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Sound Bites of 9/11 Confusion released

Sound bites from multiple ATC, flight command, and military facilites, relased by the NYTimes, about all four aircraft (UA 95, 195, AA 11, 77) hijackings. ( और अधिक...

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Toby Sharp 0
Daniel Baker 0
Very well done collection.
Jared Maurtua 0
It was united 93 and 175.
Kawaiipoint2 0
the moving map, the moving transmissions, and the fact that its not just ATC... terrifying to say the least.
Troy Raiteri 0
This sends a chill down my spine every time I watch it. But on the other hand nice collection of all the planes ATC comms.
flyingcookmosnter 0
"[It's a] real world hijacking."
"Cool! Where is it?"

Poor choice of words?

Interesting compilation to say the least. I never knew how confused everyone was at first.
Gerry Grzyb 0
I took away two things from this. 1. When a totally unexpected attack happens, there's no time for disbelief. 2. Related to that, there is a delicate balance required between necessary calm and necessary panic, with little or no tolerance for error. I'm glad I was never in such a situation.
mark tufts 0
Brian Cheung 0
The blood-curdling screams of "MAYDAY" from United 93 were the most disturbing.
Judith Marshall 0
Ben Lillie 0
patt sepich 0
i spent 20+ years in a 911 dispatch: this is how info comes in, piecemeal and incredulous. after this day, i am sure steps were taken to facilitate response, but i think everyone did a great job in an unbelievable situation.
Gerry Grzyb 0
I agree, patt, and I hope my comment didn't suggest otherwise. BTW, I think that for someone to say "Cool!" was just about the same as saying "F_ck!" under the circumstances. It's just an utterance of astonishment, and no real meaning can be ascribed to it.
Tony Welch 0
yesterday and today in my history class we watched an i survived on 9\11. after the episode ended, class mates were wiping their eyes from sadness and anger. it made my hairs stand on end..
Mark Lippincott 0
Yes, very chilling. Please remember, fear is the terrorists goal. Don't let them win. Be concern and watchful while living your life to the fullest.
Frank Angileri 0
Gut wrenching comments, they sent a chill down my spine.
David Durgin 0
Very well put together, with audio, written transcripts and map plotting the course of the 4 planes as they met their tragic end. Let's never forget.
Chip Hermes 0
Amazing. There is surely a lot more content where this came from, so I hope someone is working on getting access to it and making even more of these interfaces to share the content with us.
Robbie Leahy 0
@Jared, sorry about that, just unmindfully thinking. Correction United 93 and 175. Sorry.
Some things never change, to summarize:

ID TECH: Uh, Boston has no clue where they are and he’s goin’ let Washington Center know that this is very serious.
ID TECH: Because nobody’s acting serious there.
DOOLEY: Yeah, fuckin’.
So very sad, so very true. I feel for the families.
Paul Atchison 0
frank1711 0
This is incredible. As a aviation buff hearing what was really going on & said makes that whole day so much more emotional. I got chills the whole way through. I'm squawk the hell out of this & re-posting on my FB.
Ektock 0
I am sorry, it is so hard to write down about that terrible events with a massive loss of lives. But I am still not convinced in certain issues by the official 911 Commission report. Is it truly realistic for a non-professional pilot of light general aviation to control a B-757 with a very high degree of proficiency required for a flight AA77 to find its target at Pentagon? Is it possible without any controller guidance, without any VOR/DME or GPS guidance to perform a 180-degree turn at about 120 nm from the target, to chose a correct heading and top of the descent, to perform such a descent arriving at 7000 feet at 38 miles from the target which is almost an ideal point of final maneuver? And than it took only one cycling with a 330-degree turn for a hijacker to find Pentagon, to descend to 2200 feet, and to accelerate the 757 to 550 mph in a timely manner. And finally, with only single straight dive he dove into Pentagon which is not a tall nor a solely standing building. All these actions are more typical for a very experienced and cold-blooded 757 pilot than to a person who occupied the 757 cockpit for the first time in a life. If the heavy planes pilots have another opinion, please share!
brian harris 0
Hold on while I write all this down.
Why! its recording.
Oh yer RED TAPE.
Need some common sense in emergency services.
Oh and a load of buck passing to boot.


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