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Miracle as plane lands safely at Heathrow despite losing a WHEEL before take-off without anyone noticing

The pilot on the Air Canada flight from Montreal to Heathrow is not believed to have noticed the rear tyre had fallen off and was shocked after being told on landing. Incredibly, the captain still managed to land the Boeing 777-300 without a problem and there were no injuries... ( और अधिक...

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joel wiley 5
It's a miracle nobody has yet come up with 'you picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel'

Steven Fortson 2
Miracle? You can land aircraft without a wheel, especially if it's on the MLG. If you lose more than on, especially if it's on the same truck, THEN you're in trouble.
Pierre Letourneau 1
At the beginning of the article, it's a plane losing a wheel "before take-off" then under the picture it is "midflight" and at the end the wheel was found in a fence. Maybe it is not even a plane...
Phil Knox 1
Martin Haisman 1
it's a MIRACLE all hale the god of aviation.
Phil Knox 1
So...Where's the story? The link does not take me to it!
mike ronan 0
Does The Sun not have anyone there who knows anything about aviation? It makes us wonder just how accurate are any other stories in any other field;... medicine, law enforcement, politics, science, etc.

I was sort of expecting this writer to state the reason for the incident was : "no flight plan filed" or something equally distant from reality. These people must be absolutely terrified of flying where they rely upon "miracles" to get them to their destination.
deafsea -1
Wait, is that 777-300? If so, something wrong - all 777 always have 12 (6 wheels each) on the main gear, right? If so, please correct that information.
Martin Haisman 1
I's a miracle plane lands with 3 wheels missing and 4 tyres missing
Wolfgang Prigge -1
AC864 uses A333s, the story is wrong.
matt jensen -1
Ed Andrade -2
If you look at the picture that is part of the story, it is clearly not a 777. All the way at the bottom they say it was a A330 which is more plausible based on the picture.


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