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India orders real time aircraft tracking after MH370 mystery

India's civil aviation regulator has instructed airlines to track all aircraft in real time, a decision the regulator said was prompted by the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The directives will apply to both passenger and cargo planes, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said in a statement on Wednesday. Boeing B777 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared almost two months ago. Authorities believe the flight ended in the ocean west of Australia but… ( More...

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MH370, you seem to have ticked off the Indian DGCA to decide the way they did !
ha ha
But a very welcome modification.
There is a news circulating, I heard on BBC, that the design of the locator beacon of black box is being modified to counter the conditioned being faced in the MH370 crash.
Again a welcome development.
Improvements like these make the flying safer in the ever changing system .
I won't dispute the merits of online real time tracking, however this seems a little bit knee-jerk. It's easy for a regulator to wave its magic wand, and say "Make it so", however implementing this is an altogether different matter. Just because the technology ability exists does not imply that the infrastructure is currently in place to support it. There are also juridictional / multi-nation communication protocols and processes to be implemented. I suspect that this could actually be in place within a few years, given the international cooperation and support required to implement it.
How right you are, CaptainFreedom. That's where the people specializing in organisation development (O.D.) and product development come into the picture to prove their mettle . And their hefty pay packet ;-p
This has been going on since times immemorial, whether called by these fancy names or by any other.
For legal aspect ICAO will have to pitch in to prove her existence on the world map !
As I always say, society is a dynamic being and it has to keep changing, keep evolving.
Bob Plested 1
Sounded like MH370's owners did not kept up the Inmarsat subscription, so no ACARS data. That's what located the Air France mishap out in the middle of nowhere.

If they won't use the existing tools, they won't use the new ones either.


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