living Translation
NX211 -1
You seem to have missed the point. I don't know a single person who has never uttered that word. I'd be willing to wager that word has passed your lips as well.

Yet, the worse most of us ever encounter is a crossway look from a bystander. We shouldn't be advocating harsher punishment for someone else than we ourselves have had to bear or are willing to bear.

Let's try to maintain some perspective. It's just a word. What harm was really done?

Remove her from the plane.. Make her wait for another flight. Or, even overnight at her own expense. I have no problem with that, That seems fair to me.

None of us want to be offended.. But, we also have to recognize that we do not have a right to not be offended. The crime and the punishment have to be balanced between these opposite points.
David Stark 2
An argument based on not having a right not to be offended fails as based upon two false premises.

1) The fundamental human rights enshrined in various documents around the world are based on a set of innate human rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Offending people interferes with their pursuit of happiness.

2) The documents that provide protections for these rights only operate with respect to governmental actors. American Airlines is not one.

This situation does not evoke "rights" at all, except for a private entity's right to control its own internal environment. AA has rules, clearly stated in writing. Nobody has a right to violate those rules when using AA's services or facilities. Skin color, religion, or simple failure to read the rules does not entitle anyone to a pass for obnoxious behavior.
NX211 0
Thanks David. that makes things easier.

According to your argument #2 your argument #1 is invalid. But what the heck, let's look at it anyway...

The pursuit of happiness means the ability to freely pursue joy and live life in a way that makes you happy. It does not mean you have the right to be happy, it does not mean you have a right to be protected from unhappiness, offense or annoyance. It also does not give you the right to block another person from what makes them happy. Offending another person does not impede their ability to SEEK happiness.

Human rights documents of other countries have no validity in an incident that happened in Flordia. So, I don't even know why you refer to them.

In addition, the F word has for more than 50 years been ruled as protected speech under the first amendment.

As for #2, it may very well be a matter of debate if AA has to abide by the first amendment or not. Others with more sheepskin on the wall than I have will have to decide this.

"The documents that provide protections for these rights only operate with respect to governmental actors. American Airlines is not one." Yes, exactly! ( according to you )The woman in question is not a government agent, therefore, she cannot violate your 'innate human rights:(to) life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"

AA does have rules concerning its own personal environment. However if the woman can prove they have allowed anyone else to fly with the F word printed on clothing, then AA has nullified their own rule by not adhering to equal protection. It may also be argued that she was given passive permission to wear the offending mask by passing though check-in, sitting in the waiting area, and boarding the plane with the mask in place.

We all have to deal with offense and inconvenience every day. It's part of living in a society. Sure, we wish others would be more considerate but some are not. So, instead of getting bent out of shape about it, how about we just go back to pursuing the things that make us happy, and let the other person do the same?

If she was an abolitionist she would be in favor of abolishing the IRS and every other federal department. I doubt it.
What an anus.
Usual Suspect 1
If she is such a badass activist, I urge her to fly to Russia with "F*** the FSB" on her mask. Her biggest problem would not be driving to Minsk.
Skip Howlett 1
Journalism died a few years ago, along with rational thought...
She wasn't "forced" to drive anywhere, she obviously had no real need to get anywhere. But, as for me, I consider it being forced to fly these day, I'll take the 2000 mile drive any time.
Dale Ballok 1
Oh, but she’s an “abolishionist”!
Whatever the hell that means, I guess she figures it gives her the right to use the “f” word and disregard rules.
Just ANOTHER example of low intelligence and lower communication skills!

