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An evacuation slide fell off a plane and landed in man's yard

(CNN) — No, it's not a bird or a plane. It's an evacuation slide from a Delta flight. A large, inflatable slide fell from the sky and into a Massachusetts man's yard Sunday. It came crashing down from a flight traveling from Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport to Boston's Logan International Airport. "It's kind of crazy," Wenhan Huang of Milton, Massachusetts, told CNN affiliate WCVB. "Who could know there's something coming from the air and drops… ( More...

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Dubslow 12
That is definitely a non-trivial failure
Chris B 5
If you have ever flown into KBOS, I guarantee you have flown through "MILLT" (or over Milton where this happened) on the approach for 4L or 4R
joel wiley 9
"A large, inflatable slide fell from the sky. . ." From where else would it have fallen?
Well, this is MA, Joel (and right down the road from me, pretty much), so these sorts of things need to be explained. :D
John Smythe 1
Thats hilarious
Good one
john doe 1
Out of the back of a truck, perhaps?

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sparkie624 0
If was from CNN Fake News... It would have been Trumps Fault :)
John Smythe 11
Ok, chances are that this post will be deleted - but here goes.
“Birdy birdy in the sky, dropped some whitewash in my eye. I’m a big boy, I won’t cry. I’m just glad that cows dont fly.
Sorry - i just couldnt resist
Don Whyte 3
Hope T&T valves don't open in flight...
sparkie624 3
LOL.. That is a good one.
Jack Metcalf 4
Could you imagine the irony of a slide getting sucked into an engine or damaging a control surface causing an emergency where after an emergency landing you are down one slide?
joel wiley 6
Do you want the irony measured in absolute numbers or a sliding scale?
Jack Metcalf 1
sparkie624 4
That is just crazy... Will be interesting to find out what caused it.. .Sounds like the guy was close to it when it landed.... Glad it didn't hit him or anyone else.
James Simms 7
Slip sliding away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you're slip slidin' away
David Craig -6
It's a good thing the guy didn't have a dog chained up in his yard cause if the slide were to hit his dog with Trump's new animal cruelty law he just signed, the captain of that aircraft could be looking at bricks on the wall for the next many years.
djames225 4
It's not "Trump's animal cruelty law" It's PACT, thanks to a bi-partisan House.
john doe 3
Coulda sold it on eBay...
ed lang 5
aren't the slides mounted to the doors INSIDE the aircraft? How could it get outside inflight without the door opening?
cessna210g 4
I know that the 757 has a over the wing slide. It's in a compartment that not pressurized and its door opens outwards over the wing.
djames225 3
No..the slides are contained within a "structure" just under the door
Peter Fuller 2
The slide fell from a Delta 767-300. It was an overwing slide, stored in a compartment in the wing-body fairing, so outside the fuselage pressure vessel. When properly deployed it allows escaping passengers to slide down from the wing trailing edge. You can find video on YouTube of deployment tests of this type of slide.
clarify 2
Here's once such video:
WhiteKnight77 1
If this is the case, and there was a fix for it and Delta did not get it fixed, then that is a really big oops on their part. The good thing is that it did not hit him or anyone else or a house.
Unless the 'fix' didn't fix the problem.
sparkie624 1
I think it is safe to say that it was not a Safe Deployment!
jbqwik 1
That's what I was wondering too.
On many planes, you can see the compartment under the door at the bottom outside. It'll be interesting to find out which slide came out, and what plane. It looks like it might have partially deployed, or totally deployed. Still, odd...
mike boden 5
Bumping the emergency exit handle could pull the pin on the external door. Ask me how I know. You def don't want that thing inflating and wrapping around the tail.
djames225 2
True...but no one had to bump any handle..FAA "suggested" fixes back in late 2015
Pecos Llama 2
How do you know?
william baker 1
Because he has accidently done it before. How do you think he knows.
Pecos Llama 14
Well he said, "Ask me how I know."
AWspicious13 1
Peter Fuller 1
From where the slide fell it’s less than 5 minutes’ flying time to the runway. If everyone’s in their seats, as they should be that close to touchdown, who could have bumped the handle?
sparkie624 2
You would be surprised how things like that happens
mark dailey 2
Flight attendant bending to lower jump seat?
AWspicious13 -1
That must have been a very big butt.
sharon bias 6
Never a good thing when parts are falling off airplanes.
djames225 2
Didn't the FAA mandate a repair order, back in 2015, due to "deployment when not called for"?? Numerous evac slides were popping out of their containment "structures"
James Simms 2
An Atlas Air 767 lost one @ Phoenix Sky Harbor in March 2016 while landing.
Bandrunner 3
I'd have kept it and used it for a bike cover. Well, many bike covers.
sparkie624 3
Would make a nice Raft as well... Look how many friends and family you could have on that thing...
joel wiley 2
It's not as if they'd notice it missing or anything...
themold 1
GRAVITY did it!
There's probably a law against that in Massachusetts ... :D
Peter McGrath 1
Tough town to live in! An evac slide falling off a plane is bad, but back in 2010, the body of a 16-year old stowaway fell into a similar yard in Milton after the planes landing gear was deployed. Now, that can ruin your day...and probably your property value!
Brian McNeil 1
I thought the door had to be open for the slide to deploy?
There's the question of the day....
What was the slide doing on the plane in the first place? It should have been IN the plane don't you think?
So when do aircraft fly with the doors open? And if they did wold not the girth bar have held it in place? Fallen out of a truck or stolen from the airport and repositioned in the man's yard is more likely!
djames225 1
Why would the 767 have to fly with door open, for an evac slide to pop out of it's enclosure?? It's underneath the door/floor in a separate structure.
I'm guessing 767 for CDG-BOS. Someone can look it up.
Torsten Hoff 1
According to the video by CNN and a statement from Delta, this was Delta Flight 405, which is served with a 767-300.
John Smythe -2
Thankfully it only grazed his eye, which by my estimate should be worth about 1.5

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John Smythe -1
This was totally preventable (the dog death, I mean).
Poor little fella.
One minute he’s got his face in a bowl of kibble and then his face is driven right through it.
Not cool.
Not cool.
John Smythe -2
Love it

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clarify 12
I realize that Al Gore gets a lot of hate in these boards by some users. And I further realize that the truth doesn't count for much these days. But it's still worth trying.

You're clearly making a reference to the claims that Al Gore said he invented the internet. He never said that. If you're curious to what he did say and how it was distorted, the article on the matter gives a good history (

Here's the actual quote from Al Gore: "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country’s economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system."

Quoting further from the snopes article: 'But a spirited defense of Gore’s statement penned by Internet pioneers Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf (the latter often referred to as the “father of the Internet”) in 2000 noted that “Al Gore was the first political leader to recognize the importance of the Internet and to promote and support its development” and that “No other elected official, to our knowledge, has made a greater contribution [to the Internet] over a longer period of time”.'

But if you want to connect all the pieces, the full article is a good and instructive read.
joel wiley 3
And if you can't connect the pieces, you can still vote if registered.
Or, you live in Chicago or certain southern border areas :(


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