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Small plane crashed into high school in Arizona

A small plane crashed into a high school in eastern Arizona Friday afternoon killing four people. Sgt. Richard Guinn from the Apache County Sheriff's Office said a light aircraft was seen circling Round Valley High School in Eagar, Ariz., at 2 p.m. ( और अधिक...

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John Andre 0
Arizona...blistering heat...air thinker than water...gusts at 30-40 mph...four souls on figure it out...
murrellp 0
Let's see;
Eager Az. is in the High Desert.

Temp.80 degrees, don't have any info. on any wind gusts.
Springerville Az. Airport elevation 7020 ft

4 passengers, full fuel, 80 degree temp, elevation 7020 ft.

Densitie Altitude ?


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