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Loudmouth passenger tossed from AA flight

Well, if he don't like Merry Christmas, he should have respected the rights of others. ( More...

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Michael Fuquay 37
Due to my personal beliefs, I do not celebrate Christmas. However, when others in public, unaware of my beliefs, wish me "Merry Christmas", I take it as positive greeting with good intentions, and I respectfully say Thank you.
Tom Bruce 15
my good friend, who is devout muslim, called yesterday and wished me a "Merry Christmas"... we can all enjoy others holidays and wish them well, too....

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BaronG58 8
My son-in-law is a devout Muslim and he completely respects and participates in our celebration of Christmas. Each Christmas on the first Saturday after Christmas (today) we have what we call Family Christmas...Family members from my side and my wife's side gather and celebrate Christmas together. We had 75 people here. He has a blast each year and has learned our beliefs and we his.
Someday, the world will be like that...
Lucio DiLoreto 11
Well done American Airlines. Finally, an airline has the courage to face one of these loud mouth little people.
Colin Seftel 10
Does he go by the name Scrooge? :)
Ric Wernicke 9
I just wonder what would have happened if his nuts were served in a bag?
They'd be bagged nuts...
s2v8377 16
I don't understand why people get so upset about being wished a Merry Christmas. If someone wishes you a "Merry Christmas" they only mean well regardless of your religious beliefs or lack there of.
Chuck Me 14
It's as ridiculous as the people who get upset when people say "happy holidays" instead of "merry christmas".

Let's just enjoy the fact another human being is wishing us well and all lighten up.
nicole ngono 4
I agree ....... I wished a Merry Christmas to the Principal of my daughter's high school , he is an Arab , he thanked me and wished me Merry Christmas too !!!!!!!

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Bill Fox 4
Hate to say but i am very careful about this myself, for me it is simply "Happy Holidays", you never know although I do celebrate xmas, it does piss me off that people are not more aware of this. Its a big small world now.
Chuck Me 4
For me too. I celebrate christmas but usually say "happy holidays".

