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Flights at KASE to be halted for runway extension

United Airline flights into KASE (Aspen-Pitkin, CO) to be temporarily grounded until construction is completed. ( More...

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shaun3000 0
Misleading headline.
linbb 0
Ya think? Seems that they are not going to be GROUNDED the airport is going to be closed/restricted in what AC it can handle for a time. UA is going to contiue flying everywhere else.
Alan Wilson 0
It's not even UA's planes. It's SkyWest and they have turbo prop E120's that can take off and land on 6000 feet. Where have all the real journalists gone?
Doug Pickard 0
Journalism can be aptly described as "fly by" where aviation is concerned.
Alan Wilson 0
So what do you think the service bulletin looks like to un-ground a flight. Do you think it involves replacing a defective customer service agent?
chalet 0
Flights are NOT GROUNDED, they are suspended or cancelled, pilots and aircraft are grounded for various reasons. Really lousy journalists are a dime a dozen all over the world and plenty of them.


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