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Southwest C-Check Plane Wash

Watch how Houston performs C-check washes on SWA planes. Houston does the washes four nights a week Sunday through Wednesday, the night after they go to C-check. The main purpose of the wash isn't cosmetic. It's to clean up components for inspectors the next night to inspect everything and get a good look. ( More...

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SmokedChops 10
obviously Bernie is from Toastmaster's International. And no Bernie, no will make you fly on an airline with a line mechanic whose elocution is not on par with yours. You could always try Greyhound, the have Rhodes Scholars top to bottom. (John 8:7)
Matt Lacey 2
Troll getting downvoted, you must not work around technicians or interact much with the blue collar guys doing the real work on your property. His understanding and cadence is exactly what I want in a lead technician. When a guy can describe in detail all of what's going on (in the scant span of 2 minutes, with so time for no voice over to show the visuals), that gives a manager or a customer confidence that person knows what he's doing. The SWA youtube account probably could have asked him to go into more detail on any of those steps, but that's not good TV.
Derek Thomas 2
Just flew SWA KCI-DAL-KCI (and by fly, I do NOT mean the pointy end) over this last long weekend. DAL always amazes me - an opportunity view just about every vintage of 737, and lot's of looks at the new livery. (Not to mention all the HEAVY general aviation activity - can't remember the last time I saw so many Gulfstreams, Falcons and such.) Anyway, I am always impressed with how SWA keeps their fleet looking so good and shiny - so this video tells the tale. Excellent!

mark tufts 1

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Jim Maxwell 9
I believe he actually said "...don't want water standing in the compressor section and things...", and I didn't see any indication that this is a training video for mechanics.

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comicpilot 8
You DO realize that this video is NOT up for an Academy Award right? It is a general video to show the airplane washing process to aviation enthusiasts alike. Besides your comments aimed at SWA"s maintenance are quite ignorant.
btweston -9
Um, not being up for an Academy Award is not something that should be used to defend something.

And to be honest, they sprayed soap on a plane, then they scrubbed it off. At least, that's what happened according to Ol' Gomer here. Wow. Enthusiasts better bring some tissues.
comicpilot 7
You're a special kinda of troll... If you had half a brain you would know washing an airplane is bit more cumbersome and important. Just ask the families of the folks on Aeroperu flight 603. Funny how you defend someone who took an opinion of an airlines maintenance from a video about an airline and how "they sprayed soap on a plane, then they scrubbed it off." Want to borrow my tissues?
Sean Harger -3
Dude why don't you chill out. Sorry our parents can't all afford a Harvard Education.
btweston -8
A high school education should be all that is required to explain the application of soap and water without sounding like a slack-jawed yokel. Just saying...
comicpilot 8
You don't even need a high school education to internet troll.

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Don't call the Lords name in vain!!!


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