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Wow Airlines ceases operations

Iceland's Wow airline has stopped flights and says passengers needing to travel should book with other airlines. Its website says: "Wow Air has ceased operation. All Wow Air flights have been cancelled." The carrier, which started flights in 2012 and has 11 aircraft, had been in funding talks with investors. It said some airlines may offer flights at a reduced rate, so-called rescue fares, and it would publish information on those when it becomes available. ( More...

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I feel so bad for the people that had a fun vacation planned.
Samuel Bixler 12
Just returned from roundtrip BOS-KEF on WOW Air last week... too close for comfort!
Jared Smith 9
Try just returning last night like I did.
wingbolt 12
Wow! I can’t believe it.
sstuff 3
I can believe it; a long time coming.
Jim Zock 4
I hope all the employees find work elsewhere. Good luck to them and best wishes for a prosperous and healthful future. I have found that great adventures follow these disappointments.
Edward Bardes 3
Only seven years running.
So if they ceased operations, does this mean they are leaving their aircraft where they last landed?
myalias 1
Yeah, but it's also the case creditors are seizing the aircraft at the airports.
djames225 2
WOW...Weak Or What Airlines
James Steiner 2
Wow!, I can't say I am surprised to see them go bust. Over expanded and retreated too quickly, and of course there is the whole question of who raised the funds to start Wow Air, and how the investors go about seeking their $$$ back, and of course the passengers stranded in EWR and airports as of today trying to make other arrangements, getting refunds etc. .....
Scott Maynard 1
No refunds. Wow ceased operations. That means no money. First to get any would be on any taxes owed.
Jared Smith 2
I was on the last ever WW departure from KEF. The cabin crew and pilots didn't seem to know this was coming, and if they did they kept if under wraps. Let's face it: any company that chooses purple as its primary color is doomed to failure.
Shenghao Han 2
Didn’t Icelandic air tried to buy them??
cyberjet 1
They looked at it and then ran away bravely.
myalias 2
I heard it was that WOW turned down Icelandair's offer.
James Simms 0
WOW !!!
jfrainetti 3
Never trusted low cost carriers.
Ric Wernicke 2
"If you want to be a Millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline..."

Those words of Richard Branson ring so true about about several European cheap ticket airlines. They are not failing due to a lack of passengers. Their planes are full. They stop flying because they are out of cash. Are the ticket prices too low? No, the problem is their taxes are too high. European governments suck so much money out of the economy it is almost impossible to start a new business there.

What does the EU do with all that money? They waste it on socialism. Morons.
Spot on.
Kobe Hunte 1
Were they even a good airline in terms of service?

I thought they were going pretty strong. Can't even believe it.
Brian Neuman 2
It’s all about $$$. They didn’t have enough to keep operations going and they couldn’t pull out a last minute investment deal.

Running an airline is extremely difficult, especially as a newcomer. The competition will be ruthless against you, and established carriers, low cost and legacy, have much deeper pockets to enable them to weather bad economic times and take losses on routes to eliminate competition.

It sucks, but it’s business.
Edward Bardes 2
In other words, if you're going to start an airline, you have to be a pioneer in a particular market?
Mike Harbour 2
Actually, you have to be crazy!
Brian Neuman 2
To a certain degree, yes in my opinion. You kinda have to offer something that no other carrier routes, type of service, etc
Jim DeTour 1
Typically big airlines find their profits and survivability in having their own maintenance. It serves the purpose of setting maintenance costs to balance the amount of money taken out of the flying department. Big profits in tickets allows pulling profits into the maintenance section where owners profit more than with airline stocks that pay dividends to the public. So I don't think WOW had their own maintenance since that's a big cost. Or the owners played the old game of get started with available routes so they are in the system so that they can move to another region not needing to have routes available. Rules are routes have to be open to get started. But, once started you can move around making your own routes. That is what Hawaii's airline called Island Air did. They always wanted into CONUS but couldn't find open routes. So the owner took the cheap route having pilots pay for their own type ratings then bankrupted the company and took off to California to start up in the original area he first tried unable to buy routes.

Maybe watch where the owners go or even where their associates tried getting into before this dilemma.
Kobe Hunte 1
so people that booked with them lost money? or they get reimbursed?
djames225 1
What a bunch of a-hats...they were selling tickets right up to time of ceasing operations? That is, AFAIC, fraud.
""I will never be able to forgive myself for not taking action sooner, since it is evident that Wow was an amazing airline and we were on the right track to do great things again."..hey, Skuli. you should have taken action YEARS ago...the only thing WOW was amazing at these past few years, was their terrible service!
l33tminion 1
What I want to know is why they had to wrap up operations in hours instead of days. What sort of bankruptcy law would force (or even allow) an airline's default in obligations to passengers mid-journey to be _that_ disorderly?
cyberjet 2
Several reasons. The moment you announce bankruptcy, all access to funds to keep the operation going will be cut off. No credit for things like fuel, catering or navigation and airport fees. Also, the moment you announce you're shuttering the business, your employees and customers will abandon you in about 5 seconds. The employees will want to be first in line at the next employer and the customers would be too nervous about losing their trip. In short, your operation would not be able to function.
Derek Vaughn 1
I'm shocked that anyone thought Iceland could support two airlines.
myalias 1
Why? There is tons of trans-Atlantic travel.
David Rodman -1
Kobe Hunte 0
wow is right!
Joe Fiala -1
No, WOW left.
patrick baker -4
in fact, iceland cannot support two carriers inlight of the rush to fly there by more and more carriers. It is a wonderful idylic sweet island, whose inhabitants still like americans, whose natural features will not be despoiled by hoards of tourists, but idle aircraft, under -utilized aircraft exist for most airlines, so off to iceland. It became a self-limiting function yesterday, and more to come.
Maybe the ordinary citizens do, but the government is one of the most anti-U.S. in Scandinavia.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Kobe Hunte 2
all lies anyway
djames225 2
janmakka -1
Shame for employees, doubt they will get their wages either, goingnby other comments it might be a disaster averted by theirnclosure.


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