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Crew takes baby slapped by mom aboard plane

Southwest flight attendant returned infant before landing; parents not charged ( और अधिक...

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Zachary Colescott 0
While I can argue either way, I guess I'm kinda surprised that a FA just physically took someone's kid away from them on-board a flight. This could've ended a lot worse than it did for all parties involved, and I won't be surprised to see a lawsuit come out of it since the authorities did not find any reason to suspect child abuse.
Guy Pigg 0
I don't totally agree with Mr. Colescott. According to what I have read in the article, the flight attendant asked to be of help. I would suspect the FA wanted to defuse the situation before things got out of hand. By taking the baby, the FA calmed the situation and comforted the family as well as the other passengers on board. From all points, yes this was a leagal issue. And since no charges were filed and the baby was returned, that should be the end of it. I don't think the FA would have just physically taken a child unless there was a reason to do so. If there is going to be a lawsuit, I am probably going to take the position that it wouldn't get far. Yes it could have gotten a lot worse. A very upset parent frustrated with a crying baby. A crying baby on board a plane with other people. My stand is best handle the situation than not.


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