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— — - A10s  122 Fighter Wing  KC-135 From Grissom
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A10s 122 Fighter Wing KC-135 From Grissom


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Nice, tight formation up initial. Great photo!
Nice shot for scale too. Shows just how large is the A10. They are not exactly dwarfed even by a KC135...
Nigel Douch
Strange photo. Look at KC135's right wing (from the front).
Viv Pike
Also notice the identical A10's, from position down to the light reflections ... Photoshop at work, perhaps?
Frederik deCockBuning
sure photoshop !
Radar TFFR
Bad work with Photoshop...look closely at engines 1 and 2 under left wing...
Jack LahrmanPhoto Uploader
Lightened the planes up just a tad the lighting was just super that day.The rest of the weekend not good.Thanks for the comments Jack
Andrew Swart
Jack, perhaps you could explain the different size wings on the tanker...
Jack LahrmanPhoto Uploader
Never good shooting into the sun.Every air show I go to your shooting into the sun.
Jack LahrmanPhoto Uploader
Dont know just lighten the planes up a lighten.Could it be the size I shrink it down to?
Looking at all 4 of the A-10s, each has different stores under it's wings, none are identical to each other.
As for the KC-135 wing size, it's all perspective and the angle of your view point. On one wing you're looking at an almost right angle to it, on the other you are looking somewhat down the length of it making it appear shorter. I hope my simple explanation helps.

A nice photo Jack, I do wish you would add a little more info about the aircraft in your photos though.
Jack LahrmanPhoto Uploader
The KC-135 is from Grissom the A10 122.Thanks jim
William Owens
It's a KC135 Staggerwing Nigel!
john doe
The war must be getting rough over there - even the tanker clearly showing signs of battle damage to the port wingtip.
Still not adding up.
Not shooting into the sun as it appears to be near midday with sun nearly directly above. A10 wing to aileron spacing nearly identical, the visible airgap between all four only varies slightly on the unit to the far right of the image.
Unit getting in line for refueling seems to have a minor dark halo around it. Could be from inaccurate lightening technique; it can be tricky.
If the tanker was making a roll to starboard, which would allow for a reduction in visible left wing visibility, more of right side, upper airframe should be visible. It is not. The engine spacing, port, cannot be explained.
What event was this at? This if actual, should be traceable as such a demonstration was not witnessed by only one person.
A home town demo, say for the Battle Creek A10's, I think they are still there, would have been photographed by the Gazette (Kalamazoo), or whatever the paper is that would have been local to this event wherever it happened.
A frame or two before or after this moment will clear all of this.
Wherever it was, however it occurred, the event had to be great to be at. Flying demos are always great to see.
I see a lot of negative comments from people who obviously were not there (otherwise you would have seen this for yourself and could have taken an identical image). I'm doubtful if one or two of you are even photographers. This was at the recent Fort Wayne airshow. The A-10s are from the 122 FW based at FWA (Battle Creek hasn't had A-10s for MANY years; they're an RPV base now, as I understand) and the KC-135 from Grissom Air Reserve Base. There's no Photoshop action here other than minor adjustments. Regarding the KC-135s wings, keep in mind that Boeing wings flex upward SUBSTANTIALLY in flight. Thus, the perspective on the two wings is quite different. From one side of the airplane, the near wing, being viewed from much nearer to a perpendicular angle, will naturally look a lot longer than the far wing. Also, since the engines hang BELOW the wing, that perspective will make the far wing outboard of the engines look much shorter. The far engines will also appear closer together for the same reason. And, naturally, the reflections on all of the A-10s will be similar...they're all at the same angle to the sun! I also think that shooting upward into an overhead sun counts as shooting into the sun!
I am not defending the legitimacy of this photo but google images KC135 tankers have similar illusions like the engine spacing and loss of wing. If I was a photo editing those accompanying fighter jets I would not have made them so perfectly aligned. The recent overwhelming amount of military photos is out of control on this site.


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