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TFR over Boston due to bombing

Issue Date : April 15, 2013 at 2000 UTC Location : 811 BOYLESTON ST. BOSTON., Massachusetts near BOSTON VOR/DME (BOS) Beginning Date and Time : Effective Immediately Ending Date and Time : Until further notice Reason for NOTAM : Temporary flight restrictions Type : Hazards ( और अधिक...

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Brad Littlejohn 5
scary stuff happening up there right now. 2 dead, 23 injured, and it is not looking good at all. All of it appears to be around the area of the finish line of Boston Marathon.

Absolutely sickening and horrifying pictures and news coming from out of there.

Thoughts are with the people and families affected.
John Jacobs 4
Ai bit off the subject, but is there a way to find out a reason for a TFR? Clearly I know the reason for Boston which is so sad but I wonder about some others and am not a pilot (probably obvious).
Kal Biro 2
Jessica Packard 3
Logan Airport is operating at normal. Both GA and Commercial as scheduled.
Marcus Pradel 5
Pointless to have a TFR inside the inner ring of Bravo Airspace.. they already have full control over the area.
Brad Littlejohn 4
Having Full control over the Bravo doesn't mean that pilots couldn't request Class B clearance and fly through the area. Having the TFR up prevents not only pilots from seeing things overhead, but also prevents news choppers from flooding the airspace directly above the scene, which could hinder the investigation and rescue operations.

Imagine having a news chopper in the way of someone who may have needed to be airlifted to a hospital.
Ric Wernicke 2
I hope the person or people that did this is found quickly. Anybody got some rope?

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preacher1 5
Well, the Bible says " Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay" but I believe he does sub-contract at times.LOL
Toby Sharp 1
Boy it sure seems like it! It gives me peace to know one day they will get caught and have to answer for it.
preacher1 2
FA, Click on discussions, then messages and go from there.

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preacher1 2
Uwe Ritter 1
The link is no longer valid. But I did see the TFR yesterday.
Kevin Brown 1
Here is a link to live Boston PD radio traffic

Lots of suspicious packages still to be examined.
John Hale 1
dosent look like there is a ground stop now with all the traffic moving around
John Cotton 1
They apparently called for a temporary ground stop while they changed active runways.
anthony delmonaco 1
Ground stop at Logan until further notice.
John Cotton 1
Here's the graphical TFR:
Raymond Dorais 1
Surely, an army helicopter would have had the right to follow the chase and keep track of where suspect #2 was going.
Andrew Stricker -1
I feel so sorry for the victims. At the time of this post, 4 dead, 100+ injured.
I have a number of friends who were there - I have done the race in the past. I hate to feel relief that there seems to be no reports of runners hurt seriously...but that does not take away from the insanity of hurting other fellow Americans.
John Cotton 2
Yes, me too. Such a senseless act of violence.
Chris M. -3
Don't see how this TFR is working as is Logan still operating inbound and outbound flights.
John Cotton 3
It's a small radius and only up to 3000 feet, mainly to keep helicopter traffic away from the scene. Logan is not directly impacted.
suz -5
Our government in action ...


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