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After Ethiopia crash, victims' relatives say they were hounded by U.S. law firms

Days after the March 10 crash of a Kenya-bound Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing jet that killed all 157 people on board, strangers began calling or visiting bereaved families, saying they represented U.S. law firms. ( More...

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Scum sucking lawyers out for fame and a quick buck!! They don't give a rats furry ass about victims, their families or getting to the truth about incidents. Rot in hell!!!!
Larry White 8
David,, you are correct. Those who have ads on tv are a good example(not naming due to fear of retribution,,haha).
Gordon Jarvis 17
Once was the time when the legal profession was not allowed to seek clients. Sadly times have changed.
Greg S 2
Was there really? Or were they just prohibited from advertising?
Lawyers, like flies, are always the first to arrive at a rotting carcass.
DaveRK 7
My mom's best friend and her family lived in relative obscurity, or so they thought.
She was related to a well-known person with a lot of money.
The day that person passed, they received phone call after phone call from lawyers all over the world offering to represent them, so much for obscurity.

My son was involved in an auto accident (not his fault).
He was away at college so all his mail came to his home address. All the mail from lawyers became landfill. :)

Too many lawyers with no morals, only big eyes for cash.

The number of doctors graduated per year has limits. Only a certain number can be graduated, and out of that only a certain number will go through residency, and actually become a real doctor.

But the law schools can graduate as many people as they can push through their schools. It's so bad, that religious schools have started their own law schools and pump people through them.

If people want to really do something to stop the out of control lawsuits in this country, they need to put strong limits on the number of attorneys that are graduated from each law school, but most politicians are lawyers, so that's not much of a chance of that happening. With so many mouths searching for food (money) they are all going to become part of the feeding frenzy! And they will take ANY CASE THEY CAN FIND, in an attempt to get money to survive.
ashannon38 0
Did you attend some type of religious school to become that ignorant?
Did you?

There are effectively no limits on the number of attorneys that can be graduated. The limits on doctors are hard coded into the system, and coupled with the cost of med school, makes for many more specialists and less family practice, and lower non-specialties. It's a fact.
Rob Palmer 5
Great business, marketing idea, but doesn't this make our country look overly commercial? Can't these lawyers have better taste in a difficult time? My Mom worked with a federal court for many years, and knew all kinds of lawyers very well, but this is too much I think. We could also be a class act, and not do stuff like this. This is the kind of thing that earns us disrespect around the world.
Greg S 5
This exactly what every personal injury lawyer does, all the time.
Badly fractured my wrist after tripping on uneven sidewalk outside a federal office building. Still getting letters from PI firms FIVE YEARS LATER!
Greg S 1
Yeah, bunch of a**holes. Now, where is that sidewalk again?
Greg S 4
I'm not surprised, they must think there's almost no chance Boeing will let any Ethiopian suit go to trial. Imagine the juicy emails that went around Boeing after the Lion Air crash. Boeing will pay anything to settle any lawsuit before it gets to the discovery phase where those emails get revealed.

I suspect they'll get revealed anyway, as the criminal investigation may get a warrant for them and then they'll magically get leaked to the press.
The US is 5% of the worlds population and unfortunately is infected with 75% of the worlds lowlife single helix mutant ambulance chasing pond scum sucking lawyers. Like flies, they eat feces and bother people.
joel wiley 3
Don't be so harsh, they're not all like that.
It's just that the actions of 99% on them ruins the image of the rest.
Greg S 3
Those lawyers search for their ancestors on
PaulN2719 12
The typical ambulance chasers who give the legal profession a bad reputation. Why am I not surprised?
Paul Miller 8
joel wiley 2
Mevin Belli, the head of an aggressive San Francisco law firm was once accused of being a bunch of 'ambulance chasers'.
His response to the accusation was "If my attorneys cannot beat the ambulance to the scene, I'll fire them".
James Simms 2
One local P.I. lawyer says “ Call Me....” . This guy spends up to $18 million/year just on advertisements & billboards in the SE US having never met a billboard he didn’t like . He’s rumored to have had billboards up on Mars before the Mars Rover ever got there & his billboard was the first thing photographed on Mars.
Pat Tolaj 7
Country riddled with a large population of disrespectful, disgusting savages.

