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Is Boeing 767 Running out of Time?

After an uninterrupted 32-year production run, the passenger version of the plane is having a tough time attracting new buyers. But interestingly, Boeing plans to double the production rate. ( More...

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ltcjra 5
In another blog, Everette 757 wrote:Very interesting article. My questions still remains, why doesn't Boeing upgrade or replace the 757? I see where a Boeing official made the statement that they are not going to extend the range on the 737 Max to compete with the A321neo. Is Boeing really just going to roll over and let Airbus take this market niche that the 757 has maintained for all these years? If so, then Boeing really needs a change in leadership. Yes, I root for my home team, in this case Boeing, but some times the home team needs a new coach.
s2v8377 2
I agree with you 110%!!! Boeing dropped the ball when they discontinued the 757. I also don't understand why they wouldn't want to compete more aggressively with Airbus. If Airbus goes ahead with the extended range A321 NEO, Boeing can forget about selling the 737-9 MAX!!!
Walt Heideman 2
They stopped making it for the very simple reason that the airlines stopped ordering it.
preacher1 1
I guess they did but there is still not yet a replacement in that niche. DAL has more of them in their fleet than any other type. Bean Counters don't look at looks and performance. My own opinion is that they had the 777 for the wide body and the 737 for the short stuff. They have put their beans in the 737 but it doesn't have the range the 757 has. That is going to be the abandoned market, the longer, thinner routes. Upgrading it like they are going to do with the 777x would have really put them out front. I personally think the 787 is a splash in the pan.
s2v8377 1
Exactly!!! Bean counters don't care about anything other than the bottom line and are often penny smart and dollar foolish. They are also typically very short-sighted. American and Delta alone could give Airbus over 100 orders for an extended range A321 NEO and that's not counting the other guys!!! American already made their interest in this type of A321 public, and Delta has plenty of A321's on order. It would be very easy for them to just keep taking delivery or swap existing A321's on order for a long range A321 NEO version.
s2v8377 1
That is true however Boeing hasn't sold that many 767's over the last decade either and they kept that line going. Most of the recent 767 deliveries were at major discounts to airlines waiting for their delayed 787's.

Boeing also never investigated to my knowledge upgrading the 757-200 airframe or engines to extend the range and lower operating costs before canceling the program. Even back 10 years ago I think there would have been interest from the airlines.
preacher1 1
Personally where they missed the boat was not even trying to upgrade one. They could have left the airframe alone. Engines were a toss up. Our mx guy was gung ho RR so we didn't even look at anything else but we did 3 major avionics upgrades. I flew one for 36 years and the best thing to say is that I looked forward to coming to work. You really felt like something sitting up there in the pointy end. We only went to the 767 for the extra room for the back end folks. It killed me to spec out the 767 before I retired. I felt like a traitor.
s2v8377 3
I raised the point on another post that Boeing could use new corporate leadership in regards to their business model of out sourcing most of the 787's production. As well as concerns of quality control especially in their SC plant.

My comments were not well received!!!
preacher1 5
I personally think that Boeing ought to cease production of the 767 and concentrate on the 777 or 787, and revitalize the 757. It has no match, power or looks wise. It is a pilot's airplane.
Alec Cohen 2
The 757 is most closely competing with the A321
Ric Wernicke 2
I think the 767 will continue as a military plane due to commonality of parts, and no real need to conserve fuel.

As a commercial flier the 787 offers a bigger better deal with increased range and more pax in just six more feet of aircraft.

The lack of competition for the 321neo is understandable. No one wants to fly all day on a small single aisle airplane. The extra range contemplated by the -neo is lost on most operators, as they know people like larger airframes for longer distances. The captive Euro zone operators will only buy -neo's but secretly pine for the advantages of a 737 on the lion share of their routes.
Walt Heideman 2
One of the most pointless articles I've read in a long time. Ford no longer makes the Model A, why would Boeing keep making a plane that's decades old technology and been replaced many years ago by the 787. I guess this is what happens when someone who knows nothing about commercial aviation writes an article on the subject. Someone may want to tell Motley Fool that airplanes have also replaced the steam ship as the preferred mode of transportation across the North Atlantic as they seem to be totally clueless.
John Berry 1
Agreed. Lots of words, not much worthwhile content.
preacher1 3
I think both you boys need to look up at other comments in this thread or if you are just that dissatisfied with the content of this column and other opinions, then just get out of it. The 757 filled a big niche in the market with it's range that Boeing has not filled and will soon give over to the 321. In my mind, they haven't put out anything in the looks or performance dept.that comes anywhere close to it. As I said above, it would have been a cheap upgrade. The Airframe was fine and engines optional. Avionics would have been the big thing but a small cost overall. The 787 is nowhere near a replacement. They may have wanted it to be but It fell way short. I sure did like calling the tower and saying AV699 HEAVY.


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