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New Eastern 737-800 livery

Eastern Airlines is finally back after 23 years! The new livery looks very classic with the stripes down the side and the "737" on the tail. ( More...

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ram171 8
I wish them good fortune. The name alone has lots of fans and former employees cheering them on. Do they have lots of competition? Of course. As the son of a former employee, I'd rather see Eastern over Spirit. I see opportunities for many people and who's to say they don't make it? To the naysayers and haters, may you get another fee added to your baggage.
I'll need to replace my old uniform. Where do I sign-up?
James Millard 4
I still have my Eastern Air Lines frequent flyer number. Wonder if they will honor the points! LOL
sparkie624 4
Plane looks very nice... and they made a good choice on planes.
lou nagy 3
sparkie624 1
Hard to tell... But where are they going to fly - Noting the tail number?
preacher1 0
I think the story says something about charter at first. One of the investors is an NHL Hockey team.
209flyboy 3
In this competitive market, EA must operate more efficiently than it originally did. Starting as a charter makes sense in order to get a feel for future expansion. They may have to operate like SWA later and offer greater incentives for customers to choose EA as their 'Go To' airline. Higher fees will surely sink them fast as the public is tired of being nickle and dimed and raped at every turn. It's important to develop innovative ways to attract customers such as being offered club type waiting rooms, offering free coffee,and how about donuts with that coffee, news paper and comfortable chairs instead of the terminal back breakers. I'm certain EA marketing can find many more low cost things to give the customers for free while they wait for a flight or entertain them during the flight.So, glad to see EA back, but don't forget, the younger traveler doesn't have any idea of who you were. So it right. Good luck EA!
toolguy105 2
Same basic livery as the original Eastern Airlines. Always looked better on the Boeing airframes.
AWspicious13 2
It would be retro-cool if they added a Tri-Star L10-11 to the fleet (heh heh)
Great news. GOOD LUCK
Welcome Eastern I remembered the flights from Miami to Ottawa ,Canada and back to Miami
Good memories Eastern Airlines Station in SDQ! Never again..... the best for the new Eastern!
Alan Power 2
Great to see and brings back happy memories from the days the London Manager Ian and I (working for Grand Met) arranged the crew overnight accommodation contracts in London. Great memories of the opening reception at the top of New Zealand House in the Haymarket. Ian was always the source of some hilarious airline humour and taught me what the letters BOAC, PIA and SABENA (amongst many others) really stood for! I still have my Eastern Suit Zipper in use.
steve rogers 2
was part of a great era twa pan am , nice to see that logo again , hope they stick around , for me its all about nostalgia
Espectacular! Buenos recuerdos cuando veía los L1011 o el A300...
While Pan Am was a historic, iconic airline, I'd just as soon they never return. In an era when airlines were competitors but still worked with one another in a cordial, cooperative way, Pan Am employees were haughty & hateful towards other airline employees...they truly thought their s**t didn't stink. The airline's failure was a rude awakening for some who thought PA would always fly as America's premier airline.
Bart Solari 0
yeah, it sure is a pleasure flying today with the "surviving" carriers of the 60"s. many were quite capable of maintaining the attitude of which you speak as a point of nostalgia for seniors.
Jose Morales 1
Eastern was the dominant airline in Puerto Rico for many years. I first flew in 1950. A DC4 to Miami and a Lockheed Lodestar puddle jumper to New Orleans. Should I dust off my Ionosphere club ID?
Tim Duggan 1
That is "Retro" and the only differences is that it's on an airplane that EAL never flew, before the acquisition by Frank Lorenzo.

Is interesting to see the "737" plastered on the vertical fin. Back in the 1980s, EAL was a kick-off customer" for the B-757, and received a discount from Boeing, by having the "757" on the tails. (Or so I am told???).

(Content from external source): "First delivery of a 757-200 took place Dec. 22, 1982, to launch customer Eastern Airlines. Eastern placed the aircraft into service Jan. 1, 1983."


Former Astronaut (and EAL CEO at the time) Frank Borman was no idiot, this is for certain!!!

