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Pitts performs close fly-by, FAA looking into it.

Stunt videotaped might have pilot in hot water with the FAA. ( More...

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Colin Payette 4
I don't understand where in the FAR/AIM it says you can fly within 500' of people in aerobatic flight. From my understanding, it only allows unusual attitudes, altitudes, and acceleration.Can someone clear this up for me? How are you legally able to buzz a human with an airplane?
Peter Douglas 3
When I was a kid, one task I had on the farm was flagging for cropdusters, where I stood on the end of the crop and held a flag for the pilot to aim at from the other end, and when he was correctly aligned, flying about 2 or 3 feet off the ground, I'd run out of the way, the correct distance across the crop, so he could align again after a tight turn, and so on. Being missed by a few feet each time was normal, and I probably ducked about 200 times a year! If everyone involved is aware of what's going on, it isn't dangerous.
Peter Douglas 3
Reminiscing about those times brings to mind the day I went for a fly as a passenger in a Piper Pawnee. I was a strapping 6ft teenager, and the flight was with the window open, me sitting on the window edge with half my bum sticking out, one leg around behind the pilot's head, the other down across his chest, one arm inside behind his head holding on to somewhere/thing, and the other arm outside, holding on to the radio aerial I think. With a bit of bending, my head was just far enough inside to be out of the slipstream. Then we did the necessary spraying, which included flying under powerlines across the end of the field, and more than once we banked at 90degrees to go between big trees because going over them was too far above the crop!

And my parents and others were watching - all insanely jealous - but nobody thought it was dangerous enough not to do it. In fact I'd do it again tomorrow. Anyone got a Pawnee?
preacher1 1
Back in the day, the Pawnee was king. Are they even making them anymore?
tim mitchell 1
you should be an adult novel I was a strapping 6ft teenager, and the flight was with the window open, me sitting on the window edge with half my bum sticking out, one leg around behind the pilot's head, the other down across his chest, one arm inside behind his
preacher1 1
And ain't no doubt in my mind that it wasn't true. He does have a way with the words
joel wiley 3
Sacramento Valley crop dusting 10 BG (Before Garmin) comes to mind. Never did it, but saw it fairly frequently.
Terry Isom 2
7:20pcst. "This video is no longer available due to the crazy texans." Darn! I would've like to see it! I've observed crop spraying in Mississippi in the 1970's; and, it was hand's on! Bummer....
aknorris 1
The link is working for the video: right now.
The still image near the top center of the page is clickable to start the video playing (after a commercial, of course).
linbb 1
Yup just click on the top pix it runs fine. Not much diffrent than when I was flagging for crop dusters flying N3Ns back in the early 60s. They came by at sholder level five feet behind you.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
"This video has been removed by the user." Epic Fail.
"Watch this" comes to mind.
Just heard on TV-- Pilot is a licensed stunt flyer. BUT-- his airshow flying permit has expired.
The story gave his name. I won't put it here.
FAA is already involved.
Darren Shields 1
I just don't see a problem. He was practicing a new stunt. Big whoop. Practice is to work out the bug and possible problems. And frankly the fact that he "is" a professional stunt pilot causes me to be less concerned than the reactionary non-aviation public. Would it be ok for the average pilot?? No! For a pilot who makes his or her living thrilling the masses? Sure. I can hear the show announcer now....."Playing chicken with an airplane!"
Problem. His stunt license expired last year.
conmanflyer -5
Its hard to think the pilot would have been stupid enough to do this, it seems like they were not supposed to be there and he was taking off
Peter Douglas 4
The article says it was a practice for an event. The public are never impressed unless it looks a bit scary
Jose Guillen 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

FAA wants to talk to stunt pilot in video

Dramatic video of a stunt pilot buzzing a Texas runway -- narrowly missing two people -- has prompted the Federal Aviation Administration to investigate the incident, authorities confirmed Thursday.
bobby perez -1
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Crazy close Fly-By

Found this crazy fly-by on YouTube and thought you guys would like to see it.
Andrew Taylor -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Plane Comes Within Feet Of Hitting Camerawoman

This is a video from some lady standing around on a runway in Texas when a biplane swoops down out of the sky and almost touches her.


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