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Helicopter Cameras Catch 2,000-Foot Waterspout ‘Tornado’

Being from New Jersey, I didn't even know waterspouts existed until today, and now, having seen this footage — captured from a helicopter by Australia's Channel 7 news — I don't think I'm ever going to go out onto the ocean again. These reportedly reached 2,000 feet, though they never touched land. ( More...

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MimosaDrive 0
Waterspouts occur pretty regularly here in South Florida especially in the summer. They can also occur in relatively clear weather. I think if you Google 'waterspout' and almost any state name along any coastal area, you can probably find news stories about waterspouts, including New Jersey.
Jason Bischel 0
That's unbelievable, it's traveling in a perfect straight line. I live in Florida, but never seen one that big, only about 1,000 ft or so. It shows mulitple one's here too, I've only seen them one at a time.


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