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We've All Heard of Birdstrikes, but Fishstrikes?

A NOAA Gulfstream G-IV had an interesting encounter with wildlife at MacDill AFB. ( और अधिक...

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blueashflyer 5
should paint nose art on the plane and call it "Salmon Chanted Evening" or "For The Halibut" - it's hard to make a nose art / fish pun with the word sheepshead.
Brad Littlejohn 3
Yep.. happened a while ago, with Alaska Airlines and the Salmon-Thirty-Salmon.

The full story is here:
Toby Sharp 2
linbb 2
Kind of already been reported a week or so ago.
William Crooker 1
A pelican regurgitated his dinner while in flight, air sickness, no doubt.
sparkie624 1
This is just too funny... I know there are Bird Strike Inspections after a bird strike, but a Fish Strike.. Guess you would have to follow the same procedure.
Brad Littlejohn 1
You should read the real story about how Alaska had coined the phrase "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon", and where the name for the livery came from.

Here. Enjoy.
biz jets 1
Aircraft involved was NOAA's GIV N49RF - photo from Micheal Carter;
biz jets 0

Aircraft N49RF Gulfstream GIV of NOAA
linbb 0
A big waste of taxpayers money to send it off for analysis.
ccthorp 0
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Jet aborts takeoff after 'fish strike' at Florida air base

A jet departing from a Florida military base had to abort its takeoff because of a "fish strike." Officials from the MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa tell The Tampa Tribune a Gulfstream G-IV jet being flown by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) hit "a 9-inch sheepshead" fish in the incident, which occurred in September.
Ray Zimmermann 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

'Fish Strike' Prevents Airplane from Taking Off

It was more like a fish being carried by a bird, but still makes a good headline.


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