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Boeing: $4 trillion in new aircraft needed by 2030

PARIS (AP) — Boeing Co. is upping its forecast for aircraft demand over the next 20 years, saying airlines will need $4 trillion in new planes. Boeing says on its website that airlines will need 33,50 . . . ( और अधिक...

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Brian Bishop 0
Well God forbid they build any of them in a place like South Carolina!
Matt Comerford 0
isn't south carolina in god's country?
Brian Bishop 0
Yes it IS, as a matter of fact, but we can't do that or it would be retaliatory against the more favored and saintly LABOR UNIONS.
Robert Gibson` 0
If you can't build them in SC there is always China.


क्या आपका कोई खाता नहीं है? अनुकूलित विशेषताओं, फ्लाइट अलर्टों,और अधिक के लिए अब(नि:शुल्क) रजिस्टर करें!
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