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360 Degree View of Shuttle Discovery Flight Deck

Here's a high-resolution, 360 degree, panoramic view of Space Shuttle Discovery's flight deck during decommissioning in the Orbiter Processing Facility. It's a bit more complicated than a G1000. ( और अधिक...

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Toby Sharp 0
How'd you like to be the one in charge of wiring all that!?
Wendell Smith 0
Toby Sharp 0
cbw 0
Where is the sheep skin seat covers? Also, the FO's seat does not look comfortable at all, not that the captain's is that much better.
David Kay 0
Beautiful. Thank you very much. Now I know what it took to fly these monsters.
indy2001 0
It may be basically 70's and 80's technology, but it's still a fantastic and very capable machine. Too bad we'll be left at the mercy of our Russian "allies" for manned access to the ISS for the next several years, with no solid plans for the next generation of manned US spacecraft. Anyone want to lay odds on how long it takes Putin and company to hold our Soyuz access hostage to politics?
mike senica 0
Joshua Reinertsen 0
WHAT!?!?! No cup holder? Where am I supposed to put my COFFEE!
Jeremy Hartley 0
I wonder what it looked like without all the CRT Screens!!
suz 0
What would the Wright Brothers say ...?
n111ma 0
Gotta love that yellow drop light on the captain's left!
Larry Mayberry 0
Dell Computers??? Really ?????
Paul Claxon 0
Pilot to Co-pilot......Where is the switch to turn this monster on ?
Danish Nelson 0
Man, their too many buttons. If theirs an ejection button, i hope they don't press it!
Patrick Flannigan 0
They really built those chairs for comfort didn't they?
Danish Nelson 0
Yes!!! I was makeing a joke, but it would be funny!
rjb4000 0
They're not really sitting in those seats in a gravitational environment for very long are they? Few hours for launch then a few minutes for landing - the rest they don't weigh anything. Hardly seems worth engineering a big bulky heavy comfortable seat for, when that payload could be offset to carry useful load into orbit!
Robert Seery 0
I wish this were a Light Field photograph. Even at full zoom, you can't read a lot of the switch legends in this 360. How am I gonna fake people out that I'm a Shuttle driver if I can't name off all the switches on the Power Distribution panel?
Turner Rentz jr 0
I second Indy2001's remarks. Hard to believe that we are giving up the spirit that led to the discovery of the new world, settlement of the west, the gold rush, trips to the moon, space walks, and countless other advances that we all take for granted. For what? So we can fund another program with far less potential for the advancement of mankind. Sorry. It just makes me sick. TWR
Steve Parker 0
That is such a cool picture. I love the fact that there's a button named SRB Separation in the console between the pilots. And love that it's covered by plastic to prevent that "whoops, don't press that" moment...
So... where's the ignition key go?
Steve Parker 0
My immediate thought after reading "airclaxon1"'s comment was "Here, take this sparkler to the bottom room and hold it out the window".... ;)
Jason Feldman 0
Another small step backwards for NASA, one giant leap back for mankind.

We have money for junkies and hand outs for lazy people, but no funding for the moat important human attribute- exploration?

Section 8 housing we have money for
Potholes that destroy our cars - no funding

Welfare we have no money for
Education - no

Methadone free clinics have funding
Social security will be tapped out

When are we supposed to get mad? Where are the screaming citizens? I have a pitchfork and lantern all ready - anyone with me?

Ivy Holmes 0
What an amazing view with so many complicated dials to keep an eye on,if ever one wire broke down....... I have been to Florida, and their museum is well worth a visit, but you need more than 1 day to see it all,or at least a very full day. I missed the Hall of Fame at Space Kennedy museum. One place I would visit once more if I ever go back to USA.
Brian Franklin 0
Who's taking the picture.
william Willard 0
I love the story of the "Canada" sticker on "The Arm's" control panel. Canada built the arm and the control panel, so they wanted a sticker on there to show the world that it wasn't just the US that participated in the shuttle program. The US was torqued because the sticker wasn't in the "specs" but it didn't get caught until after the initial test flight. So, the gov't guys scraped the sticker off, but the superstitious astronauts wouldn't fly without it, so they brought a new one and put it on. Now the story goes that after each flight, the sticker gets scraped off, and right before takeoff it gets put back on.
Benno Vyfvinkel 0
take the picture again and this time turn down the background lighting so we can read the panel lettering
Richard Stiller 0
I would think that what we are looking at as "seats" are in reality the seat attach points, the seats having been removed for the photograph. Certainly, for the launch and landing, they would need to be in form fitted padded seats with restraints.
Fleagle 0
Literally. So much for 'needle ball and airspeed'... V.F.R./V.M.C.
The SEAT! - reminiscent of CH-46... the venerable SeaHorse back,in the mists of Time ... another age.
MICHAEL SAVAGE of the Savage Nation transmitting out of SFO on the AM dial,has alot to say about these things inclusive of the abrogation of the Space lead.
He's the Author of a Dynamite 'read' called: "Trickle Up Poverty" about the ( not so ) incremental dismantling of America right before your 'indifferent','medicated' distracted Eyes
( not yours JF . . ."Ours" collectively )
I'm an ardent fan of his heartfelt compassion,stand-up vitriol,expostulations.Energizing and refreshing he's The solo "Clarion" in my estimation.
High-tech Feudalism/Collectivism, anybody?(coming soon;you won't like it). Unless...
THIS Is the GUY who deserves the American Medal of Freedom presented to noteworthy Exceptional 'everyman' civilians.
Mark Lansdell 0
What, no stick and rudder? Where's the needle ball?
Jon Braun 0
Where's the No Smoking and Fasten Seat Belt switches?
Harry Thomas 0
There are nearly 1,500 switches. Although the astronauts and astronaut trainers are familiar with most of them, neither can tell you what switches should be used in every conceivable situation. They frequently must refer to the manual.
Matt Comerford 0
why are so many people surprised the shuttle is retiring? it was decided in 2003 after columbia blew up that the shuttle was done once the iss was completed. we've known for 8 years this would happen.
Where did you say the carberator heat was??
Stephen Boyle 0
Two questions: How long would it take to touch all the buttons? For $1.7 billion dollars why can't they get more comfortbale seats? Oh yea everything was bid out to the cheapist bidder. The options list new would put to shame that of nay car dealer; memory space foam padding for the captian seat = +$50,000. Budget Director at NASA "we do not need that, save the money for fuel"
rjb4000 0
Pretty sure as someone said above, the actual seats have been removed and those are the mounting points. Notice that the rear crew seats are missing also..
Jeff Seaman 0
I would give anything to have a chance to fy in her!
bdarnell 0
What? No drink holders ??
Johnny Electron 0
How do you get into the cockpit is my question? Where's the door? And wasn't there seating for 4?
Jeff Seaman 0
You enter the flight deck from the middeck deck by using either hatchway (on the floor) behind the pilot's & commander's seats. The seats are colaspable and are stowed during flight.


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