Though saying "merry christmas" on christmas (or even eve) - I don't think that's too big a deal.
preacher1 -2
Well, to each their own. Happy Holidays and xmas take Christ out of Christmas. I am tired of trying to please everybody and it is time to throw all this politically correct crap out the window. If Merry Christmas offends you, tough. There are 2 rights hear. Yours to be offended and mine to say it.
Chuck Me 2
The phrase is Happy HolidayS. Not Happy Holiday. It's simply a catch all for the multiple holidays this time of year. It's not some PC "war on christmas" nonsense.
Allen Jones 1
If Christmas was in July, you may have a point, but it is not.
preacher1 0
I believe mine is plural, old man. Let's just agree to disagree cause neither one of us will change our thnking. LOL
You ornery old man!!!
joel wiley 2
Have a little respect. Don't you know a PC exemption comes with you Medicare card?
Well done Preacher!
Dare I say Merry XMAS to you?
Laffin' out loud.
Paul Smith 4
I don't know about anyone else, but I would've tried to get a rousing rendition of "we wish you a Merry Christmas" going in the aircraft.
joel wiley 4
Before or after he got tossed? Mu vote is for 'before'
Paul Smith 1
While he was getting tossed!
mark tufts 4
totally awesome and kudos for the flight staff for doing the right thing
Someone has been kicking this man's cat.
Baja Joes 3
They said "MERRY CHRISTMAS" because it was a National Holiday! Check the date it happened.
There is NOTHING WRONG with saying that because it is the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY!
Does not this scrooge realize that?
Gene Joy 3
'Happy holidays' covers a lot of ground this time of year without specifying any particular religion. Imagine the wrath of intolerants if we used 'Happy Kwanzaa' or 'Happy Hannukah' instead.
Steve Emery 3
There are those who seem to make a career of being offended. Even if you say "Good Morning" to them, they fly into a rage. I once wished one of those type a "Happy Birthday" to one of those types and he responded with a hearty and very loud "F**k You!". My rejoinder was "Not gonna happen! Besides you'd never go back to pigs, goats, dogs and chickens."
WeatherWise 5
Airlines should start hiring flight attendants with the following prerequisites: Male, 6'-6'5", 250-300 pounds, prefer previous experience as a bouncer. "Merry Christmas sir, will this extra pillow be for behind your head or over your face?" ;)
Larry Toler 1
The height requirement would not work for RJ's. LOL. I may be a short guy, but I've stood my ground with unruly pax during my time as a F/A. I also didn't take what the pax say personally, either. You can cuss and yell at me all you want. Do you or do you not want to et to your destination? Sure, it sucks we been sitting on the ramp for two hours because of wx, or traffic. I'll make sure our aircraft goes back to the gate and sit another couple of hours. Then you'll really miss your connection, or even worse, arrested.
There was that time at KEWR... so, the FO had to come out of the flight deck, hold me back. But no one got arrested and we got to KIAD right on time. And the guy's wife apologized to me and so did he before he left. I had to use my USAF TI voice that day.
Nah, I'll put up with loudmouths, and get the hot female FA instead...
Dan Anderson 2
Heck, even Buddhists celebrate Christmas. Of course, Buddhists look for ANY reason to celebrate each day. Buddhists just do not have a belief of Jesus, either, unless they are Christian Buddhists. (more than a million globally, by the way.)
joel wiley 3
A Christian friend does not celebrate Christmas, preferring to focus on Easter as better representing Him. She does respond well to wishes of Merry Christmas. Perhaps it was not the season, but the idea that someone would which someone else well that was his problem.
Allen Jones 3
If somebody says Happy Holidays to me I say to them Merry Christmas!
Gotsumpnferya 2
PC is killing this country .
As far as I'm concerned, *any* holiday is worth noting and celebrating, whether it is religious or secular. I'm not a Christian, but Merry Christmas? You bet! And happy New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule, Winter Solstice, Boxing Day, and Day of Kings (Feast of the Epiphany, aka the Twelfth day of Christmas), i.e. the various mid-winter holidays; Super Bowl Sunday; MLK's, Robbie Burns', Lincoln's, Washington's, your and my Birthdays; St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras, Passover and Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Guy Fawkes Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course, International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Feel free to add to the list, I'm always looking for more reasons to celebrate. Party On!
Otniel Ocampo 1
This man needs to review the USA Contitution. Specially the First amendment where it talks about freedom of expression, and realize that it applies to all individuals. Of course this man exercise his freedom of speech also, but the airline did exercise their business right to "refuse service"
Oh. And a big Huzzah for the AA flight crew!
THANK YOU AA !!! No sense taking an idiot up to speed.
Good for the flight crew. A simple and traditional greeting. Maybe they should also flag him as a disruptive?
Jet Ranger's suggestion is great! But it would have stirred negative sympathy from others of his type. Nonetheless, a humorous idea. And I support it completely.
By the way-- - Merry Belated Christmas to all! And a Happy New Year as well.
Be prepared, Valentine's day and Easter are looming.
nicole ngono 1
I was reading the article and i agree whith the decision of the employees of American Airlines .
Ryan Austin 1
Rather you celebrate it or not, Christmas is a Holiday, just like Kwanza, Hanukah, and any others. So wishing someone a Merry Christmas on CHRISTMAS DAY shouldn't be a problem.
Glen Ellis 1
Christmas is the Federal holiday celebrated on December 25. As such the greeting "Merry Christmas", whether or not you celebrate "Christmas", is still the appropriate greeting.
Walt Heideman -4
American Airlines is a business, not a religious organization. I'm sure their staff doesn't wish every boarding passenger a Happy Ramadan or Yom Kippur, so why do they feel it's appropriate to impose their belief in the myth of Christianity on every boarding passenger? If they want to believe in that nonsense, fine, but there is no place in a business transaction that should require me to listen to something I find extremely repugnant.
preacher1 5
Bah Humbug to you too
preacher1 4
It should also be noted that they were in the majority in doing so, as they received applause from the rest of the pax.
Michal Mudd 5
This isn't a government vote. It's travel by a wide variety of human beings with different religious beliefs celebrating a plethora of holidays around this season. Some people just get fed up & don't want to be proselytized to under any friendly guise.
If you feel that an airline should be in the business of proselytizing based on majority passenger rule I sure hope you never find yourself surrounded by a traveling non-Christian soccer team and their fans, or the equivalent! Especially if they like to sing!
Bill Fox 0
happy Kwanzaa to you haha
joel wiley 3
Well, there is the 80:20 rule. Then there is the professionally offended group which is capable of taking umbrage at most anything.
Would you fond it offensive if they greeted you with 'peace be with you' in English, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi or Punjabi?
preacher1 1
Why they feel it is appropriate and/or necessary is because it is back in the majority for the season, whether you are in that majority or not. If and when Ramadan or Yom Kippur get in the majority, I'm sure they will be addressed. You had 6 years of having your way and are still in the minority. Get used to it. That is my opinion. You have already stated yours.
Bill Fox 1
exactly my point, I work with people all over the world in business, I do not know, nor could care less what their personal or religious beliefs are, thus I simply say Happy Holidays or New Year, that is it, I was born Christian whatever that is, my wife Jewish, we are both agnostic, that said, I would not have a hissy fit if someone said Merry XMAS or whatever, they are showing their own ignorance ,, so Happy New Year folks
Baja Joes 1
Because the Holiday is Christmas dumbass! Check the date it happened.
preacher1 0
Well, in a nutshell, regardless of your personal belief, this country was founded on God and his principles, and most people are OK with that. If you are not, just simply opt out and deal with it. It will be over with on Dec. 26th. The birth of Jesus is celebrated on December 25th, the government and a big part of the people recognize that day as his Birthday and are celebratory with it. I said I wasn't going to say anything but I could not hold back.
Check your history. This country was not founded on God.
No, you check your history. Both the declaration and the Constitution have numerous references to GOD. Tell me what you believe in when your shot by some Islamic asshole and are lying bleeding out in some ditch.
nicole ngono 0
In the seventies , the eighties , everybody was happy when you wished " Merry Christmas " ; now what is wrong in our world ? It is so sad ..........
Jet Ranger -1
If only I was there, I'd pulled a Robert Deniro or Joe Pesci on his worthless butt, and threw him off the plane and used his head as a battering ram to open the door of the Aircraft and thrown him on the Tarmac myself !! So, maybe I'd gone to jail, would of been worth it :) !! Grow a set of Balls people, stand up to these low life Degenerates !!
I am soooo sick of this garbage. If your one of the 2 frickin percent of assholes who can't bear to hear the words Merry Christmas, stay in your hole and watch re-runs of gilligan's island. I don't believe in or support the Muslim religion but I do not dis-respect someone who does.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Mike, I don't know about the war score, but you are right about Muslims not being on panes or any other mode of mechanized transport as it is frowned upon by their religious tenets.
Hmm, that means no cellphones and other gadgets as well.
They should be carrying all their worldly goods in a leather pouch as silver and gold too. Banks aren't allowed either.


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