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TSA to swab airline passengers' hands

To the list of instructions you hear at airport checkpoints, add this: "Put your palms forward, please." ( और अधिक...

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AreThree 0
"It's a "very good idea," said security expert Tony Fainberg". I disagree. I think it's a stupid idea, and one to insure that security lines grow, as well as claims of discrimination. How can it be a truly random sample? Does this make me feel any safer in the air? No, it's just another in a long line of inconveniences and intrusions into my privacy that does nothing to deter terrorism. After the body-scanner incident, can we really believe anything the TSA implements will be taken seriously?
cbw 0
All of these requirements by the TSA makes me wonder why there is not a larger market for biz jets and general aviation aircraft. Just another selling point for general aviation aircraft manufactures.
sumsum 0
Another reason to fly GA.
commander680 0
I have said right along, if we are attacked again, by airplanes, they will come from another country, not by someone boarding a plane in the u.s.
Michael Yockey 0
I'll avoid political commentary, but I can't help but onder one thing. How effective is soap against explosive residue? If not your standard, everyday soap, what about industrial cleansers? I mean, if you're about to blow yourself up in the name of your beliefs, what do you care if you dry out your hands with a little acetone?

Food for thought.
Felipe Martinez 0
What I don't get is: What if you have fireworks and you're a pyro and like to blow things up like fireworks? Will they not let you get on the plane and label you terrorist?
murrellp 0
Hey Abddue; It's my turn to fly today ! How about strapping the goodies on to me, can't touch them myself you know !

This is from not the sharpest tack in the box !
Think I might be employment material for TSA ??


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