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F-35 Cat-Shot

Not exactly the USS Reagan, but still a CatShot. ( More...

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Erik Schmidt 0
That's pretty damn cool!
Greg Busby 0
I can't wait to see that thing at Airventure one day
kholtz2 0
i remember hearing a loud noise that day but didnt see anything. i live about 5 miles away from the joint base
Stonesurfer 0
It must be weird being trained as a carrier crew..and go to Lakehurst instead. Still pretty cool, I've been to Lakehurst a few times before.
Jack Lake 0
I spent a couple of tours at NAS Lakehurst. Did my jumping there.
Stephen Ripp 0
I am in awe at the control surfaces on this aircraft! Terrific total system!
John Kuenning 0
If the aircraft can fly vertically why is a cat-shot necessary? It seems like unnecessary strain.
Brian Bishop 0
@ John, I've wondered this myself, but I presume it's because the Navy's carrier based version is not the VTOL variant for whatever reason. They gotta ge 'em off the carriers.
You can get airborne with a much bigger load if you shoot it off with the catapult. Then when you come back empty and void of weapons, you can make a vertical landing to refuel and rearm. The Harrier makes a rolling takeoff with a load and a vertical landing on return to the field, which may just be a short piece of Marsten Matting rolled off the back of a vehicle.


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