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Inside the Factory Building the World’s Smallest, Cheapest Private Jet

AFTER MORE THAN a decade in development, Cirrus Aircraft has finally begun delivering its new SF50 Vision Jet to the first of more than 600 customers who’ve queued up for it. The curvy v-tailed airplane is both the smallest and, at $2 million, the most affordable private jet in the world. (Even used Gulfstream jets go for tens of millions of dollars.) ( More...

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Such negativity from all you jet jockeys! I fly a 421 for 3 hours at a time, sometimes 4 and have no problems!
J Sandusky 2
So, we update a Heinkel 162 into a passenger jet.....neat idea, but not really your design in basic concept, is it??
MH370 2
Small detail: Cirrus Aircraft is owned by the Chinese Government...
wylann 1
Almost all small aircraft manufacturing is owned by the Chinese 'investors' these days. ;)
chalet 2
This thing is irremediably doomed. How can anyone expect a father of a family shoehorn wife, 3 children and baggage for everyone inside this jet and fly for 3 hours without a pee-pot of some kind. At the first call from Mother Nature the father will have to dive down like the devil to the nearest gas station WC on the ground which means that instead of 3 hours the trip will take 5 hours, all in cramped quarters.
A noise canceling curtain comes with each unit. They are still working on olfactory angles and the disposal
issue. The hope, according to sometimes reliable sources, is that air force buyers will pay for the R&D and redesign and refitting to solve the problem.
chalet 1
The Air Force must have plenty of those plastic pee bags after the numerous F-15s and F-16s were sent to Davis-Monthan. Send them a request, it might work.
Sam Johnson 1
I was under the impression they use relief tubes.
chalet 2
Those too. I have an idea, why not run some tubes for four males much alike the manifold in an aircraft engine. The ladies will be flown first class commercial. But still there is another substance to manage. No way, I am not going to buy it. Period.
ToddBaldwin3 1
We found that a 5 # coffee can was an acceptable substitute for a toilet on long trips. First one to used got to empty it when we were on the ground.
Ren Babcock 1
If it is a family of boys, the only issue is if momma has to pee. We used pee bags for our boys in the early days in the back of my Cutlass. Only time I had to spiral down was over the Ohio River and mom just had to go.
sparkie624 2
For a jet, certainly not a High Flyer... 28000 barely touches RVSM Airspace... Some thing about the look of that plane I don't like, but can't put my finger on it. Also to me, the engine location and angle just seems strange. Jets work better with air going straight through, but this one has it going in an angle, and looks like it has a down thrust angle.
Jim DeTour 2
I figure with the light thrust they went less drag from tail surface and depend on thrust flow to add control which still doesn't help stability at altitude for total lift. Seems a bare minimum to get the jet price tag profits. But it will entice some into the extra altitude for getting over some of the bad weather. Well at least until it's some heavy weather then they better have some good guidelines for speed and altitude since possibly there might be limits in thrust and control at altitude in turbulence.
Lee Withers 1
I don't know if this is a real comparison but the 727 and 1011 had dog legs in their airflow. And the 1011 middle engine was not a straight out exhaust, it was slightly canted down. In one case the was a control problem and the plane would only climb. By using a series of power adjustment that could keep near a fixed level, but was sort of a roller coaster ride between San Diego and LA. A Delta flight many years ago.
Bernie20910 1
Seems strange to me that thrust from the engine appears likely to impact the control surfaces, but I'm sure all that was considered and calculated by engineers much more capable than I am. It does look strange though.
Ed Blanchard 1
Did the author really mean, ...cheapest..."? Or did he/she mean "least expensive"?
It's the difference between quality and price.
sparkie624 1
LOL.. Cheapest would be my opinion... It certainly looks cheap to me!
Mark LaFlamme 1
A seat chemical toilet is VERY INEXPENSIVE
Lee Withers 1
It may be well to point out that if you can afford to buy that airplane the price of a chemical toilet is rather insignificant.
Nico Arreman 1
There is not a toilet on board, for 1 million more by a Phenton 100.
sparkie624 3
That just proves that "Crap" is not cheap! :)
Ruger9X19 1
Looks almost exactly like the Eclipse 400. Hope they fair better than Eclipse did.
Ken Hardy 0
based on engine location, I would have a concern about sonic fatigue on sheet metal aft of the engine, Comes from my JetStar days
wylann 1
Agreed. We even saw a fair amount of sonic fatigue on the side of the fuselage of our turboprop. It was about 6-8 feet back from the downwash side of the prop. With the exit velocity and sonic shock from the jet, that area better have a lot of stiffeners or doublers!
cmball 1
It's all carbon fiber, not sheet metal.
sparkie624 0
That does not mean it won't crack!


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