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JetBlue’s Founder Aims to Reboot Discount Flying With U.S. Startup

Serial airline entrepreneur David Neeleman is determined to make his next carrier stand out in a market where rivals large and small shoehorn budget-minded travelers into cramped cabins. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 6
I see two problems that must be addressed, and soon. The first is that the technology for the newest engines seems to baffle the manufacturing and fabrication units, leading to shortages for aircraft in production. Problems with new engines have led to grounding of aircraft in use, and led to notices that you did not want two of the same production run on the same airplane. The safety of these power plants cannot be as good as their previous iterations. It is great to save fuel, but not at the expense of safety.

The second item to be addressed by a new airline is service. Neeleman may boast that he is a technology company, he is actually in the personal service business. There is no reason for Middle East and Asian carriers to have better service than American companies. It takes training of the front line staff, and a culture in middle management to provide better service than instant profits.
jbermo -1
"There is no reason for Middle East and Asian carriers to have better service". Yes, there is - called U.S. labor laws!
Matt Kase 1
This, and the fact that no one from the US wants to travel to the Middle East, unless required for business--sorry to be un-PC, but it's just not a pleasure travel destination for westerners. So the airlines that beckon travelers there have to be over-the-top opulent.
patrick baker 5
i for one welcome Neeleman back into the american market for his next good idea well executed. This tantilizing aircraft will give comfort a new name in the skys, without the "pack them in, rip them off" mentality that we see too much of now.
n9341c 1
I must have missed it. Where did the article mention the proposed seat pitch?
Any airline that will allow me to avoid LAX has my vote.
chalet 1
When SWA bought out Morris Air David Neelman came on board but for just a short while, Herb Kelleher thanked him and showed him the door because in his opinion in no time at all Neelman would find thousands of excuses to form another airline within SWA or elsewhere.
To make it work to its' fullest potential bring Dave Barger onboard
Andre Perez 1
The best combination!
John Rumble 1
If they can improve on Allegient's crappy service , it's a great concept
I like the concept of flying to and from smaller airports. We fly from Orlando -Sanford which is closer than MCO and no crowds , cheap in airport parking
Andre Perez 1
7 splendid years spent at JetBlue with awesome crews and employees.
Miss it.


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