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LAUSD Teachers Affected By Jet Fuel Dump To File Lawsuit With Gloria Allred

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Teachers with the Los Angeles Unified School District who were impacted by Tuesday’s jet fuel dump have hired celebrity attorney Gloria Allred to file a lawsuit against Delta Airlines. Allred announced that she will be holding a news conference late Friday morning with the teachers to announce the details of the lawsuit. Just before noon Tuesday, Delta Flight No. 89 bound from L.A. International Airport to Shanghai was forced to turn back and make an emergency landing due… ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 8
This played out exactly as we thought it would.
Highflyer1950 5
What a litigious society we have become? Why not wait for Delta to come up with plan or make a donation to the school? Hell, take the whole school to Disneyland for the day........and Delta picks up the tab for everything. Now that’s PR!
bbabis 2
I like that plan and I bet Delta does too!
Mike Mohle 3
The accusers will hate that, they want the MOOLA! Teachers Unions in action.....
chalet 2
Hard to believe that Delta would do that on his own.

I did not see that the Teachers Group had said anything about asking the children´s parents to join them int the lawsuit or do they care about themselves only.
canuck44 9
They might have hired a serious lawyer who in the past has actually won a case rather than one who is one step ahead of the California bar committee on discipline. She and her sleazy daughter have a track record of jumping in front of cameras and absorbing BOTOX but not so much as purveyors of legal excellence.
Greg S 1
Never underestimate the stupidity of juries. This is the land of the O.J. jury after all. I wouldn't be surprised if Delta settles.
Willie Wonka 4
The learned educators will negotiate a pre-trial settlement from Delta's insurance and then promptly book a flight to Europe on Delta Business Class to celebrate.
william baker 4
That was quick.
ROFL...minute I saw Gloria Allred I quit what a shock.
What damages did they suffer? Sobbing on camera doesn't really add up to much.
A good shower and some laundry detergent and a hot wash would have done the job for the students and their whining teachers. The teachers are standing on the coat tails of their union. The students don't have a union to protect them.
Gloria Allred is a joke to the legal process and should have her credentials yanked.
Not knowing the conditions were in the Delta cockpit and with the plane an engines, the PIC made a choice, maybe not the smartest, but made a decision to avert possible disaster on the ground.
the PIC was offered the choice to dump fuel when they were out near CMA, and chose not to. They were given that choice by ATC, told them no, not needed, they were going to use 25R for landing. So they instead chose to dump fuel without letting ATC know that they were going to, which could have screwed over any traffic underneath them on as far out as a 25nm final, in addition to the school, without letting ATC know that they were dumping fuel.

That on top of having any hazmat dropping into someone's eyes, potentially blinding them for life? yeah, they screwed up big time. And before you even think of wondering if that is possible, my wife had a stick of silver nitrate applied to her eyes by malpractice when she was born, leaving her legally blind, due to that negligence and malpractice. So yeah, DAL screwed up badly.
Greg S 1
You don't know what the flight crew were dealing with, or what their thinking was. I agree it looks bad for them, but unlike you I'm reserving judgement.

Your wife's tragedy has bupkis to do with this case. Everybody over the age of eight understands that putting bad stuff in your eyes might cause blindness. A lawsuit needs to focus on actual damage, of which there was likely none at all.
Actually, we do. Again, you apparently haven't listened to the tape of this from LiveATC, let alone the video dictating the actions of the crew, let alone what was offered to them by ATC. But I'll throw you a bone so you can educate yourself.

The entire situation there, and visualized for your convenience. Again, when offered the chance to burn or dump fuel, they said they were not critical, have it under control, and requested 25R for landing. If that weren't the case, they should have notified ATC of that. They didn't. They then screwed up by then dumping fuel below MSA for fuel dumping (they were at 2500MSL when they were dumping fuel, while MSA for fuel dumping is 6000AGL).

And if the lawsuit had anything to do with damaging someone physically because of the fuel dumping, your entire argument just got completely shot.
linbb 0
Well gee I guess all that diesel fuel that got on me while I was a mechanic must be the reason I am not dead? Or was I supposed to grow horns or something. Its not that far from jet A
linbb -1
Oh forgot its those poor under paid teachers who need raises because its all about the kids. Nothing they do would supprise me they think there job is more than just another job one chooses to do.
Greg S 0
Maybe you should call Gloria Allred and get her sue somebody.
Highflyer1950 3
Maybe those teachers would have preferred that the aircraft after declaring an emergency, overweight and with only one engine operating had crashed into the school itself. What a bunch of morons?
Or, oh, I dunno... perhaps the PIC could have let ATC know that they were going to dump fuel, let alone accepted the offer to help dump fuel when they were asked about it when they were over the ocean, or you know, up to the legal safe altitude to dump fuel?

I mean, after all, the entire incident was covered by LiveATC, so it isn't as if a "oh, I forgot" or listening to the entire incident would tell you otherwise.
Highflyer1950 6
Valid point, however, the Captain made a decision to dump fuel immediately. Maybe the aircraft wasn’t performing as he expected, maybe the good engine operating parameters were way above normal requiring an expedited return? Yes, you advise atc about a fuel dump but you sure don't ask their permission after declaring an emergency. As far as traffic around the area, I’ll bet everyone was routed out of the way pretty quick.
A Reiland nd 2
Swissair 111 delayed Landing to fuel dump Over the Atlantic
And crashed burning up just short of the airport in Nova Scotia.
It’s not always smart to delay.
bbabis 1
Apples to oranges comparison. Onboard fire requires immediate landing, weight be damned. Swissair 111 proved that the hard way. This Delta had almost a nonevent and all the time they needed to do it right and just didn’t.
chalet 1
The pilots ought to be brought into the fray as they violated various FAA/NTSB regulations, firing them should not be discounted.
It's the motto: "when in doubt, sue."
Paul Miller 1
I can see both sides of the story here of course ? PIC was maybe a bit fast in not staying over the Ocean ? but it's NOT me sitting on the Flight Deck in the Left Seat, so he did what HE felt was the best in that situation. IF my family had been on that Aircraft ? then I would just have been so glad to have them back on firm safe ground again.

The Teachers and that Gloria Allred OMG ? what a joke that's going to turn out to be, however I do feel sorry for others under that rain of fuel that CAN'T afford to sue Delta ? I am sure that it was not a pleasant feeling having that Jet A fuel all over your world there.....The joys of living near an Airport I guess !!!!
Greg S 0
"...that CAN'T afford to sue Delta..."

Everyone can afford to sue Delta, because doing so is free. Most personal injury lawyers will work on a contingency basis. You pay nothing to the lawyer, but if you win the lawyer gets 1/3 of the prize.


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