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Pic: Ryanair Flight Departs Ahead of Tornado

A tornado followed a plane as it took off from a U.K. airport ( More...

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"RyanAir, caution tailwind"
This kind of weather really 'sucks'.
That was simply another one of O'Leary's tools to suck every penny out of another Ryanair flight sitting static.
AWAAlum 3
Maybe it was safer flying away from the twister than sitting there and getting blown away. Even in a car it's easy to outrun a tornado (as long as you're going in the right direction-lol).
B314 2
No doubt passengers got charged for that....
preacher1 3
Thrill Charge. LOL
mags stumpp 2
I have no doubt the photo was photoshopped. Otherwise, there would be background detail. Plus, the lighting is off. That being said, the UK, surprisingly, has more tornadoes per sq mile than elsewhere in Europe. So, I won't argue that a flight may have taken off before a tornado. However, I'm highly skeptical of the photo. And, naturally, the photo had to have been of Ryan Air. Sigh. If it's legit, I would expect to see a sequence of shots. Until then, I'll put it in my file of Bigfoot sightings.
AWAAlum 1
What kind of background detail would you expect to see up in the sky, on the very edge of a funnel cloud when it's socked in with clouds? Were you thinking like cows and horses and the Wicked Witch of the West on a bicycle? It's really a shame these days so many people doubt every little thing that comes along and try to convince others they know so much better. This is exactly what the sky looked when we lived through a tornado - at least in between lighting flashes. Open your mind to some interesting possibilities. I, for one, think that's exactly what some of them look like.
AWAAlum 2
A number of years ago, I flew out of ORD in the middle of tornado warnings - funnel clouds all around. Within a matter of 2-3 minutes, we were over the clouds in sunny clear blue skies. A lot safer than the folks still on the ground.
That looks as real as the boogeyman!!!!
alan75035 2
A new way to suck additional £ from the passengers.
Thats just a rain funnel and its nowhere near that plane! Ive spent five years working on airlines , safe as anything and many wonderfully skilled professionals keeping planes safe in the air !
mags stumpp 1
Yeah, right? I originally dismissed it as a PhotoShop without really looking at it. Not a good judge of real or fake pics, but I am leaning toward the latter. Was hoping someone else could tell me.
ToddBaldwin3 5
There were enough other reports of this incident that I'm leaning towards it being real.
I didn't think that they got tornadoes over there

[This poster has been suspended.]

preacher1 0
Well, as Todd says below, there were some other incident reports, wx wise, from over there. Granted rare but we have all had to get out of dodge in a hurry before or chance getting grounded awhile. Can't tell by the picture whether that is passing or coming. Unless wind turned calm quickly and they made runway change, he is making a downwind takeoff, so idk.
AWAAlum 1
Just a guess, Preach, but I'd say coming towards. Had it passed the plane, likely it'd be pretty beat up.
tim mitchell 1
that's something you would do and probably anyone else if the weather behind them went from bad to worst....forget about deplaning; not enough time..if the weather on the pointy end is better; push the throttles forward and go.
preacher1 1
I did that one time in a 707. We had shallow but heavy wx coming in from the NW and tower said off in 10 minutes or a ground stop for awhile. It got close enough that the wind we dead flat. They had been using 25 but our ramp was just the opposite end, off 7. He gave it, I grabbed it and away we went. Made that Winnebago act like a 'vet after we rotated and gear up, turning back West. Dropped about 20 miles further south than I planned but never really hit a bump due to the wx. Stayed on trip schedule. It wasn't a safety thing. I just didn't want to have to wait. LOL
James Carlson 1
Am I the only one who clicked on the link hoping for a cool shot of a Tornado GR4 following a passenger jet? ;-}
B314 1
You and me both, followed by a sense of disappointment when it didn't turn out to be an RAF "invitation to land" for some mysterious reason!
David Stark 1
Ryanair, you have a tornado at your 6 o'clock, 5 miles, and we do not mean a high performance RAF aircraft.
lived just outside of london for 4 years, and i never remember the weather getting severe or even warm enough for a tornado. Since when do planes takeoff in a storm with a tornado anyway?
preacher1 0
Well, there were some comments about the unusual weather about that time and if you were an experienced pilot you would know that planes take off like that many times a month, with the takeoff being directed by the situation,; to boot, if that was a funnel cloud only, chances are good that the pilot never saw it; it could have been wx closing in and he was just getting out of dodge.
fills me with confidence thanks
preacher1 1
Gives you something to look forward too. LOL. On the serious side, that is a good thing about being a GA pilot. You don't HAVE to fly in or around wx like that if you don't want to. Just hunker down and let it pass. Different story when it's your living. You don't compromise safety by any means but sometimes there are things you gotta do. See my other post below.
preacher1 1
Good Pic and no doubt real, but original post was about a week ago, a couple days before this, and ejected out. I guess it's all in who's looking or who's posting
John Berry 0
richardj2 2
This was a genuine weather incident (a funnel cloud rather than a tornado, in the absence of reports of it landing) at East Midlands Airport in England on 14 August 2014.

It was widely reported at the time. For example, see this Daily Telegraph report which includes another photo of the funnel cloud near the airport:
David Helzer 0
Maybe that's what happened to Malaysia flight 370. It got sucked up in a tornado and landed in the Emerald City.
tstehler1 1
Not sure if hilarious or too soon


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