More history about EAL:

Anyway, best of luck to them!!!
preacher1 1
We didn't take ours until 86, after they certified the RR's for 120 ETOPS. Our mx was hung up on the RR's and the P&W's, although certified earlier and for 180 minutes, didn't stand a chance. Didn't matter to me. I just flew the dang things.LOL
CaptBmckay 1
Hmm thats really cool
Awesome to see that classic scheme on a newer aircraft.
I have my cards and jacket. Where do I report?
Always Loved that livery!
Carlos Karpf 1
That is a nice news. Welcome Eastern. I remembered the flights from Bogota, Colombia to Miami and LA to Tampa with the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar in the 80's. I am sure Eastern will be the best Airline in the world again. Welcome back. Thanks
chalet 0
Are you serious when saying that they were the best airline in the world, maybe in the 40s and 50s but not when they started flying to South America replacing Brafiff. Both crappy airlines, mind you, glad that they vanished.
Brian Baxter 1
I couldn't agree more. I worked at Delta during the early 90s when Pan AM disintegrated and Delta picked up some routes, equipment and personnel. The injection of these people into the Delta system (beyond any other acquisition at the time i.e. Western, Northeast etc) changed the service dynamics and culture of the company forever. Union talk crept into the maintenance operations and gate agents became rude and jaded overnight. Things seem to have improved in the years since but the southern hospitality and outstanding quality of service and comfort has given way to the mediocrity of most all modern carriers. (United, American, Southwest, etc)
Cool's beautiful.
Loyd Enochs 1
Certainly looks like the vintage livery...
Tony Hester 1
Great looking aircraft. Maybe this can set a precedent for other carriers, putting the model on the tail, till we get around to four digits. Bet Boeing and airbus would contribute to costs.
Now that brings back memories. Welcome back Eastern!
Glad to see the hockey stick livery again, they were a fixture in northeast US flew on them many times'60's and 70's

Hope its not like the return of PAN-AM
mark tufts 1
would like to see eastern come to des moines iowa
jbayter 1
I have an original dc9 AFM from EASTERN
4 months
Gary Shepard 1
rae barrett 1
I still have seat card and my frequent flyer number. EA was my favourite and I was sad to see them leave. all the very best
I'll always remember the day that the L1011 first came to Houston, Texas. Eastern sales dept invited local travel agents to enjoy a flight aboard this incredible plane. We fly all around the Stare of Texas. Over Paris, Texas, a group of can-can girls danced down the aisle. Over Athens, Texas, Greek evezone soldiers marched down the aisle. Dallas cowgirls, London Beefeaters, Chinese Fu Manchu, Venice gondoliers. And a Texas shoot out over West Texas. Crazy fun times. And don't forget the Eastern bunny!!!!
darn auto correct. We FLEW around the STATE! And lastly EVZONES!
NickFlightX 1
Hope they start SJC
Ben Deneweth 3
They will begin as a charter airline based in Miami and they intend that their first scheduled routes will be to the Caribbean from Miami, so they won't be flying to SJC any time soon.
NickFlightX 1
Well if they start with charters, definetly a possiblity to come to SJC
preacher1 1
Well, they are looking at Sports teams and one of the investors is an NHL team or it's owner, so go figger.
mike SUT 1
Watch Frank Lorenzo make a run on it again and screw the people of Eastern II out of everything they dreamed, lived for, or hoped.
Since the "New Eastern" was already tried and failed, shouldn't they call it the "New New Eastern"?
sstuff 1
Your post is exactly correct . . .but let's keep the livery, shall we?
preacher1 1
5Y-KYB (cn 35070/2115) After an absence of over 23 years, a new Eastern Air Lines will shortly start operations. A first B.737-800 has been painted into Eastern colours at Shannon. Previously serving with Kenya Airways as 5Y-KYB, it is due to become N276EA.

