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B-52 Makes Challenging Landing to Visit Oshkosh on Historic Anniversary

One of America's biggest flying icons has never made it to America's biggest air show, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, until this year. ( More...

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Ev Butler 31
Why do members who take videos have to put music on the soundtrack? The music of the engines are the best music to the ear of man. I prefer videos that don't have background music.
Tom Jones 3
Agree completely. Better silence than somebody's selection of music, which is 99% a wrong selection anyway.
sparkie624 4
I have done a lot of video and many times you have to take the audio out due to background noise.... It could have been over whelming background noise, people talking in close proximity, and once I was videotaping an airshow, and all you could hear beside me was an idiot with a camera clicking that was so loud that you can not..

Check out an airshow that I did - You will note on part 1 the national anthem, That is dubbed over by me. They were playing the same tune, but it was so bad it was not usable, I try to stick to the ambient audio when possible.. You will note the editor of the B52 video that in the end he did use the B52 sounds which tells me his audio that he had for one reason or another was not presentable.
btweston 0
What do you call it when an idiot with a camera refers to another idiot with a camera?
The next generation - Geez we're doomed :)
Brian Bishop 4
Better video of the landing, yeah he set 'er down good:
flypilot12 4
From what you typed I expected some kind of blaring heavy metal soundtrack covering everything. While I too prefer the raw sounds of airplanes to music, this video has some nice subtle back ground music that helps fill the parts where not much is happening and help add to the tension. All-in-all, I think it is tastefully done and well edited. I applaud the Air Force for being able to perform such a landing as it's a testament to the training of our pilots and the can-do attitude of the US military, her people, and her allies both foreign and civilian.
Bill Harris 2
I think no mirage, there was a little float after the initial TD. Watch the smoke coming off the wheels.

I was interested in Makor Holt's remark in the article about flaring at 126 knots. I used to see these guys operating at Fairchild AFB before the base went all AMC in '94. I rarely could see anything that could be clearly identifed as a flare. Not much latitude for pitch up given the geometry of the plane.
Derek Thomas 2
I thought the first was a fly-by, either on purpose or didn't like his/her approach. Very cool to see the low alt fly-by. Actual landing - I've watched the vid enough that my eyes are red, and I can't absolutely say that it did or did not touch down twice (with a bounce - watch the wings flex!) or if it's a mirage off the runway showing "air" between gear and ground. Someone with better eyesight and/or more patience may be able to answer better. Okay, I have to go watch it again...
toolguy105 2
He was to hi on the first approach he would have been landing long and that beast eats a lot of runway even as light as it was. I remember being on the ramp when they returned from airborne alert. They would take just about all of the 2 mile runway we had to stop. Never could understand why Boeing has not found a way to reverse the in order pods.

I've seen the chutd deployed to early and rip the basket and along with a portion of the aft see torn off. Score many points for our side as the copilot deploys the chute. The copilot was comandar of the ground crews. The ACTUAL was our commander, Field Maintenance we did the heavy and skilled work. Of course we didn'the laugh long we had to repair the plane.
chalet 2
For the hundred time why people is hell bent on ruining aviation videos with intrascendent and sometims awful "music".
sparkie624 4
It is the preference of the Editor... I may put on what I call great music and someone calls it crap... Sorry Charlie... My Video, unless they paid for it and then I will make it what they want to hear
chalet 2
I guess the solution would be to give the viewer the alternative to listen the music or the wonderful engine sounds along with ATC exchanges by clicking on the mouse at will. Too much asking...... (maybe)
sparkie624 3
Video Editing is a fine art... Putting a 2nd Audio Track would be great, but most people could not decode it... The other option would be to have separate videos with different sound tracks. All of this is a LOT of work. When I do aviation events, if I can get a good audio source for ATC, I use it, most of the time there is not a good source.. Sometimes you just use ambient sounds, and sometimes you have to put your own sound track... It is a complicated process.... You should try it sometime.
This happened almost a year ago, no longer newsworthy.
sparkie624 1
Great info.. Thanks for sharing.
Brian Bishop 1
Looks like it landed twice....
Ed Mentz 1
The quality of what youse guys can do never ceases to amaze me.
WhiteKnight77 1
Many years ago, I was born on a SAC (B-52) bomber base and lived near one while my Pops was in the Air Force. Sadly, I do not ever recall seeing one fly and have only seen them in a static display twice. That Boeing built such a great, and long lasting aircraft is a testament to their engineer's skills that date back long before the BUFF was even conceived.
sparkie624 2
Once a LONG time ago, Down at the base in Myrtle Beach 5 of them were flying low down the beach at about 5000 feet.. What a view to see all of them together like that... Wish I had my camera then...
Bahhhhh - think of the environment!!! All of that pollution!!! Damn it, why could I not be there to see it? Sorta on the same note they used to bring the B2's over Pensacola Beach over to Eglin, this was right after they "outed" them. Kinda funny, F18's and the Blue Angels became common place but the B2's were awesome.
sparkie624 1
Ugh... B52's have a lot of good history... I like to see all the older military stuff... Just great to watch.. The B52, B38, B29 are all in my top line... And I am thinking of the environment... If it were not for all of those Gas Guzzling Polluting the land, Japan, Germany, & Russia may have changed our environment for the worse... Maybe worse than Hiroshima.
It was a joke :-)
Agree! It's an epidemic...
Neil Klapthor 1
I'd suggest the first low pass was an intentional fly-by to check out that small runway, wind conditions, get visual cues, etc., to attempt planting the BUFF, as the pilot said, "on the first brick". Not an easy task on that little a runway.

