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American Airlines Leadership Recognizes Widening Gap Between Itself and Delta

American Airlines leadership recognizes the gap isn't shrinking between itself and a chief rival in key financial metrics. On the company's third quarter earnings call last week, an analyst asked how the company can leverage the strong domestic economy. Operating income at American Airlines Group Inc. (Nasdaq: AAL) is down on a two-year basis, while others are up in the same time period, the analyst said. ( More...

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Greg77FA 8
I still have a lot of AA miles, but reduced flying with them because service went downhill. Lounges are packed, food abysmal form what they even offer (both in BOS, DFw), and planes dirty. People dress like slobs, no professionalism, just weak. They really do an overhaul, and I put that squarely on the leadership.
delta and aa have been in competition for years,but only on certain at one time was big at dfw along with american and even had a crew base there..then they started pulling back and aa continued to grow..that was however, before both dl and aa went into the merger modes..dl used to be known for having the highest paid cockpit crews, and also being a non union (for the most part) carrier,,that has changed also..both carriers have weathered economic storms to this point,but as has always been the case,new and upgraded aircraft,fuel costs and union demands for higher pay are major issues.when the shareholders speak, the airlines management listens..they don't however, always listen to front line employees..
Harold Young 9
AA lost is way long ago, but a least they haven’t dragged a customer of the flight UA style. I avoid both carriers.
Ed Chapman 2
United was recently voted Number One in Chinese Takeout!
James Simms 4
I think the recent episode when AA cancelled the flight a youth group was depending on to get to the East Coast from Tulsa & Delta Customer Service personnel there jumped through the hoops & got a jet to Tulsa says volumes
David Reed 2
David Reed 3
Delta has no 737 Max issue, makes better use of technology for consumers, full partnership with AMEX, and better international routes. AA + US Airways for some reason has lowered standards in my opinion and not in any way improved either airline.
We've a bunch of Advantage Miles, but Alaska, Hawaiian and Southwest seen to provide a better experience between Hawaii and LA :(
Remember the Super Constellation First Class; not the plastic cubby holes of today !
Mike Boote 6
Behind a pay wall? No, thanks all the same.
I was able to read the entire article, just had to decline the newsletter, which uncovered the rest of the item
American Airlines has done so really stupid stuff, and is driving away customers.

They are removing PVD's and packing more seats into their planes, where Delta is adding PVD's and opening up their on-plane wifi to support their entertainment offerings at no charge, plus supporting messaging at no charge too.

American seems to think they can draw customers by making their flying experience even more disgusting. Yeah, no. People that want to fly in a contagious cattle car with wings fly Southwest...
jammen737 3
Ha! Many of us enjoy the no hassle boarding and free bag experience. And SWA has best customer service bar none. SWA absolutely fulfills their LUV of their employees and customers!!!
darjr26 1
You sound like a Southwest employee!
alex hidveghy 2
Yup, it’s hard to believe that there are airlines out there that don’t charge anything for checked bags, look after employees and customers love them. Perhaps the reason why it’s been around for over three decades and has never furloughed or laid off an employee! OMG, how can that possibly be?
Oh, and still are able to make a profit. Maybe they are not racing to the bottom which seems to be the marketing strategy of the others.
darjr26 1
Hmm...what airline is trying to push Delta out of Love Field because they think they should be the only airline operating there? What airline put tremendous pressure on Boeing to build the 737 Max so they could keep a common type rating for their pilots? What airline sued their mechanics recently and outsources more of their maintenance than any other major airline? What airline requests more downwind landings and takeoffs than any other major airline? Look at flights between Dallas and Chicago on November 15th, guess who has the lowest fares? It’s not Southwest. Hmm...
paul gilpin 2
sadly, airlines are discovering the paying public will choose to pay $5 less for a flight and complain all the way about every detail. and will do it over and over and over again.
you were saying something about cattle?
alex hidveghy 6
Not me! And I’ll choose SWA over the rest unless I’m flying internationally and then it’s a non-US carrier for me. Problem solved. And it’s easy when you have a choice. Try it.
Dan Rich 2
AA's biggest problem is that they don't know what they want to be when they grow up. In service they are in a race to the bottom, their competition isn't Delta and United but Frontier and Sprit. Yet they still are expanding their Flagship lounges while removing access from the majority of the people who would traditionally use them.

They seem to think they are a luxury carrier while alienating most of the passengers who would traditionally fly them. Im' a case in point -- I had Executive Platinum status with them for well over 10 years and haven't paid for a single flight on them in the past year. I've been using up miles, and to be honest using as many of those as I can on OneWorld rather than AA.
darjr26 2
I recently flew on Delta. The A320 was 26 years old and had 160 seats. American has 150 seats on their A320 fleet. American’s overall fleet is newer too. I can understand taking the IFE systems out of the narrow body fleet. Technology is constantly improving and trying to keep a giant fleet updated with the latest technology seems like an endless process. American certainly has some issues but Delta is far from perfect.
American's newer aircraft sure aren't on the OGG/LAX run. I had planned an around the World for us on miles, but I think using them any way possible might be a better idea :(
darjr26 1
I show they are operating A321’s between LAX and OGG. The overwater A321 aircraft are pretty new.
M Jelliffe 1
Bob Crandall knew how to run and grow an airline. Present AA management is clueless....
alex hidveghy 5
That’s because of the current CEO. You do know who that is, right??

Not to mention the high turnover of middle managers. Take a look at Glassdoor or similar. I bet there’s 3-4 open positions over the country and that’s EVEY month! Doesn’t look like they stay long at all. Something is t right. The traveling public avoids them as much as possible and employees are not happy campers makes it extremely difficult for ANY business to prosper, let alone an airline.....
Larry Tullos 8
Bob Crandall was an asshole who only knew cutting cost and managing by intimidation. He was actually proud of this story He was responsible for the start of the decline of AA, and crews that hated him.


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