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Pilot in Fatal Atlas Crash Had Repeated Flight-Test Failures

A pilot on a jet carrying Inc. packages that crashed near Houston in February had a record of repeatedly flunking flight tests and may have become disoriented in clouds, according to newly released documents. The pilot mistakenly thought the plane’s nose was pointed too high and jerked the jet down so steeply that the Boeing Co. 767 dove into a marsh, even as the captain fought to pull up, according to National Transportation Safety Board records released Thursday. ( और अधिक...

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sharon bias 21
I know potential employers are limited in questions they can ask of former employers, but wouldn't test results and certifications be something a potential employer is allowed to investigate?
ADXbear 5
Pilots PRIA applications give companies permission to investigate backgrounds and employers.. these 2 failed companies would have come up if checks were done correctly..

Shame for all concerned
Quidnon 2
PRIA paperwork only goes back five years. I think he failed out of Air Wisconsin in 2011 so it wouldn’t have showed up. Definitely a failure in the system.
Clayton Overmyer 9
left two companies due to not being able to complete the training... red flag...
patrick baker 4
spatial diorientation was supposed to be introduced, experienced, and dealt with in primary instrument training. The feeling that my head says one thing and my eyes reading the gages says another thing- that conflict was part of training, and the solution to that feeling was another part of training. BEleive the gages- your head is not telling you truth: that is what this co-pilot did not seem to get then or when he help crash the cargo jet.
Ben Bosley 7
Repeat after me. "My airplane."
btweston 6
after me. “My airplane.”
Jeff Lawson 7
The full NTSB docket of the released information can be found at
idgie57 1
Thanks for the link. Very interesting reading...
Mark Whitson 6
As one instructor said to me, “Hours only matter when you learn from them. Some pilots have one hour of experience, repeated 1,500 times...”
James Simms 3
But, but, but......The Pilots Family is suing Atlas Air & Amazon for failure to properly train him...
patrick baker 5
this toxic co-pilot did not belong in a serious setting in actual instrument conditions. How he made it through the hiring process is a mystery. How he made it through simulator training is a mystery. A fair question occurs: how many more of this quality of pilot are in the system?
Highflyer1950 -2
Spatial disorientation is an awful thing to deal with even with an experienced crew. However, if the F/O was barely holding on it is very doubtful he would have had the presence of mind to pass control when he was in over his head? What is worse is eventually this type of pilot will become tomorrows’ Captain! Maybe it's time to place quality over quantity in both flight training and number of planes in the air at one time?
Scott Campbell 1
hence the "kinda poor journalism"
Kevin Keswick 1
The NY Post is reporting on the co-pilots final words:

"“Oh Lord, have mercy on myself,” Aska said seconds before impact as Archuleta yells for the pilots to pull up.

“Lord, you have my soul,” Aska then says right before the plane slams into the marshy bay, scattering packages and debris across a wide swath."
Highflyer1950 1
Doesn’t give you a warm, fuzzy feeling....does it?
riddfly 0
This report sounds like a bunch of lies...
Tony Smith 0
Poster probably believes the moon landing was faked also.
Dubslow -1
Kinda poor journalism, jumping too early to conclusions, but it is broadly true about the co-pilot's career, and certainly that FDR data looks pretty damning to the FO, especially the split elevator even before they left the clouds
bthiago 0
Wow! Unprepared copilot?! Come on! Companies hired pilots that didn`t passed his/her Failure tests?!
Lincster45 0
We have all observed pilots that were deficient, and didn’t want in our airspace, but how one progresses this far is very worrisome. On the other hand, one of the best pilots I have know could not get an airline job due to his certificate of demonstrated ability due to defective color vision. I understand his frustration, I have that same restriction, but in 50:years of buying and 7,500 hours it never effected my performance. No failures, busted checkrides, or violations, still I was considered unqualified for the airlines.
Seyed Kamal Bakhshi 0

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btweston -3
Jerking is what you do on the internet.

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Jeff Lawson 5
The claims in the article are supported by the documents released by the NTSB docket related to this incident. See my other post in this thread for the URL to that NTSB press release.

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