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Overtaking a Lufthansa Cargo MD11 (air-to-air video)

Crossing the North Atlantic on NAT tracks has aircraft in the same direction separated by 1000' instead of the usual 2000' which makes for some great views. We were at Flight Level 310 and travelling at mach 0.84 only about 10-15kts faster than the MD11 which I guess was flying at 0.82. Unfortunately they didn't have cameras. ( More...

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Dave Barger 17
Nice video except for the music, guess that's what the mute button is for.
Excellent video! Nevermind NASCAR or top fuel dragsters, I want to see Atlantic crossing races.
Tomasz Fiszer -1
And CO2 exhaust to extremes...
nwilcox 1
That is NOT Co2! It is water vapor condensing.
VB Zurita 8
Cool video. Since everybody seems to be a music critic here, I'll go on record as stating that this not my type of music either, but I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it better than the alternative, which was probably just that loud, high-altitude aircraft interior sound punctuated by an occasional "ooh" and "aah". :-) Good work Chip!
klimchuk 1
The best music for me is jet engine noise
Actually, I'd really rather hear the cockpit noise than that "music"...
Beth Mcardle 1
Agree! :-)
Luke Pabari 4
Looks fantastic! Yesterday I saw some fantastic Air to Air crossing the Atlantic on my way to LHR from LAX. Best one had to be the KLM A333 crossing 1,000ft below opposite direction. Shame from a pax view you can't really get the camera ready as if you were in the Flight Deck. I'm sure would've seen a lot more if the F/A's didn't keep asking to shut the window cover!
Parker Tyler 4
if you guys really weren't so critical of the music it actually made it really cool!
nwilcox 1
Yes it did!!!
BC Hadley 1
For those who don't care for hip hop, try watching with Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly" playing in your head.
WillitRun 3
Great video!!!!
Peter Allum 3
What a fab video !...and I know this sounds a bit weird cos i normally hate that kind of `music?' but while watching that video I almost enjoyed it !! Now what did I do with my doctor's number ?.....
sparkie624 3
Great Video... Gives everyone the true feeling of how close RVSM really is.
jim macke 3
Great video. Looks like one experience not to be forgotten soon.
Mark Lusk 2
Next best thing to seeing it in person. I wish I had been in that cockpit that day!
Excellent video.
Great video!!!!!!
Joe Serdynski 2
Excellent Video ! ! ! And thanks to the music critics ! ! ! Initially watched it with the sound muted (just happened to be that way) . . . after reading the hate talk I plugged the headsets in and listened to some real good music ! ! !
Jon Meyer 2
Love the overtaking shots. Almost missed a Virgin Atlantic 747-400 passing our 767-300ER on a holiday return. Beautuful against the snowpack and clouds...only managed a couple of seconds of video. Good thing We have youtube!
Steader 2
Love the video!
Michael Ristea 2
This is a great video! Good job!
naboco 2
great vid! @Andy Cornwell: there is a contrail from the center engine, in that stretch of the vid you refer to (0:55-1:05), I think the camera's perspective at that point of the overtake just makes it appear as part of the port engine's contrail. But it's there throughout the rest of the shot.
Pat Kelly 2
what a cool video. i wonder what kind of dialog between the two was like. hey buddy coming under you
luis carlos 2
Nice video, tks
James Maugham 2
Outstanding Chip, thanks for sharing. A reminder of the old adage "A stern chase is a long chase!".
Ev Butler 3
Love the video, don't care for the background noise. Most irritating. Why can't people take videos without the annoying music (I reckon that fuss can be called music)?
Scott Singer 2
Nice video! I am envious. Wish I had been in the airplane to see this. Too bad Lufthansa did'nt have a camera looking down at you. That would have been cool.
Robert Larson 2
the music rocked. just sayin.
nwilcox 1
The music DID rock!! It fit the video perfectly. Are you people music critics or aviation enthusiasts? Just enjoy the great presentation and quit crapping on the great job!
Ronald Lee 1
chalet 1
Whenever I crossed the Atlantic on DC-10s or MD-11s Boeing 747s were always faster and really it was quite an interesting experience.
Marcio Lino 1
Awesome video... Thanks fot sharing with us!
Mad Adman 1
Beth Mcardle 1
707pylot 1
I also liked the video, but think it is cool that you were in a 747-8
MultiComm 1
What kinda camera was used ... Great quality!!!!
Pieter Miller 1
Video = cool
music = meh
Good grief!!!! Such a remarkable video and you had to spoil it by adding "music"??? I had to put the audio off.
euronorb 0
Awesome Video, love the mute button.
Roy Talbot 0
who needs music with that great video
Bill Trent 0
The view from the front is sooooo much better than any of the side viewa... Oh and that is where the volume control is too.
Andy Cornwell 0
I feel like should know the answer to this, but I don't: Why doesn't the center engine produce a contrail? Is there a scheme to reduce thrust on the #2? Check out from around :55 to 1:05-- it really seems that only the wing engines are producing visible vapor.
Thomas Huehl 4
It is hard to see because of the angle, but the #2 is producing a visible vapor. Look at the very right edge of the video and you can see it. Notice the distance between where the vapor starts behind the wing engines.
Andy Cornwell 0
Duh. I had this thought that someone was turning off the #2 in cruise.
bdarnell 0
Every time I hear that song, it makes me want to go out and buy a Kia.
DonDunbar -1
Oh No! Chem trails.
nwilcox 1
There is no such thing a a chem trail! The term is contrail. And, a contrail is water vapor that has condensed in the cold atmosphere. Clue in.
dirontec -1
Hated the rap crap too but the video is very cool. Recall coming up on an A340-600 very similar circumstances - awesome sight.

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Parker Tyler 5
wow how old are you..... I think you also could have also been a little more mature than that.


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