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China’s Answer To The Boeing 787 Faces Delay Until 2028

The joint Sino-Russian venture building a widebody aircraft to rival Airbus and Boeing is facing fresh delays. The CRAIC CR929 had been scheduled to fly in 2025 for delivery in 2027. ( More...

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patrick baker 4
so these countries/companies want to build an alternative to the 787, and by inference also to the A350, with an imagined sales goal of 500 aircraft internally in china and russia.Unrealistic, unreasonable, and unflyable ....
Geoff Davies 1
it will be interesting to see the plane if it ever boeing bombardier will all have new ideas by the time it is made
patrick baker 1
the complications of two antaginistic powers seeking to to high tech cooperation and fabrication will be fun to watch from the cheap seats. THe Chinese seem to want to carve out the best parts of the business while the Russians get the whole rest of the world, already yawning at the prospect of such an airliner.


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