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767 similarities allow Boeing to duck Dreamliner evacuation trial

Because of the cabin's similarity in configuration and size to its predecessor, the 767, Boeing is able to qualify 787-8's exit limit maximum of 250 passengers through analysis, says the twinjet programme's vice-president and general manger Scott Fancher. "As long as you can show equivalency based on the number and size of doors, number of seats, pitch of seats, you can do it by analysis of data from the 767." Fancher says that some elements of the evacuation system will… ( और अधिक...

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Guy Pigg 0
Why? Now that we know the cause and the ability or inability of the flight crew, why are we dropping more crap on the individual instead of the airline that hired these folks? I will never have a 121 career. I am too old. But what about the young folks that desire to seek this out? Unbeleivable! Yeah I see dollar signs as flight instructing is my goal, but not this. We need pilots that are safe, mature, and very well trained. And this caught an airline that for whatever reason saw short cuts to safety for profit. (My opinion.) But not at the expence of loosing a good potential pool of people that will make good pilots. Sorry, if I was 40 years younger, I think my time and money would best be spent for a degree in the video game industry.
aldous huxley 0
what does this comment have to do with this squawk ???
john smith 0
nice job staying on topic :P


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