But you
Which one?
ashannon38 2
Everybody hates lawyers until they need one.
sharon bias 5
If I need a lawyer, I go find one. I don't want them chasing me.
charlie lange 2
Thank you. And I am not a lawyer.
Lawyers provided a unique, self-sustaining business by creating laws which require their services. So I know lawyers (usually young, and relatively new to the profession) when queried, reply with the very comment above^^^^^
joel wiley 3
Just because they hate them until they need one, doesn't mean they necessarily love them afterwards.
good site
linbb -1
But nothing about them suing the airline for poorly trained pilots.
Chris B 5
Atlas Air crash is a great example of pilots who lack the skill set to be in the seat.
James Simms 8
Yet the co-pilot’s Family is suing Atlas, Amazon, & Boeing because he wasn’t “properly trained”. Never mind he failed @ two other airlines

Movecalong, nothing to see here.
alex hidveghy 0
Not sure that is entirely true. Atlas has very strict hiring requirements including a sim check (most airlines do not). Plus have you ever heard about the ore-employment PRIA check that is FAA-mandated?
James Simms 1
Just repeating what I’ve read, believe that article was on FA
joel wiley 1
The requirements for filing a lawsuit are the filing fee and something to type up the documents. To lower the bar requires a shovel.
just saying.
d. thayer 0
Boeing has the deep pockets. The airlines would go under.
They shouldn't be aloud to practice outside the US anyway, and should be only if asked by the family. And for a 1 to 5% fee only.
ashannon38 0
Not "aloud", eh? Where'd you learn to spel? From which orifice did you pull that 1 to 5% fee? You think your doctor should be limited to 1-5% of the cost of his business? You think Exxon should only make 1-5% on their gasoline? You think Trump should only make 1-5% on the condos or steaks or classes in Trump University he sells?
Doug Parker -1
It's not too hard to envision a federal law that prohibits lawyers from making any initial contact with *anyone,* nor would it be too hard to require each lawyer at the conclusion of every proceeding to confirm under oath that they were contacted first.

Yeah, it's sort of rose-colored-glasses, but make the laws and put them in place. Complaining about it helps nobody, changes nothing, and maintains the same, problematic core culture of money and insensitivity. Change the culture. Put the pieces in place to change the culture.

If the law is never written, it never gets written. So... write the law.
ashannon38 3
If you knew anything about law, you'd know it was a violation of the First Amendment to make such an idiotic law. You are obviously naive enough to think you can regulate the "core culture of money and insensitivity". How about we write a law outlawing stupid comments on web sites by people who are ignorant of the First Amendment? How about you waive any rights you have to compensation the next time you or your loved ones are in a car accident or airplane crash due to negligence of others? How about we make a law requiring citizens to learn something about the Constitution and our laws? You're probably the kind of guy who thinks the government should keep their hands off your Medicare...
If you knew anything about law, you'd know ambulance chasing is not protected by the first amendment and there are laws on the books in about half the states. It's also prohibited by every state bar, which wouldn't be very likely if it violated their members' right to free speech, now would it?
What troubles me here is that none of the law firms or their clients (relatives of those who died in the crashes) are going after the two airlines, Lion Air or Ethiopian Airlines. Perhaps they are, but it hasn't been publicized. Even though both the Indonesian and Ethiopian governments have been very coy about disclosing evidence, there is ample proof both these airlines are accountable for what they did and did not do regarding the two crashes. Nor has there been much discussion concerning the actions and inactions of the crews, such as never reducing thrust, or the low time of the Ethiopian copilot. I suspect suing Boeing is a lot easier that suing foreign airlines and their governments. In the meantime, the press, along with our elected officials, is having a field day destroying Boeing.
Boeing DID WRONG!!!


Boeing's 'bad decision' COST HUMAN LIVES!!!

People, Boeing SCREWED UP!!! People DIED!!! People that just wanted to get from point 'A' to point 'B', DIED because Boeing took the 'cheaper way' around a problem they knew would have cost them millions of dollars!

Let's not try to callously dismiss the human lives that were ended because Boeing management decided it was easier to lie to pilots and install a 'fix' that ignored DECADES of aeronautical engineering and company history.

Boeing screwed up trying to save money and compete with Airbus. It's all about the money, and government being stupid enough to trust them.
Hey Robert, did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?
Sorry? So corporations should have no accountability for the stupid decisions they make?

Is it okay for a corporation to make money knowing their product will kill innocent people?

Who ate paint chips? Maybe you should switch to Sterno, or Drano.
Who said corporations should have no accountability for the stupid decisions they made? Nobody. Nobody said that.

Someone did say the airlines should be accountable for the stupid decisions they made... at which point you appear out nowhere in a hospital gown and cowboy boots, running around in circles with your hands in the air ranting and raving about Boeing.

The only person suggesting a corporation shouldn't be accountable here is you.
James Simms -1
joel wiley 1
Two words "Deepest pockets"


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