Kudos to all the good comments posted on this!
21voyageur 1
Sad commentary that this is even happening in what is supposed to be the shining example of democracy in the world.
Lori Dobbins 1
Stand stron AA you will be supported by the majority. It has nothing to do with race it's morality!
Todd Peters 1
Merican’ !
There is no difference between an activist and an obscene person anymore.
Another example of entitled behavior. This activist assumed no one would have the nerve to challenge her. But the plucky flight attendant tripped her up, followed company policy and struck a blow for civility. Good for her!
J B 1
Coming out of the 60s, a lot of what I consider good outcomes in respect of bad wars. civil rights. etc were achieved by way of provocative activism, but those carrying it out mostly anticipated the consequential risk of provocation is that some people get provoked, maybe even too much. Here the political act of and institutional response to mask messaging have more than achieved the wearer's reasonable expectations, so no harm no foul. CTR, baby, first to go.
Dale Boyer 1
Just another supposed protester / trouble maker that’s out of control and needs to be in jail
She was. For distribution of Crack Cocaine.
She said that she removed the offensive mask when told to and replaced it with a "non-offensive" one. If what she says is true, the FA confronted her AFTERWARDS and further provoked the woman. FA should be fired if that story is true.
djames225 8
The FA confronted an originally unruly passenger, letting her know she was being watched for any more shenanigans. There was no provocation!
AA has a policy, as do many carriers. "Use of still and video cameras, film or digital, is permitted only for recording personal events. Photography or video recording of airline personnel, equipment, or procedures is strictly prohibited." She broke that policy and was booted. WTH would you fire the FA for trying to keep civility and doing their job????
She complied with what she was commanded to do. I think the recording, which is very common in today's world, was done without knowledge of AA's fine print. If I was sitting in that woman's seat, I would have been angered and offended by the FA's further escalation of the conflict which had already been handled successfully. Listen to what the FA said to the woman.
NX211 0
The 'H' word is offensive to me. I request the cabin crew turn this forum around and that you are removed and banned forever.
djames225 3
Heck is offensive to you??? Or is your brain stuck on "he double hockey sticks"?
Your arguments went off the rails eons ago. This wasnt just about the F***12 mask, but about her whole demeanor. She was asked to remove said mask, and was vocal and mouthy. She was later told, basically "we are watching you" because she was being an obstinate little brat when first boarded, and continued to be mouthy.Then throw in a recording device, BOOT!
David Apps 0
Could have waited till the plane was airborne!
NX211 5
Really? You would advocate throwing a passenger from an airplane in flight because she offended your eyes with a word? Maybe the BLM crowd has a point.
Google this person. Been a trainwreck for a long time. Not a very positive example for her race.
George Cottay 0
She was in her seat, wearing a new mask, when the flight attendant approached her again.
alan curtis 4
AA claims she continued to wear/display it, she doesn't seem to directly contradict this statement, only saying she took it off when asked. How many cycles of don mask, be asked to remove, remove mask, and repeat are required until she get her video, whose timing is determined by her, of being removed while not wearing it.

I wish there was another video of this event I could find...
NX211 1
Good thing there wasn't. AW294 would have him/her thrown off the plane, banned, arrested, and prosecuted under 49USC 46504.
The article said she kept uncovering the (offensive) mask to display it
NX211 1
I wasn't there, nor were any of us, and I understand that Nina is just repeating what she read. ( no criticism intended towards you Nina )

From my own perspective, this doesn't pass the smell test. It would mean that she had to wear one mask on top of the other. I don't know why you would want to try and breathe through 2 masks when you could take the offensive mask off, wear the clean mask then take the offending mask and place it on your lap and still have your 'message' displayed.
sarafinc -2
Thank you American Airlines to your commitment in protecting our freedom.
D. W. -8
I disagree with those who approve of or commend AA (and its cop-wannabe flight attendant):while it's true, today, that commercial flying is every kind of bad it can be (people getting trashed-drunk on board;people who've ignored personal cleanliness and hygiene for days, if not weeks; squalling, yowling kids; storage-bin hogs), we have way more than our share of cops roaming the country, more often than not being arbitrary at minimum, and more often, simply abusive and racist. "Flight attendants" have now become tubularized cops. Then, as with ground-based cops, the question becomes: who sets the standards ("offensive" is kind of elastic and essentially meaningless)? Are they definitively published, somewhere? Is what's offensive to a Idaho-based flight attendant "offensive" to someone who flies out of Queens or The Bronx? Does some cockpit-enthralled "flight attendant" have any answerability? And, can she/he (?) decide that, even though the element of "offensiveness" was removed or eliminated, it's a "continuing offense," now emanating from someone's pocket?

This is just more moralizing on AA's part, to try to compensate for its price-gouging, penny-pinching, fare-stealing policies.
Rick Hein 1
I couldn't agree more. I also have to wonder why it took the flight crew so long to figure out it was bad. She was asked to cover up the mask during the boarding process, which according to the article she did. So (a) why wasn't she deplaned immediately, or (b) even after covering the mask up, why did the flight crew wait until after the plane had left the gate to make such a decision?
I suspect there may be something missing from the story.
Usual Suspect 1
Because had they done that, the plane would not have been able to "bust" a U-turn...
Tommy Boy 0
The Passenger made it all the way through the airport, through check-in, security. the gate and the boarding process without incident. Once on the plane, she was instructed to remove the mask and replace it with another one, which she did. Then the FA confronted her AGAIN to remind her not to get out the offensive mask while on the airplane, to which she responded, "Leave me alone, lady."

Apparently, according to the article, the Passenger was compliant and had requested to be left alone. Then she was removed for making that request.

Sorry, I just don't see the infraction that resulted in her removal and suspect AA was being overly sensitive regarding a situation that had been resolved.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

WIllard Kramer -8
Suddenly American Airlines personnel are the dress code police for people of color. I'd like to see them do this to Trump supporter wearing offensive crap.
JedFR 5
You'll find plenty of examples of it happening to Trump supporters. How do you know she isn't a Trump supporter?
The fact that MAGA upsets you that much, shouldn't exclude someone from supporting the president.
A Mask is offensive to your health, sue AA asap@!


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