Yes, there was definitely a bounce which is not all that unusual when attempting a short runway landing and want to touch down ASAP to insure you've got sufficient real estate ahead of you to rein the beast in. The plane was probably very light (relatively speaking) and he probably had plenty of runway to stop but, you know how it is, whenever you think you've got it all under control, Murphy's Law goes into, he planted it as soon as he could. I salute him. BTW, that bounce was hardly worth mentioning. The BUFF can take a LOT more than that.

Excellent video BTW, and I kinda liked the music....I had enough of BUFF engine noise to ruin my ears...3000hrs in B52G as bombardier and navigator, out of Barksdale, LA and Wurtsmith, MI. Retired now, but still love the BUFF. Interesting note, my father also flew in the B52 as an Aircraft Commander.
WhiteKnight77 1
I wonder if your Dad and my Dad were ever on the same base at any time. He was at Plattsburg (where I was born) for 5 years I believe it was and was there during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I swear I see pics of my Pops in documentaries about it, he was a photo-interpreter and was making strike packages to Cuba for said bombers. Then we were at Barksdale in 66 before he had to go to Nam.
Neil Klapthor 1
We were at Seymour-Johnson AFB (Goldsboro, NC) in the early 60's. It was actually his only assignment in the BUFF...he had flown numerous prop cargo aircraft up until then. He actually thinks someone in Assignments made a mistake thinking his C-47 time was in the B-47! Anyway, we stayed at S-J for three years then he was assigned to the C-141 at Charleston AFB, then Clark AFB in the Philippines, then to Warner Robins AFB, GA.
Walt Jolliff 1
The B-52H Stratofortress is a quarter of a million pound aluminum Cold War era pterodactyl, while that might be the empty weight however, when working flight ops at Blytheville, 97 Bomb wing, I advised ARTC that the a/c was anywhere from 425,000 to 450,000 pounds fully loaded rolling down the runway. the first time I saw that I had to check and was told that was the right number. What a sight to see that lumbering bird reach out and get airborne.
Terry Isom 1
Ev; I agree. I love the roar of 8 engines at one time!
Terry Isom 1

sparkie624; sound like a good producer. I like your insight on this video.
Better than watching the landing, I would like to see a video of the B-52 taking off on an 8000 ft runway!!!
Andre Perez 1
Who said old is not B U T Ful?
Perfect example, the Majestic B-52 affectionately addressed as the " BUFF " will be
around for a long time doing what it does best!
Chuckl 1
How do they handle the repack/replacement of the aircraft drag chute at a non-Air Force Base facility, such as Oshkosh? Does the Air Force bring in tons of support equipment and personnel just for the aircraft display?
sparkie624 1
They probably will not repack it there, unless they do it for a demo... They probably have extras that they will mount for the next flight.. Plus they may not need it at the next destination.
Howard Lins 1
Amen, Amen!
Derek Thomas 0
Way cool videos - very cool aircraft. (Well, it IS a Boeing!!) Had the privilege and pleasure of walking around one at SAC Omaha airshow quite a few years ago. Haven't been to Oshkosh in far too long. Need to remedy that...


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