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Europe grounds entire Dassualt Falcon 7X fleet

27 May 2011 Dassault 7X aeroplanes, all serial numbers. From effective date of this AD, all flight are prohibited. A Falcon 7X experienced an uncontrolled pitch trim runaway during descent. The crew succeeded in recovering a stable situation and performed an uneventful landing. Analysis of the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) and Fault History Database (FHDB) confirmed the event, but did not allow explaining the origin of the pitch trim runaway. This condition, if occurring again, could lead… ( More...

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biz jets 0
Notice there are no 7X's airbourne on FlightAware - NTSB said to be about to issue their own ban?
Matt Comerford 0
most 7x's are blocked anyway
biz jets 0
Thought that may be correct, I have Falcon 7X's on my Flight Alerts on FlightAware - and usually get 2 or 3 per day - mostly ones flying with flight numbers and test flights out of Little Rock.
Yesterday was zero 7X's, so my guess is the World Fleet is voluntarily grounded.
Jason Bischel 0
It's odd for anything made by Dassault to have a problem, they're one of the best company's in the world. I'm guessing it was just a freak event, I wouldn't have grounded the whole fleet. Gremlins show up in every aircraft, just the nature of the beast.
biz jets 0
I do know the incident plane was of Swiss registry landing in Kuala Kumpur - I don't know which aircraft. There was a Swiss registered aircraft recently delivered to Hong Kong - so I'm wondering if this was a new customer aircraft.

There have been a few biz jets brought down by runaway trims (Cessna's), so for Dassault to take such a proactive role in this speaks volumes about Dassault and the value they place on their elite product and customers.
Glad the crew was able to disconnect and recover
indy2001 0
Just a question here. The AD was issued by EASA, which I understand to be roughly equivalent to the FAA. What legal standing does it have in the US? Is there anything (other than common sense) to prevent a pilot from flying his/her 7X within the US?
biz jets 0$FILE/2011-12-51_Emergency.pdf

FAA also issued an emergency AD.


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