This off this story but in an interview with the CEO in another post, he says the 737's will be NEW, starting delivery from BOEING in December.
Jim Porter 1
where's Frank" !@!!
Pilot opportunity!! Maybe their pilots may still get extra pay by importing coke, just like the old days. Lol
preacher1 1
You don't forget nothing, do ya? LOL
Just trying to keep the old brain cells moving.
BTW, you apparently don't forget either !!!
Everyone wants nostalgia, that's part of the package...
ric lang 1
Nostalgia? I remember (before Lorenzo) opening the galley door bar & letting the kids up front in the sevens we flew then, then having to stop at ATL to pick up more stews to serve the evening meal on the MIA/ORD runs...ORD was brand new then....Also, was proud to be with EAL, it was a pilot's airline....If EAL missed an approach, no one else tried it. And the Connies, absolutely the best panel airplane ever made.

[This poster has been suspended.]

chalet 2
If you have read any book or simple news reports about PAN AM, they died after years of horrible management mistakes and service was lousy too.
preacher1 1
I know one of their retired drivers up here. He told me he took his retirement in a lump sum, about a year or so before they went down. A lot of his friends chided him for doing that and taking a discount but those left in the company fund lost it all or the biggest part of it.
preacher1 2
I took my retirement in lump sum also in 09. and my company is very solvent, but I had the option with only a 10% discount on the gross, but it just made more sense to put the full amount in the hold of my family rather than have it go away if something happened to me. Now that I'll turn 65 in November, I can start a monthly draw off the 401K and not have it affect my Social Security.
While Pan Am was a historic, iconic airline, I'd just as soon they never return. In an era where airlines were competitors but still worked with one another in a cordial, cooperative way, Pan Am employees were haughty & hateful towards other airline employees...they truly thought their s**t didn't stink. The airline's failure was a rude awakening for some who thought PA would always fly as America's premier airline.
ric lang 0
Yeah, That's what the industry needs, Juan Tripp & his vision to be the exclusive international csrrier for the USA....Arrogant and thought to be superior? You bet!
I give them 5 mo.
Richard Smith 0
Aviation Week says the plane was painted in Norway, thus the (temporary) registration umber. So much for "buying American." There are plenty of American companies that can do this work. This is the "Hockey-stick" scheme, not particularly fancy. But it looks better than some of the latest colors (American, for one.)
Sam Kennedy 0
I heard they may be putting orders in for MRJ-90s, not sure if it is true, though.
preacher1 0
CEO says they are in the story.
Ev Butler 2
29 MRJs ordered, per this link
Byron MacRae 0
I give them 6 months
joe milazzo 2
Do a little research on the founder's background and then see if you still feel that same.
siriusloon 1
Many airline founders have terrific credentials and experience, but it takes more than that to be successful.
preacher1 0
It depends on the money. He says the estate came to him so we'll see.
leonardo muniz -1
I give 5
Dwight Hartje 0
I didn't even know Eastern still around!
preacher1 1
The estate, in bankruptcy, was.
Paul Glick 0
I hope this EA is better than the last one. They provided horrible service and were constantly in labor disputes and strikes. They tried to compete with Delta airlines where terminal C was all their's and also hf of terminal B. This is a new era and I wish them the best.
I had nothing but good service with Eastern and PanAm...
ric lang 1
Horrible service? Rickenbacker was right on the money! He didn't paint the planes because there was no profit in flying 1000 pounds of paint, & signs in OPS read" We're paid to fly passengers, not gas" & yes there were LOTS of personnel strife, which is what happens when there are 2 unions in the cockpit, the ALPA & the IAM, There will always be those who cannot ever be satisfied, but to me, EAL WAS A GREAT AIRLINE, & I hated it when it was broken up by the SOB Lorenzo.
chalet 1
Yes nostalgia about old airlines is strong but "Reincarnation Airlines" have proved to have a very short span of life, specially if the original version landed belly up after providing awful service.
preacher1 1
Nostalgia does sometimes provide extra motivation for something, masking the reality of the situation.
Lear 35 crash grand bahama island this afternoon 9 believe to be on board 7 comfrim dead


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