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Emirates withdraws last remaining B777-200(ER) from service

Emirates (EK, Dubai Int'l) has definitively ended commercial B777-200(ER) operations after its sole remaining airframe of the type was withdrawn from service late last month. ( More...

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sanjay tiwari 2
Change is for better...they have over 80 A380 which is a testimoy how fast they r growing...keep the tempo..
chirag suthar 2
allwaise evergreen............

They still have B777-200LRs. What's the difference between the ERs and the LRs?
Bob Plested 0
The headline is misleading.

I read the article and the last line indicated that they've only pulling the -200ERs. They still have 145 B777s.
Isn't that exactly what the headline says, 777-200(ER)?


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