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United Axes Continental OnePass At Year End

We're pleased to announce that Mileage Plus® will continue to be the loyalty program for the new United. ( More...

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dbaker 0
Nice headline, not sure I agree with the term "axes"
Mark Duell 0
Chop chop for NonePass.
jdr567 0
The United aircraft with the Continental tail colors is an abomination I tell.
Maybe they should leave the perks program alone and concentrate on "axing" their poor customer service.
jdr567 0
I used to fly CO exlusively 20 years ago. Made reservations for next month. Wow just Wow. When did they start hating their customers? Never again parder, at least until my Onepass stuff is gone. Oh wait!
Chip Hermes 0
This was obviously coming...the new United is picking everything to stay that has a lot of name recognition. The thing I don't understand is why they still continue to pick the names that are recognized for being terrible.

For example, why doesn't Southwest rename to Valujet now that they bought Airtran??
Joe Moss 0
That's why I call them Untied, not United. They are the worst I've ever experienced.
Ric Wernicke 0
Is there anyone that did not see this coming? Continental has been a carcass on the ground for years. United has been circling, and finally swooped down to take the tasty first bite. The rest will be left rotting in the sun. United wanted key routes and gates to stifle competition.
richard weiss 0
I wish that continental had merged with AerLingus. We could have called them Conta-Lingus
Miguel DaCosta 0
I agree with UpsidedownFlyer , customer service at UAL is non-existing.
As a former United customer service agent (SMF) it pains me to see a once proud airline go to the waist side.
Ohhhh richard, lol!!!
Carolyn Merkel 0
I have been with Continental for years (EWR based so basically a no-brainer) and since the merger it has been a NIGHTMARE. I will remain stuck with United as they now own about 2/3 of the gates at EWR. <sigh> I have complained, written, called, emailed, etc. and United just stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that instead of taking the best of the two, they have taken the worst of the two. And if I see one more pre-flight video proudly talking about repainting the logo on the planes I will VOMIT!
Tom Sawyer 0
As a long time CO Platinum member, the United Merger pains me. I have flown United several times recently. Never again, I was able to contact another major airline who welcome me into their top tier program by just emailing them a copy of my latest Continental Onepass statement. Adios after all these years, I choose service and respect. I also control many other employee high milage fliers.
Gary Hall 0
I have been a loyal Continental Airlines customer for many years, and travel internationally from Central America. As a Platinum Elite member, I became aware that the "quality experience" while flying has disappeared since the merger.The customer service in the air, and on the ground, has vanished! Unfortunately, United is dragging Continental down into the sewer where they have lived for many years!!! Goodbye Continental Airlines, "Hello Copa Airlines." Copa still knows how to take care of their customers!!!

Tom Sawyer 0
BeachsideGary, you are correct. Just flew COPA via Orlendo to Argentia via Panama City. Truly First Class!
Milt Reel 0
United was a great airline until the late 1980's when the troglodytes took over upper level management
Cris Orengo 0
Continental's One Pass Program was mediocre at best and now that United has taken it over, I can only imagine how bad it will be. Personally plan to drop Continental as my carrier now (am a Platinum member) and will avoid UniCon if at all possible. Anybody try getting a hold of a live person at their customer service and NOT wait more than 15 min on hold? And that's for the Platinum members on their special phone lines!
Matt Lacey 0
Wow. United is below average, but they haven't yet sunk to the level of consistent rudeness established by US Scare / America Worst. CO was 2nd or 3rd on my list of good ones. Mergers always cause problems, so I'll let the rest of 2011 go by before solidifying an opinion.
Cris Orengo 0
USAIR has been a 2nd tier airline for a while now (in comparison to the so called "majors" like American, Delta, Continental, etc.). They are just a hair above the 3rd tiers like Spirit, Ryan Air, Air Tran, etc. who will nickel and dime you for a seat assignment, a boarding pass, overhead bin space, or the other half of the seat belt. Give them time though. Let's face it, they are all basically Greyhound buses with wings
Larry Steller 0
All airlines in this country operate on deception and lies. They always have. Anyone who believes what they say is gullible. We are not much more than sardines ready to be packed in their cans when we board a flight. The thing that makes it worse now is their ability to discover new ways to screw their customers, like charging for luggage, selling aisle seats and exit rows. I have watched them deteriorate for many years and over ten million air miles.

I am now retired and prefer to drive. At least I don't have to listen to their hype and lies any longer. All current frequent flyers have my sympathy.

Larry Steller Sr.
Steve Pedas 0
yeah, I left screwnited 3 years ago after 21 yrs. of customer service. At the end I felt more like a passenger advocate than an airline representative. The goons at Chicago systematically centralized all power and control to ratchet up the fees and restrictions. I tried to accommodate the passenger as best I could, despite United management's supercilious doctrine.
Hugh Deever 0
HAW! Was for some years a happy UA 'Premier'. Their OMA station, long run by ex-USAF pilot Andy Vassios, was known systemwide as a great place to work or pass thru. But once ALPA & the corporate thieves w/MBA's & JD's got this grand old lady by the throat, they raped her beyond coherence or recognition. Was finally SO glad to ditch 'em (for NW, at the time) that I can recall my very last UA flight: 30 Dec 1996, out & back OMA-DIA.

In 15 years since, I purposefully & successfully avoided that wretched airline. Unfortunately now they're ALL (at least in the USA) wretched. When combined w/those pensioned gov't tax sucks, gang bangers, welfare mommas & other losers-the 'Thousands Sexually Assaulting' who daily grope, degrade & steal from countless normal American citizens at commercial airports-air carrier travel has become an intolerable event. So, now fortunate to work where every company site is within 800 driving miles, & with no relatives more distant than 900, I've been able to completely stop traveling by domestic airline. Yippee ki-yi-yay! Screw 'em all. I ain't flyin'!
Alan Mileski 0
Well, I hope a lot of you Continental folks do disappear so United can concentrate on taking care of their long time VERY frequent flyers on a regular basis instead of trying to stuff double the amount of "Elite" folks in the same amount of seats.
nwilcox 0
United is a wretched dog of an airline and has been for over 30 years. For the last 10 of those years they have been looking for a SUCKER to merge with so as to more easily bail themselves out of their bankruptsy woes. What a disgusting shame that it had to be a truly quality airline like Continental. Absolutely DISGUSTING!!! Nothing good of any kind will result from this.... how sad. Good Bye class and quality, Hello bigger crap!!!
Brian McNicoll 0
Yes I agree that UA is a pretty bad airline. CO for years was one of, if not the best, medium haul carrier. Things went somewhat downhill when there was the beginning rumors of merger with UA.


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