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Fugitive U.S. Hijacker Caught in Portugal

In 1972, Wright — dressed as a priest and using an alias — hijacked a Delta flight from Detroit to Miami. With him were several members of his communal group, including Wright's companion and their 2-year-old daughter. After releasing the 86 passengers in exchange for a $1 million ransom — delivered by an FBI agent wearing only swim trunks, as per the hijackers' demands — the hijackers forced the plane to fly to Boston, where an international navigator was taken aboard, and then on to… ( More...

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Extensive, extraordinary, and cooperative international police work! Bravo!
Chip Hermes 0
I guess...

AP Exclusive: US fugitive lived openly in Africa
No creation of a billion dollar security agency? What no SEAL Team? No extraordinary rendition? Just plain good old gum shoe police work! The way it should be!

Too bad we don't spend more money on units like this rather than DHS/TSA types....
Jason Bischel 0
That's top notch police work, even if it is a bit late. Those damn black panthers have been getting away with too much over the years. Since the media has pushed the "terrible crimes" against the blacks by the KKK and/or skinheads, the black panthers have skated through any kind of negative publicity and are long overdue for proper harsh treatment.
canuck44 0
He should have stayed in France....where the French would have protected him from extradition if he was going to get anything more than a stern lecture like they did for the cop killer and continue to do for the Hollywood child rapist.


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