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Lufthansa Preparing For Impending Strike By Cancelling Flights

The ver.di union which represents Lufthansa workers has called for one day strikes ahead of a full strike set to begin on Thursday, March 21. The union is demanding pay increases while the airline says it must maintain a pay freeze through 2015 in order to cut cost and remain competitive. Lufthansa has begun announcing flight cancellations at... ( More...

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Josh Preston 3
Wonder if this includes Swiss as well.
Questionable past merger, huge executive bonuses, and crying poor at the same time. Maybe Europe isn't so different from the USA after all...
Roland Dent 1
It has taken 50 yrs to build up LH. This management is using legal theft to destroy the work of honest hard working people. They are despicable scum. They have no concept whatsoever of the social contract made after WW2.
The Lufthansa folks played this strike game a couple years ago, but I believe it was the pilots then. Passed thru FRA enroute Warsaw in February about two days before they were to strike. The airport authority had already (and wisely) lined the corridors with literally hundreds upon hundreds of folding cots to accommodate the tsunami of about-to-be-held-hostage passengers. Thankfully it was all over by the time I came back thru a week later. Hope FRA kept those cots handy.
Thomas Boerlin 1
The Swiss People don't Strike we work!
Sounds familiar!
Roland Dent 1
LH is "running with the devil" at the moment. Management is seeking to save a Euro here and a Euro there. The staff know this and the passengers are starting to drif away. The freight service is too expensive for most shippers. As Phil Rudd notes the top management are on a mission to screw every penny they can out of the airline. They don't give a damn about the business which to them is a profit vehicle...they are "running with the devil"
otto lies 1
LH employees are digging their own grave ! Passenger don't like constant strikes! LH will continue took lose busine...


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