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The president of Emirates says passengers will never again be as comfortable as they have been aboard the enormous discontinued Airbus A380

Emirates, the glitzy Persian Gulf airline, plans to operate passenger flights using Airbus A380s for the first time since the pandemic led the airline to ground the fleet. The airline expects to replace the aging A380 fleet with Boeing 777X aircraft, the first of which is due to be delivered in 2022. However, Tim Clark, the airline's president, told Business Insider that nothing would measure up to the passenger experience on board the A380. As airlines around the world ground their Airbus… ( और अधिक...

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Geoff Rowe 12
Sadly the glamour days of air travel are long gone. I think we all now regard planes as nothing much more than buses that fly unless we can afford to fly in ‘proper’ First class, or Residence Class.

The A380 was the most comfortable plane I’ve even flown in, so quiet and smooth, in spite of the antiquated interior BA equipped them with. That said, transatlantic on a Norwegian 787 wasn’t exactly slumming it and I’m curious as to what the 777x is going to be like. The 777 is a nice stable, fairly quiet plane (except BA!) so we will see.

I do lament the passing of the A380 and 747 though. As a passenger it did feel different getting on those planes.
SkyAware123 0
Unless you shell out the big bucks it's been nothing but basic transport for a long time. And that's probably how it should be. Free market. The only thing making it worse is regulations that hold back true competition (us) resulting in these mergers and monopolies.
Ferry Abdul 3
Jakob Xanther 3
I am so happy that I had several opportunities on Emirates and Lufthansa to fly as a passenger with this legend. It is a fantastic airplane and proably very best airplane ever. The last time was just on 15th March 2020 with Emirates on propably one of the last scheduled flights out of Dubai to Frankfurt. In terms of passenger experience in ecconomy class there is a huge gap between A380 and anything else.
I can't understand why all of them should be scrapped as I personally would pay more (I already did in the past) if I had the choice between A380 and any other airplane.
If I could have a wish - please don't let them die.
Roy Corrales 3
Fully agree, 747 is great but for the passenger the A380 will be the most comfortable airplane ever built! Hope to catch another in Emirates before the sad day comes :(
matt jensen 4
Joao Ponces 3
I only flew, 4 times on the Singapore SIA Airline, on Economy! Not only it was very comfortable and silent, but I was very surprized how manoeuvrable it was, for such a big airplane! the best Airplane I've ever flown, of many many! Incomparable to anything else! Mind you, I've never tried the A-350....
William Lucas 1
I have flown in SIN, Emirates and Qantas A380s all except the first time in Business class. Economy sure is tight, I am just on 6Ft. and found it a long trip from Melbourne to Heathrow. I enjoy watching them land and take off from my home near MEL. It's a shame so many are going into the Mojave desert, I hope most of them will come back into service some day soon.
KoolerKT 1
learn from your mistakes
Phil Rademacher 1
Saw many people commenting that if they had the choice of a standard airliner flight and a slightly more expensive and/or inconvenient A380 flight, they would go with the A380... which makes me still a bit confused how airlines couldn't make that aircraft work (pre-Corona of course).
SkyAware123 1
Because hub and spoke isn't used the way it was. As such, airlines need more smaller planes.
William Lucas 2
Most major airports have the room for the big aircraft, they updated as soon as they got the specs for them. Probably the only airport that is not A380 friendly is LAX, where the runways are really a bit too short, meaning the A380 has to us maximum power at all times to lift off. That may have been a blessing though as it showed up the oil leak fault in the R.R. engines, causing one to explode between SIN and MEL. I still booked my first flight on one just after that happened and we were nearly 4 hours late leaving due to that fault being found during LAME inspection and the plane went to the maintenance bay to be fixed. The previous flight had been from LAX!
SkyAware123 1
Who said anything about space? ofcourse they have room and they only fly into the big airports. Again, hub and spoke isn't bewing used the way they were going to and as such, more traffic goes to smaller airports.
Phil Rademacher 2
Yeah, I remember the start of the battle between 787 and A380 also being labelled as the battle between direct vs. hub-spoke system. I do admit personally I favor the direct flight and maybe with Corona that gives further push towards this with people trying to avoid masses of people, but hub-spoke is of course not dead at all.
Marco Godoy 1
I always liked how quiet the 380 is, especially on the upper deck. Mind you, I only flew economy the 6 times I was on that aircraft, but most of the time I was lucky to take the Lufthansa plane that had the rear part of the upper deck converted from business to a small and cozy economy section, it was only about 5 rows if I recall well. All that being said, I was unpleasantly surprised by how much one can feel the turbulence when up and in the back; I always figured such a huge plane must be hugely stable, but being so far from the center of gravity in two directions actually made things much worse. One particular flight from Beijing to Frankfurt was one looooong non stop shake, but also another from Seoul to New York where I sat on the lower deck and not so far behind. For me the most stable planes have always been the 777.
Wolfgang Prigge 2
Air France had the same little cabin in the upper back, just behind the Premium Economy section. Once we were travelling home from CDG to YUL on our wedding anniversary and I mentioned it to the flight attendent. She promptly swiped a couple of bottles of champagne from the businesses section and treated everyone in the cabin to a drink. Fun was had by all.
SkyAware123 1
Reminds me of a flight on an older MD.... plane from EUrope to the US. Some sort of turbulence that made the plane constantly adjust altitude resulting in the rear of the plane going up and down constantly. The result was horded of people puking , mainly in the area in the rear near the bathrooms. It was bad.


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