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China's Xiamen Airlines, a Boeing operator, looks to bring Airbus jets in its fleet

China’s Xiamen Airlines, a long-time Boeing (BA.N) operator, is looking to bring 10 Airbus (AIR.PA) A321neo aircraft to its fleet, as the carrier grapples with the financial impact from the 737 MAX grounding and persistent trade uncertainties. ( More...

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indy2001 3
Another misleading title (consider the source, a UK news organization). Xiamen Airlines is inviting bids to LEASE a few Airbus aircraft until their 10 current MAXs return to service and an additional 10 on order are delivered. They have an all-Boeing fleet of nearly 170 aircraft, and have been a vocal supporter of Boeing in the past. It would be inane for them to add a handful of jets from a totally different manufacturer at this time. It also pressures Boeing to keep prices low, just as Southwest's supposed consideration of Airbus did.
Richard Tarr 1
Not sure they will want their max’s back or will want outstanding orders .nothing wrong with mixed fleet and with the current state of affairs at Boeing it’s not just passengers who won’t fly on the max but what airline would take the gamble of filling seats that the vast majority of people won’t fly on .
There are many Boeing operators I’m sure looking at moving to airbus unfortunately airbus could not meet the requirements and delivery schedule.
IAG one of the most profitable airline groups in the world operate mixed fleets and their profits and reliability reflect the fact its the right policy
Don Quixote 0
You sure like to post 'damaging' or 'negative' headlines anything Boeing related.


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