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Texas House, Senate approve reworked bills over airport pat-downs

AUSTIN -- The Texas House on Monday gave preliminary approval to legislation that prohibits invasive pat-downs by federal airport security agents after incorporating changes that led House Speaker Joe Straus to drop his resistance to the bill. ( More...

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Fleagle 0
Stand the Line! sovereign Republic of TEXAS.
The World is watching;as is Forty-nine other sovereign States.
Tenth Amendment. De-centralized gov't. DeJure, NOT de facto.
Gov' to Protect the Rights of the Citizen.Period.
The entire pat down procedure is stupid ...Scheiße.... I can see this procedure happening if there was operational intelligence indicating a threat. But as a norm, its just stupid and wasteful. The entire program is just frustrating and nothing more than being risk adverse at our expense while dumping on the US Constitution.

Again the big problem is "us" as a people. We allow this crap, we fear, fear itself, and we loose liberty at every breath we take.
John Hale 0
I say we be our own country agin,fire one shot across the border and get foreign aid and tell the world to kiss it! Republic of Texas baby!
Matt Comerford 0
I can't wait until Rick Perry is the next President! We desperately need another Texas Governor to run our country the RIGHT way!
Realistically, this law will never stand up in Federal Court, since air transportation, its safety and security are all Federally regulated. However, this will hopefully bring enough attention to the issue that something constructive and sensible comes about.

Way to go, Texas! Oh, and… citizens of South Texas, will you PLEASE vote that idiot Joe Strauss out!
Robert West 0
Good for Texas... ! Now would somebody tell me why it seems as though Texas has more beautiful women than any other state ? This (gosh darn) Yankee wants to know is it the water or what?
Robert, it's just the natural aura of Texas that does it. We don't try to explain it: we just enjoy it.
Dave Smith 0
Yea Texas... every state should band together and put a stop to the TSA's overkill tactics. the terrorist won one here by having our freedom restricted. unreasonable search was thrown out the window. How many other rights will we Americans loose ? All those brave men and women who from the beginning of our country fought, were wounded or died so that we could remain a free country to just have a bunch of no good politicians take those freedoms from us. Ben Franklin said it best "those who give up freedom for safety deserve neither"
Bud Sloan 0
I think a lot of what the TSA does is simply a waste of money--they have gotten really proficient at confiscating tubes of toothpaste--but doesn't the Texas legislature know that this law is going to be declared non-constitutional the first time anyone is actually convicted under it? The only way it will stand up is for the state to eliminate all interstate and international flights from taking off and landing at airports within its borders.
Fleagle 0
Thousands Standing Around. Citizenry being 'conditioned'."Compliant".
Oh, I feel soooh Safe now.
Yankee One..You either don't travel much,need to eat more carrots `r both. Ever been to Wash.D.C.,Utah,or Indiana? Then there's Quebec...but we're getting international now,aren't we. Actually,the Tejas gals Are comely.
But the `Cajun' beauties are the sweetest. And I'm not talking about
"Marie Le vieux".
Every State doesn't 'need' to: "band together". Every State is a sovereign State. All one has to do,is "Stand up to Rome" with it's Legislature.
It was never meant to be the WAY it is now. State Governors need to bone up on States'Rights and... 'Grow A Pair.'
State LEADERSHIP (or lack of; read timidity)is all it takes to stop being accessory "Enablers" in this Civic Tyranny and Official defacing of The Bill of Rights.
"Duh. The citizenry don't no nothin'about the united states uv `Merica works excep dat the feds are da Boss." WRONG,HOMER.No guilt here...just hope & frustration.In God We Trust. What happened?
nwilcox 0
Hey Fleagle .. YOU are the one that needs the carrots! I've traveled literally around the world and Texas DOES have the most beautiful women! Texas women are comely?? You really should plant your own carrot garden!!
Fleagle 0
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
But let's observe/it remains to be seen how Governor Perry continues to handle the Legislative Capons,responding Officially to the assertions and demands out of America's modern (Sodom `n Gomorrah) Capital.
I'm picking up the scent of Leadership! Manly `elan .... TEJAS style?.
I hope so. NON-Gender specific.
**That's** what The Citizenry(nay,the world) needs...a rising,red-haired,
fierce and Feminine,Boedacia out of the 'closet satrapies'...since the elected,legislating -"Men"- are busy having their hair done,lining their purses (from the Public pelf) and,in silently agonizing as to whether they'll be 'exposed'regarding trysts - in,and about DuPont Circle.
Democrats & Republicans alike ______ Two whores working either side of the street;and when they're 'through' bilking their Johns dry(the American taxpayer),they bemoan the Fact using other wiles to extract More$ with empty 'promises',fatuous excuses,threats or coercion.

Hey,Nelson.. travelin'man ______ Literally?, "around the World"?? (wow)
There's a bordello in Macau called the House of a Thousand _____ bring your spectacles; and your VISA Card.
Beauty 'is' as Beauty 'Does'... lad. Appearances are deceiving.
`A bien tout.


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