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Arkansas teen wanted to steal plane, fly it to rap concert

An 18-year-old Arkansas man arrested at Texarkana Regional Airport last month told investigators he intended to fly a stolen plane to a rap music concert in another state. Asked about his lack of training as a pilot, Scott told Texarkana police that he didn't believe there was much more to the task than pushing buttons and pulling levers. ( More...

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beilstwh 10
If he took off it would not be any loss, except for the jet of course.
edgeair 2
It would serve to further affirm natural selection
Tom Clark -3
Then you deserve to be a passenger.
Kevin Haiduk 9
Oh wow - just by the headline I didn't realize he thought he was going to steal an AA eagle. Just 'pulling levers and pushing knobs'. Sorry but that is the dumbest thing I have heard in a long while.
Torsten Hoff 1
Yeah, he is a knob if he thought that.
Chuck Lind 7
Well son...always remember this: "Take off is optional...Landing is Mandatory"
sparkie624 5
Like a friend of mine says... We have a 100% perfect history in aviation... we have never got one stuck up there that did not eventually come back down!

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Glen Horton 6
Not even funny dude.
Rod Schroder 2
That comment was indeed not funny. Where was security at this airport?
Mike Mohle 11
Looking to be another winner of the "Darwin Award", no doubt.
What an idiot! SMH
dee9bee 9
The blood test will speak volumes.
jet4ang 4
"A couple of levers and a few buttons to fly". Like someone mentioned, he should've used a lever to pry open a car door and drive there. Now he'll need at least 4 to pry open his jail cell!
sparkie624 2
LOL, A lot of people know about auto flight (or have heard about it) and planes (some) can autoland and with self driving cars... I guess he thought that all planes had to have it.
Edward Bardes 3
What an idiot.
Torsten Hoff 5
oh my..i guess this young man thought it would be as easy as stealing and drivng a car!
djames225 3
Until he could not locate the ignition switch.
sparkie624 1
I'm surprised he didn't try to Hot Wire it...
James Simms 1
must have had a stick shift, couldn’t drive it
Edward Bardes 2
Grand Theft Autopilot?
crcole 2
paul gilpin 3
and in a totally unrelated and totally off topic issue.
Zemarcuis receives a full scholarship to play football at the University of Alabama.
wingbolt 2
I sort of understand the part about stealing the airplane, but a rap concert....what an goober!
sparkie624 0
One thing is for sure... You can't fault his Honesty.... Who would admit to trying to steal a plane to go to a Rap Concert...
He has to be mentally challenged. I hope he gets help real fast.
Dr Kin Howard 1
Sorry young man. You are so lucky the police arrested you. Thank them; they saved your life. When you are free, take flying lessons and see if you still feel the same way.
sparkie624 1
It takes all types.... I would say it is clear that this person has a Criminal Record and is in the system so to speak.... Based on the comment: "Two officers reportedly recognized the man as Scott before authorities opened the plane door and arrested him." - I very seriously doubt that he could have gotten the APU Started, much less the engines.

The article says a 44 seat a/c, What regional jet under American has 44. I thought their smallest was an ERJ-145 that carries 50?
David Sims 5
The ERJ-140 has 44 seats. AE also has 37 seat ERJ-135 as well.
sparkie624 0
Thanks... I thought those were parked a long time ago... The 145 is about retirement age as it is.
MrTommy 3
As soon as the article mentioned the cops KNEW this kid, that pretty much said it all. He was just ramping up his game.
Ric Wernicke 0
Yes, it carries 50, but only 44 seats.
patrick baker 1
stupid comes in many forms, and it must in the end be our fault, the pilots of the world, for making it appear so easy to do. NOT......
djames225 1
SMH..the lights are on but the bulbs are burnt out.
Donald Craig 2
Close ... powers on but the bulbs are burnt.
djames225 1
"powers on but hydro cut the feed", "lights are on but the bulbs are burnt out"..those are from longgggggg ago lol
Tony Perez -2
He had to have had an accomplice; those jets requires a 2-person crew to steal it.
MrTommy 1
How would someone this dumb know that? He just knew there were some buttons to push and levers to pull. Don't need two people for THAT.
sparkie624 2
He was correct about much of it.... There are Buttons and levers.. His problem was he misjudged the QTY and complexity! Keep in mind the day and life of an Airline Pilot.... How many Buttons do you push and how many levers get pulled.... Keep in mind the Throttle's are levers and technically so is the yolk. His problem was he couldn't figure out which one's and in which order they had to comply with... If he had in fact gotten off the ground, just imagine how bad it would have been... I mean getting off the ground is optional... getting back on the ground is not optional!
sparkie624 1
Were I believe that a 2 person crew is needed and required I would not say it could not be done. There have been times when a crew member is incapacitated and the other crew member has to land. Look at British Airways Flight 5390
Mike Mohle 1
Some other "Rapper" was on his way.....
btweston -6
Dave Rose 0
Not even going there...


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