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Opinion: The Bombardier CS100 Could Be The Future for British Airways’ London City to New York Service

In October of 2009, British Airways launched a unique route titled “Club World London City,” offering a business class only configuration of the Airbus A318. While the service is certainly unique, it isn’t flawless. Due to aircraft range limitations and in order to land as a domestic flight in New York, the aircraft touches down not long after departure from London City in Shannon, Ireland, clears US customs, fills up its fuel tank and then departs once again. ( More...

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bettiem 4
Interesting article in general. Its reference to Brexit brings up the question of how LCY might soon be required to expand customs and immigration facilities for European traffic.
patrick baker 6
what a superb niche aircraft, and kudos that it can take over London City Airport as the airliner of choice so quickly. Embraer 175 is good- the CS100 is gooder.
pilotjag 2
I think BA would benefit from using this aircraft on their LCY-JFK route. I'm not sure what the restrictions might be compared to their current A318s. However, I assume the CS100's restrictions might not be as high as the A318s. Just my thought
jcsjcs 3
The most amazing thing to me is that LYC-SNN-NYC is 3476 miles -- the same as LYC-NYC direct.
Aaron Harris 2
Great report! I dont want to go off topic, but I want to ask one thing. Is this the new MoM aircraft replacement? I know it sounds kinda stupid but I know this defiantly has huge rage. I know the 737 Next Gen and Airbus A320 series has some good rage for transatlantic routes.

If I'm not wrong, I think the longest 737 flight is the Scandinavian Airlines from Houston to Stavanger with a 737-700. I'm not sure about the A320 family, but I do know they have to have some good range to them, but not a lot.
Mike Dryden 5
MoM is more like 220 passengers, not the ~120 of a CS100. Think 757 replacement. Bigger than a B79M (which can apparently fit 220 punters, but who'd want to do that beyond very short haul...) or A321 and longer legs, but smaller than a B788 or A330.
I've worked that Scandinavian flight quite a few times through my airspace, it must be seasonal as I haven't seen it in a few months. My understanding is that it is actually a 737 based BBJ, so it traded some of its cargo space for extra fuel.
The SAS flight was discontinued after oil prise slumps. The leased 737 then worked Copenhagen-Boston with a couple of rows of coach. There was some talk that it may change assignment again soon though or will be returned.
toolguy105 1
From the standpoint of making the flight a non stop going eats to west it is a good idea but the 737 MAX can do this and some of the parts are interchangeable with other Bowing aircraft presently in the BA fleet. Adding q third type of aircraft from a different manufacturer requires adding spare parts for use only on that type. This is additional overhead cost. From that point of view I think it is a bad choice. The present ticket price will have to raised to cover the additional cost that cannot be made up with the elimination of the fuel stop in Ireland on the west to east crossing.
True, but the 737 MAX is currently not certified/allowed to fly into London City. The LCY-JFK route is for bankers travelling back and forth, clearing immigration in Shannon actually makes sense to avoid the queues at JFK.

toolguy105 1
The 737 MAX will be certified for LCY to many European airlines buying into it. The airlines are more interested in the cost savings of not landing in Shannon. There are landings and gate fees to cover plus the cost of the passengers going through customs in Shannon rather than New York. It cost a small fortune to land a jet aircraft at any airport. Eliminate that stop and you add to the bottom line without increasing prices. Plus you shave at least an hour off the travel time maybe more as any time you land there is a chance for a mechanical problem to arise. The problem with West to East are headwinds. The A318 does not have the fuel capacity to arrive in JFK with the needed reserves and might even have to land in Halifax or Toronto if it encounters severe headwinds.

IF passengers want customs clearance prior to arrival it can be don at LCY just as easily as in Shannon.


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